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Write the name of your enemy on a piece of paper and place it in a plastic bag with a zipper closure. Fill it 3 quarters full of water, zip it shut, and put it in your freezer.


In Hecate's name we bind ____ to the flame May she bring nightmares, depression, and pain We cast ____ to the wind, that all know ____ shame May Hecate envelope ____ in the threefold law May all _mysticmagicspells.orget ____'s shame, their harm, their call May their ability to raise magic fall on deaf walls We join our energies fellow friends in the Craft May Hecate stop ___'s harm in the future, , light it and chant 3 times: "by my voice carrying the sound *person's name* shall now be bound"


Get a large white candle, the kind that drips wax, and set it up on a tray. Affix to it a photograph or other image of the person you wish to bind. Make a ring of sea salt around it. Make a second ring with protective herbs. Fill the rest of the tray with images that represent what you are binding the person from: pictures of your family, keys to your house, legal documents, whatever. If the problem is too complex for images, write what the person is bound from on slips of paper and place them around the candle. Papyrus, or paper made from cotton or linen work best for this. Use red ink if you are angry, purple ink if you are sad. Wrap the candle and the image with black thread (linen, if possible). Invoke Isis and Linda, the Binder With Linen Thread. Say out loud what you are binding the person from. Light the candle and leave it burn until the wax begins to drip over the thread and image. Burn it every day for a week, until the image is thick with wax. Use this as a meditation device to direct your will to binding the person.


(Done during the waning moon) Write the name of the person that you wish not to harm you on a piece of paper. Now stare at the paper and visualize that person's face, visualize until you can vividly see their face imprinted on the paper. Then fold the paper three times and tie it with a piece of black thread or string. Place it in a small air-tight container (Tupperware, baby food jar etc). Fill the container with water, and place at the back of the freezer where it won't be disturbed, saying: "Stay there and freeze for as long as I please."


This calls for casting a circle because you are using your subconscious mind, and not your conscious mind. Use a round, blessed mirror. Light Patchouli incense. Smear a light coating of allspice around the outer Circle, starting at the top, going in counter clockwise position. Chant: Bind this (man/woman) I name ________ Bind him/her from our home and life. Give us peace, remove the strife. Let their will be free, as long as he/she stays away from me. Protect our family from this day forth, Allow _______ to never darken our door. Reflect back now and please be Quick. Keep him/her away, if _______ breaks the spell. Make him/her hear well, If ______comes back here Make _____ b_come violently ill. As I have Willed, So it shall be. Thank all Elements for attending the right. Close Circle.


Cut a piece of parchment paper into a small square. Using a quill pen, write in dove's blood (a type of ink) the person's full name at the top of the square. Then yours at the bottom of the square. When the parchment is dry, turn it over and place two white gender image candles in the square. Starting at the feet, tie a red string around the bottom, then wrap it around the two candles until you get to the heads. Wrap it seven times total. tie the string. Pour bewitching oil on the candles, making sure to soak the string. Concentrate on the person you want bound to you then light the candles. After they have burned completely out, take everything's that left and bury it in a pot of soil and keep it close to where you sleep. To undo, simply dig it up.


Required ingredients: black figure candle, pieces of cord. By air and earth, by water and fire, so, be ye bound as I desire. Tie cord around candle's feet. By three and nine, your power I bind, by moon and sun, my will be done. Tie cord around waist of candle. Sky and sea, keep harm from me, cord go round, power be bound. Tie cord around candle's neck. Light revealed, now be sealed Snuff candle. So mote it be!


Write the name of the person , first and last on a piece of paper. Then, write down everything this person does that you would like them to stop. Wrap the piece of paper in a piece of tin foil. Place it in the freezer. If you decide you no longer need the spell, toss the foil in a fire saying: My wish is no more, This person is free, Undo this spell without hurting thee.


