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Abundance: 12, green, silver, coins, found money, baby plants, the sun.

Adaptation: Red, yellow, 7, 10, liquid, anything that can be turned or bent without breaking, clay.

Anger: 1, 13, white, white flag, dove, items to represent the focus of the anger, breakable or tearable things, fires that can be extinguished.

Art: tools of art, goddess image, artistically inspiring items, yellow, blue ribbon, 5, 7, 10, 12, lunar herbs and foods.

Balance: Triangle, hourglass, scales, stilts, balance beam, 2, two of anything, pentacles, Yin and Yang symbol, mirror images.

Banishing: red, white, silver, black, 6, 8, soap and water, soil, items that can be turned inside out or reversed, counterclockwise.

Beauty: 3, 21, pastel colors, classic artwork, mirror, make-up, swan.

Blessing: hand, anointing oil, 2, warm colors, water and other elemental symbols, halo, gold light.

Choices: pendulum, penny, coins, straws of different lengths, 10, gray, black, white.

Cleansing - 2, 8, 40, agate, chrysolite, soap and wash cloth, bath or shower, washing machine, sink.

Communication - pink, 2, amethyst, beryl, carnelian, Hematite, telephone, stationary, pencils, pens, typewriter, computers.

Conscious mind - warm golden colors, amethyst, coral, books, glasses, desks, 1.

Courage - red, gold, 8, beryl, Hematite, swords, gloves, iron crosses, purple heart, pens, lions.

Dedication - 6, 13, purple, anything sticky, dog.

Discernment - silver, stones, malachite, purple, 7, 5, any substance that can be cleared away (flour, sugar etc.)

Divination - yellow, 5, all divinatory tools (Tarot cards, crystal ball etc.)

Doubt - garnet, tourmaline, 10, bright colors, any items representing balance.

Ecology - 9, 12, green, globe. Picture of earth, soil, natural things, rustic things, dried leaves, musk.

Employment - tin, 4, 6, 13, first earned dollar bill, position vacant advertisements, green, orange.

Energy - topaz, red, orange, 8, 40, flags, bread, incoming tides, items that expand and rise.

Fear - tea, amethyst, sardonx, red, silver.

Fertility - 7, 12, east wind (Eurius), storks, rabbits, pregnant goddesses, eggs, cheese, agate, coral, jade, green, yellow, knots

forgiveness - moonstone, alexandrite, white, 2, 9, anything to represent the area of discord.

Friendship - jade, pink, 12, 2, picture of friends, interlocking symbols.

Foundations - lead, earth colour, 1, 3, 12, soil, farms, trees, root, anchors.

Ghosts - candles, wind items, ouija boards, personal things of the person being contacted, sheets, agate, lodestone, turquoise, (to protect from ghosts = jade, jasper, malachite, pepper, beans)

goals - bullseye, dart board, target, arrows, ladders, steps, 4, red, orange, brown, daisy, ant, agate, beryl, jade.

Gossip - 4, 8, 9, carnelian, worms, fire, binding items such as paperclips, staples and clothes pegs.

Grief - jet, 1, 21, balms, feathers, tea, cocoa, chocolate.

Grounding - 1, 6, 12, cellar or low rooms, soil, trees, brown

Habits - representation of the habit, yeast bread dough (which rises to better things), soda left to go flat (represents negative energy), ashes, butterflies, red, green.

Harmony - pale blue, white, 2, 3, gentle music, objects where several items come together to form beauty (floral arrangements, fabric), scales.

Health - 3, turquoise, amber, coral, bandages, ankh, red cross, red, blue, green, orange juice, chicken soup.

Heart break - carnelian, coral, 8, tissues, rose quartz.

Humour - agate, feathers, kittens, otters, gag gifts, toys, bright colours, fool tarot card, clowns.

Identifying (people and objects) - clay balls (uncovering thievery), tea leaves, flour or dust, beer, 5, yellow, dowsing tools.

Imagination - yellow, birds, butterflies, winged creatures, clouds, closet, kites, 3rd eye, inner child.

Inspiration - 7, beer, tea, bright colours, green, yellow, light, open windows, open eye.

Intuition - lamps, coffee, water, all fluids, mushrooms, eggs, key holes, silver, yellow, green, 5.

Jobs - money, job advertisements, status symbols, company logos, 13, meat, gourmet foods, symbols of security.

Joy - agate, balloons, cake, cheese, feathers, honey, sugar, jelly, blue.

Judgement - amethyst. Birds, coffee, mushrooms, gold, blueish purple, 10, magnifying, glass, scales, calculator.

Kindness - supple items, things that soften or smooth, sandpaper, fabric softener, skin lotion, charity .organisation logo, flowers, cookies, orange, 9.

Kinship - interlocking web or chain, spider web, trees, roses, coat of arms, broom, knots, bread, jade, pink, 1, 9, 12, warm and cozy items, picnic tables, bbq.

Knowledge - books, glasses, library, school, desk, notepad, light bulb, sharp items, computer, yellow, gold, sunflower, 3, 4, 6, 10

Leadership - medals, crowns, rod of leadership, elevated chair, lions, grasshoppers, amethyst, honey wine, gold, redish purple.

Liberation - birds, wings, broken chains and cords, untied knots, cleansing spices, garlic, amethyst, ashes, 4, 40.

Love - 2, 3, 12, heart, doves, lovebirds, flowers, cupid, mead.

Luck - 1, 4, 7, personal lucky, number, 13, dragonfly, rabbits foot, fish, rainbows, wind, ships, champagne, found items, black cats.

Lust - chocolate, cherries, red

Magick - moonstone, amber, silver, quartz, 7, 13, elder, eggs, athame, wand (etc.), circle, pentagram, purple, woven items, candles, "witch animals" such as cats.

