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The best type of spell is one you have created yourself. Remember, as much energy as you put in your magick, is as much energy as you'll get out. You may also wish to enhance the effect with an appropriate scent and/or an appropriate Gem or Stone and even an Herb. There is also a corresponding color, day, element and moon phase, all in which, not really necessary, but will give added enhancement and power to the magic desire. All of these elements together will manifest to one heck of a wish being put out there upon the elements. Now a perfect moon or day is not a mandatory condition, neither are all the rest of the enhancements.

Sometimes, just the simple act of lighting of a candle will do. For example, the in-laws are on their way over. In order for the night to go well and no tensions or worries for the night, light a scented candle, perhaps with Jasmine or Lavender and a pink or Blue color too. This not only looks very warm and inviting, but the candle is sending out your wishes for a stress free night and the scent is working to calm and ease the tensions in the room at the same time! Your mother-in-law just may think you are okay after all while the whole time you were performing magic!!!! In your magic journal or on parchment paper list your goal, the intended result, and a chant, prayer or poem for your spell. For example if your goal is true love and a marriage proposal, your magical journal (or parchment paper) may look like this:


The whole time you are saying this, you will be concentrating on the outcome of the wish as you have envisioned it along with the way in which it will be fulfilled. Picture yourself with your desired results, happy, in love, married, home, etc. Take a few moments to do this make it a complete picture in your mind. Then take your candle (for this example a pink one) place in an area so it will be undisturbed. (Please use all precautionary actions in this too. Remember safety of yourself and others.) Determine the day of the week (Friday for manifesting new love) and determine the MOON (in this example, you will need a WAXING MOON, to bring".) Gather all your energy, thoughts, concentration and picture your desired results as you light your candle. At this point you have now all the elements of the magic working for you. There is the Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Spirit and Will that you have just released and sent out. Stay thinking about this for a few minutes more of uninterrupted thoughts. At this time, you can see whether your wish has or is having an effect by the way in which the flame is behaving. Study its movements and the speaking it is doing.

Remember to relate it to the situation. If your candle goes out, it may be telling you to try again on another night when you can concentrate a little more. Never relight the same candle. The same is true if the candle breaks or is broken. Do not use it again. It is best to just use the one you tried with for other non-magical purposes and get a new one to try again. Let the candle burn undisturbed until extinguished. At this time too, take a look and see if the melted wax from the candle left you a message. See if you can discern anything from the image the melted wax left for you. Please, don't be disappointed if you do not see anything remarkable or even fairly recognizable. A further message is not always necessary and will not always be there. But when one is, wow!, really neat and fun too! When you are through, you can throw the remains away or bury them outside in the ground if you are so inclined.

If you have used a "petition card" (the wish written on a piece of paper or actual cards intended for this reason and burned during the wish making), blow the ashes to the wind in the appropriate direction of your wish while at the same time, thanking the elements for taking up your wish and fulfilling what you desire most. Your thoughts again, at this time are highly tuned and you must be careful in where they are going to fly. Try to ground yourself and your energies after you have completed the task so that the energies you produced can be released to the elements in hopes of fulfillment. You will find Candle Magick is a wondrous and powerful tool. The above is an example only, again the best one is one you make yourself. Use this as a guideline and remember the intention and the sincere wish is what is important.




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