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To attract the love of the boyfriend who loves you but hesitates. perform this love spell on a Friday evening, preferably when the Moon is in the astrological sign of Taurus or is almost full or full: On a pink, heart-shaped piece of paper, write the full name of your beloved in red ink or if you dare prick your finger with a sterilized pin and write it on your own blood to make the spell even more potent. Now write his or her birthdate or astrological symbol under the name. Light a stick or cone of either of the following jasmine, rose, lemon, myrrh orange blossom, patchouli, or strawberry incense. Or burn the corresponding essential oil over a special burner. Place paper with writing in a fireproof burner or clean ash tray and say:

Aphrodite, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and passion mighty, look down from above and hear my prayer. Grant me my love so true and so fair. Help him make his mind up If he loves me send him here!

With a sterilized pin or needle, prick the tip of your left thumb, squeeze out a drop of blood, and smear it over the name on the paper. BE BRAVE! Place a red taper or votive candle (or a small male shaped candle, to represent your boyfriend over the paper. Light the candle and say thrice: With blood and fire the magic begins. Now pangs of desire burn from within. Raise energy chanting this faster and faster until the energy rises inside you plus all your emotions and focus all of your thoughts and psychic energy upon your beloved, and chant: Beat for me now, O mortal heart, Ache for me now when we're apart, Dream of me in the moonlit night, come to me when the Sun shines bright. So mote it be! Continue visualizing him with you concentrating on seeing your boyfriend in your mind's eye until the incense or oil burnt and the candle also burns out. The spell is cast if he knows his mind he will come!



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