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First for this spell you will need: 1 black and red reversing candle (You may find this in any occult supply shop, botanica, etc.) or you may use 3 red household candles with the bottom portion dipped in black wax 1 bag of reversing bath salts (or you may use solar sea salt which you have consecrated for this purpose) 1 bag of reversing incense, 1 piece of virgin parchment, 1 vial of reversing oil India ink which has been consecrated for this purpose, a quill pen to draw upon the parchment. First you must bathe in water with the bath salts, allowing yourself to air dry after. Next, you dress your candle with the oil; anoint the candle starting in the center and rub the oil towards each end (If using a jar candle anoint the top of the wax in a counter-clock-wise circular motion, starting at the center and out). Write upon the parchment that which you desire to be directed away from you in this case psychic attacks (if you know the source, write that too). Light the incense and pass the parchment through the smoke, then place the parchment under the candle. Light the candle while visualizing a white ball of light forming above it. Then say with all of the force of emotion that you can muster: "By incense' smoke and candles' flame, Away from me I send all bane; By cleansing water and power of salt, Let any harm_come to naught. To any who would wish me pain, May all their curses be in vain; All that blocks me from success, With this spell I lay to rest. Harm to None and Good to all, Lord and Lady hear my call; As I do will, So Mote It Be!" Repeat this chant three times As you say the chant, imagine the small white ball above the candle growing and expanding until it e_compasses you and anyone else who you desire to protect. Imagine that any negative energy that meets this ball of light will be reflected off, never touching you at all. After the candle has burnt out (about 6 or 7 days for a jar), take the jar and any wax left over, and the parchment and place them in a brown paper bag. Take them to a remote location and break the jar inside the bag and dispose of it. As you dispose of it say: "Return to the elements from which thou camest!" As you may have guessed, this is also a success spell in the form of reversing any negative energies which may be blocking you from the success you desire, whatever form that success will take. As for the form of the success; leave that to the Gods. Oh, and if you are using household candles, remember to repeat the spell three nights in succession, burning each candle and disposing of the remaining wax after all three have been burnt. This spell will bring you much success and protection if done in the right way.





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