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The point of performing the spell is to remind your heart that the time for healing has come and it also helps to make a painful time a little more bearable. Continue the spell for as long as needed. You may want to freshen the balm once a week and if the span of time passes through a full moon, renew your rose quartz by following the Full Moon Ritual. If months have gone by, you may want to stop and consider what it is that is holding you back from healing. It's good to take time, but life must go on and you must get back to living.

You make your own happiness and no one can take that away from you, unless you let them. You have to live your life for you and live it the way that makes you happy, having you heart broken sucks, but it's up to you how long you are going to be miserable. Rethink these things and redo the spell to remind yourself that now is the time to heal. If you are performing this spell for someone else, you can collect all the items needed and present them with a description of each item, what it is for and what they are supposed to do with them. It is important that they perform the spell, either alone or with you, for the doing is apart of the healing.

Items needed: Fresh Balm leaves, Rose Quartz, Frankincense oil (or incense) and a cup, bottle or flask to hold water. Find a place where fresh running water is available, such a river or stream. If you know of a water fall, that would be ideal. If you only have access to a pond or lake, it will do, but if you have absolutely no access to any of the above, you'll have to use tap water, but distil it by letting it sit overnight. If it is winter and all is frozen, still go to your spot and gather snow off of the ice to replace water. Once you're at your spot, sit and listen to the water flow(imagine, if winter), and let your heart ache. When you feel engulfed in pain, fill your container with water and place the fresh Balm leaves in it.

As you close you container, say: "This is water is to heal, this herb is to soothe, and I will be happy again." Take your container home and place it on your alter or surface that you'll be working on. Set a Rose quartz and a red candle next to your cup of water. Anoint yourself with Frankincense oil to help you block negativity (or burn incense) each morning for 3 days or until you are healed. Light the Red Candle each morning until you are healed and say: "Now is the time to be strong and passionate about the things that I love. I will spend time doing things that make me happy and these things will help me to heal."

Sometimes when you've been hurt, it's hard to remember what makes you happy. This is the time to make the effort to remember or to find something new. Place the Rose Quartz in your pocket or wear it somewhere on your body everyday until you are healed and say each morning: "I will love myself and let others love me, as I need my friends now. I carry this stone as a reminder that others care about me and I am never alone. This will help me to heal." Even if you feel alone, remember that your parents, friends, siblings or pets, even the spirits of your ancestors and loved ones are all apart of you and this makes it so we are never truly alone in this world. Blow out the Candle and take in it's smoke, then carry your stone, wear your oil, (or breathe in incense every morning) until you are healed. The spell calls for a three day span until you are healed, but depending on the severity of your pain, the span may vary.




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