Time: waning Moon Situate cauldron between 2 black candles, with a third black candle opposite you on the far side of the altar. Burn a protection or binding incense. Have the names of your enemies written on a small piece of parchment. If the names are unknown, merely write all my enemies. Sprinkle basil and elder flowers into the cauldron. Say: Bubble, bubble, cauldron bubble Burn the evil, destroy the trouble. Ignite the parchment from the central candle and drop into the cauldron. Take up the wand and stir the air above the cauldron while chanting: Darkness ended, control is done. Light has come. My battle's won. Take the ashes and herbs outside. Throw them up to the winds and the Moon.


Make a poppet to represent the person you wish to bind. Burn patchouli leaves and frankincense on a charcoal block. Light a black candle and pass the poppet through the incense smoke saying: "Hecate, great Goddess of life and death, I ask you to acknowledge that this Creation of cloth be known as Flesh and blood of (name)." Wrap the poppet tightly in red ribbon, paying close attention to the area you wish to bind i.e.: the genitals of a rapist, the mouth of a slanderer. As you wrap, say: "Between the worlds in Hecate's eyes you (name) Are bound powerless. In the eyes of this world You are harmless." Imagine a heavy net made from a white light. Imagine the net clinging to the poppet. Wrap it in a piece of white cloth and bury it close to the person's house.


This is a major spell, one that should be reserved for the most serious problems. It is a kind of psychic rape so be sure the circumstances justify using Magick this way, such as for a rapist, a child abuser, or active practitioner of black magic. This spell is not meant to punish the person it binds, it is meant to help them. You cast it out of necessity and compassion, not in anger. It is designed to stop the person dead in their tracks, freeze them from doing harm to themselves or others and give them pause, a clear space in which positive transformation can occur. A poppet - any sort of poppet is fine, in the correct gender if possible. Personalize it in some way to the person you will bind, such as embroidering their name on it or affixing a picture of them to the poppet's face. I like to use a human shaped candle with the person's name written on it or carved into the wax. Two candles, black ones if possible Black thread (cotton is good, linen is better) Incense (copal, fumitory, sandalwood and frankincense are good, but use whatever you can get) An image of the person, or something connected with them. If you don't have anything, write their name on a piece of paper. A healthy, living tree Gather everything (except the tree) where you will cast the spell. Light one candle and the incense, cast a circle in your usual way. Bind the poppet with the thread, wrapping it around and around, making knots whenever you feel they are necessary. Speak to the person as you do this, telling them specifically why you are binding them and what you are binding them from. Leave a long piece of thread hanging from the poppet. Tie 9 knots in this. Drip molten wax on the bindings, to seal them. Use wax to seal any body parts you are binding, such as the hands of someone who beats his wife or kids, the crotch of a sexual predator, or the mouth of someone who is verbally abusive. Close the circle and ground power. Leave the poppet on the altar, touching whatever you are using to connect them to it, until the candle and incense have burned out. Take the poppet and use the thread to tie it upside-down to a tree - an indoor tree will work as well as an outdoor one. Make the 5-fold bond, if it is possible to do this with the type of poppet and bindings you have used (as in the classic tarot card of the Hanged Man). Say: I ween that I hung on a windy tree, Hung there for nights full nine; With the spear I was wounded, and offered I was To Odin, myself to myself, On the tree that none may ever know What root beneath it runs. This is the transformation part of the spell. Leave the poppet on the tree for nine days. Recite the poem to the poppet at least once each day, sending the person strong thoughts about the changes you want them to manifest. Send them compassion, send them enlightenment. Hold a mirror up to the poppet while you recite the poem if you want them to 'see' what they have done. Yell at the poppet if you have anger you need to release.


To prevent the loss of your lover, during the waxing Moon take a lock of your partner's hair and mix it with your own, contemplating your essences intermingling. Wrap the hair along with a personal artifact from each person in a red silk square, and bind with a ribbon of green, chanting: "Love to the left of us, love to the right of us, over us, under us, even uniting us." Envision the red silk as your mutual love, the ribbon as your spellbinding. Tie it tight. Attach a sprig of berried holly to the center of the package, saying: "Prickles defend our love." Place the bundle in a black star-spangled box. Do not open or untie unless you wish to break the bond.


