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Items needed: 2 Bowls warm water
Bless or empower the water as you see fit. Pray to the God and Goddess and ask them to
aid in healing, then send as much personal energy as you can into the water. Lie upon
the bare earth (if not possible, floor is ok). Have each hand in a separate bowl of warm water,
arms stretched out to the sides.
Visualize roots sprouting from the base of your spine, going down into the earth. Breath deeply,
and with each deep, slow inhalation, feel the roots burrow deeper into the earth. See a bright
light at the center. See your roots penetrate it. Now with each slow, deep breath, draw up
the energy from this light into you.
See two streams of light begin to come from the sky, one stream into each bowl. Feel the
love of the God fill the bowl to your left, feel the love of the Goddess fill the bowl to the right.
Draw this love from the bowls into your body through your hands. Collect the love energy
from the bowls and the energy from the earth into your heart, where your most personal
energy is kept. Build all the energy here until you can contain it no more.
When you can no longer contain the energy in your heart, release the energy to flood
your entire body, and shout as loud as you can "HEAL ME!!!" at the same time as the release.
Continue to draw the energy for a while, letting it flow through your body, and spilling onto
the ground. Relax, and enjoy the peace that will settle over you.
After you have relaxed for a while, draw up your roots into your body, remove your hands
from the water, and sit up. Take a sip from the bowl to your left, and thank the God for his
love, then spill it at the base of a tree. Then take a sip from the bowl at your right, and thank
the goddess for her love, then spill it upon the same tree. In the future, care for this tree.




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