This spell should be cast when someone is using negative Magick against you. Before rushing into this process, make sure that you know that you are being attacked magickally and by who. This should be checked through Magick, divination, prayer and meditation. Once you are positive that a certain person is using negative Magick against you, begin the spell. Materials Needed: Spool of black ribbon Poppet of the person you intend to bind Black pouch made of a tough material such as leather Black candle Chalice of water (rain or river water is best) Coal, granite or some other powerful stone associated with the element of earth Musk incense & Censer Time: Waning moon, noon Procedure: Place the rock, water, incense, and candle around you to form the points of a square. (Rock being diagonal to incense and water being diagonal to candle). Now sit under the stars and meditate on the impact that this persons negative Magick has had on your life. Once you have all of the negative recourse in your mind, hold the poppet in you receptive (left) hand, and slowly, starting at the feet, wrap the poppet in black ribbon, as if it were a mummy. Be sure to leave no spot exposed. As you wrap, chat the following or similar: "With (name's) own evil does s/he her/himself bind, his/her Magick powers s/he shall not find!" As you chant and wrap, visualize all the negativity from the Magick that this person has cast flowing into the ribbon that binds the poppet. Once the poppet is totally wrapped, place it in the pouch and draw it shut. Now proclaim in a loud voice: "(name) has been bound in the presence of the elements and the gods. May s/he remain as such until this poppet again sees the light of day. So mote it be!" Store the pouch with the bound poppet in a dark place. When you decide to un-bind it, take the pouch into the noon sun of the waxing moon and unwrap the poppet. Visualize the negativity tied in the ribbon disintegrating in the light of the sun. Say the following or similar: "(name) is now unbound; a creature of free will in Magick and in heart. Blessed be!"


Need: strand of hair of the person you desire. Braid the person's hair into yours and while doing so chant his/her name and your desire (i.e. love, passion towards you, etc)


Use this to bind someone from hurting others and themselves. ONLY do this if there are no other options available to you. You need: Black cord- long enough to tie 3 knots in, A photo of the person harming others First of all sit and cast circle. Explain to the universe what you are about to do and ask if it is the right thing. Think about how the person is hurting others and let the anger build up. Then all at once say loudly: (person's name) I bind you from hurting others! Then quickly tie a knot tightly in the cord. Repeat the process three times or as many times you feel necessary. When done, say: Three times three, I bind you (person's name)! Hide the cord and photo in a safe place where the knots won't come undone. Or better still, burn the cord so the knots never come undone. (you don't really need a photo, but it helps make the Magick stronger)


"Water to water, a witches' spell. Cast I now to speed this well. Focus and powers from out of the night Gather within and give my spell flight."


This is best used at the end of a spoken or written spell. This adds a certain "Oomph" to the releasing of energy. It also works best if you are wearing a Pentagram you have attuned to yourself. Speak these word with all the fibers of your body while releasing the spell's energy: By the Pentagram I wear, Water, Fire, Earth, and Air, Ruled by Spirit as All should be As I speak SO MOTE IT BE!


come ye as the charm is made! Queen of heaven, Queen of hell, Horned Hunter of the night Lend your power unto the spell, And work our will by Magick rite! By all the power of land and sea, By all the might of moon and sun I call the Earth to bind my spell. Air to speed it well. Bright as Fire shall it glow. Deep as tide of Water flow. Count the elements fourfold, In the fifth the spell shall hold.


Make a Mojo bag of red material, in it put sugarcane, some corn starch, ginger root, an ear of baby corn, a ball of cotton, 5 pieces of coral (they sell really inexpensive coral necklaces at a lot of stores), hair from a fox (ok this one will be hard, you can check at a zoo or look in antique shops etc for a stuffed/mounted fox. You could also go to a store that sells fur, it only takes a single hair or two, and it's easy to run your hands thru the fur, or use a piece of scotch tape wrapped sticky side out on one of your fingers) and lastly a pubic hair from him and if at all possible some sperm, (from a rubber, or if either of you wipe off after sex, snag the tissue or whatever...hey a Witch has to be creative. Anyway take all these and put them in the bag along with a heart shaped paper with his name written on it 5 times.



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