Mental abilities - amethyst, books, glasses, computers, keys, diplomas, 6, 10, yellow, gold.

Money - green, silver, gold, anything that grows and expands, wallet, chequebook, pay stub, piggy bank, wishing wells, alfalfa, allspice, almond, moss agate, moonstone, shells.

Movement - red, yellow, vibrant colours, batteries, electric generators, sneakers, active clothes (tracksuits), cars, bikes, train (etc.), clouds, water, roads, blenders, matches, animals and insects known for swiftness, bees, birds, air, 40.

Nature - animals or plant costumes, masks, pictures, seasonal representations, gardens, woods, places of nature, green, brown, 9, 12.

Negotiation - binoculars, glasses, things that have the ability to smooth or cool, ice, blenders, white, pink, yellow, gold, amethyst, carnelian, open hand, flexible items, 2.

New endeavours - pinky orange, new brooms, keys, chimes, open doors, chicken, cheese, agate, 3, 4, 6.

Nightmares - agate, amber, malachite, pyrite, white, blue, gold, 6.

Oaths - carnelian, agate, amethyst, knots, communal cups, neutral places like the middle of a bridge, 2, X rune.

Obtaining - agate, beryl, jade, Hematite, spiders, targets, brass rings, pointers, anything that helps solidify other items (flour, gelatine), 4, red, orange.

Omens - divination tools, eyes, grey hair, yellow, 5, dirt, birds, feathers, candles, copper, reflective surfaces, bowls, round crystals, moonstone.

Openings - open windows, open books, open doors, starting line in a race, keys, handles, hammer, shovel, archways, can openers, camera, 1, yellow-green, brown.

Organisation - computers, calculator, pen, notepad, clock, broom, filing cabinets, drawers, 2, 3, 10, gold, yellow, fish, amethyst, coral.

Overcoming - steps, ladders, iron, balloons, cleansing herbs, element fire, salt, items that are loosened, untied shoes, 4, 8, 10, red.

Passion - chocolate, eggs, "energy foods", red, orange, onyx, candlelight, 2, fire related items.

Passages - butterfly, chameleon, hoops, fire pits, keys, doors, archways, woven or flowing things, almond, butter, salves, agate, element air, purple, blue.

Peace - bridges, open hands, pale blue, amethyst, 2, white.

Power - electrical outlets, batteries, blender, quartz, topaz, gold, red, orange, 8, your hair, lion, powerful animals.

Prejudice - east wind, anything that softens and smooths, an iron, skin lotion, carnelian, amethyst, open hand, eyes, ears, 2, 3, blue, white, black.

Prosperity - 4, 12, north wind, fish, dragonfly, anything that thrives in your area, shells.

Protection - coral, malachite, topaz, image of a shield, sprinkled water, fence, white light, dog, circle, 6.

Quests - primary colours, 4, 13, 40, birds, horses, holy grail, chalices, shoes, thread, moonstone, rock crystal, footpaths, east wind

Quick mindedness - yellow, gold, 10, amethyst, rabbit, snap of the finger, coin flips, alarms, light bulbs, sharp items, east wind.

Quiet - white, pink, black, dark blue, stars, snow, ear, finger to lips, bed.

Recovering items - 2, 4, yellow, blue, agate, amethyst, chicken, string, circle, boomerang, magnet, magnifying glass, dowsing rod

Relationships - bridges, cake, cups, jade, knots, dog, woven or connected items, 2, 3, 9, 12, 13, pink, orange, cocoa, paperclips, things that join or unite other items.

Remembering - fish, 5, 8, 10, books, notepad, photo, computers, carnelian, dragons, elephant, tortoise, long living creatures, yellow, gold.

Roles - masks, costumes, chameleon, flexible and fluid or variegated items, 4, 6, 8, 10, curtains, make-up, mirrors.

Safe travel - car, plane, inspection stickers, road map, guidebooks, cameras, coins, moonstone, turquoise, shoes, white.

Separation - % symbol, fire, cut cords, scissors, knives, partitions, things that can be stored or put out of sight, ashes, oil, salves, blue, black.

Sleep - pillows, quiet music, bed, blankets, yawning, topaz, sheep, bears, caves.

Speech - wax lips, silver tongue, cue cards, soup, coffee, ham, quartz, carnelian, gold, red, yellow, 8.

Teachers/teaching - pointers, chalk, white robes, amethyst, agate, magnets, sun, books, keys, gold, green, 4, 8, 10, 12, 21, brown.

Technomagic - item in need of repair, tools, instruction manuals, amethyst.

Tenacity - sticky items, red coals, immovable objects, ants, orange, red, 3.

Thrift - mouse, shopping coupons, pennies, leftovers, bank, change purse, jars, bottles, food wrap, measuring cups, macaroni and cheese, bread, cords, twist ties, yellow, green, 10, anything that stretches.

Transformation - fires, ashes, caterpillar, butterfly, eggs, flower buds, seeds, food processor, moon phases, phoenix, masks, pepper, 8, anything that changes.

Unconscious mind - ink, wax blots, silver, white, moon, water, eyes, 7.

Understanding - ear or open hand, binoculars, glasses, items that improve vision, amethyst, keys, light bulbs, candles, sunlight, 40, 5, orange.

Unions - rings, flower garlands, contracts, cups, triangle, wax seals, tied knots, celebratory decorations, cake, agate, 1, 2.

Versatility - modelling clay, play-dough, rubber band, water, chameleon, cats, winds, 5, 12, wax, anything which changes.

Victory - finishing line, flags, thumbs-up sign, agate, Hematite, ants, rubber tree, 4, blue, red, gold.

Viewpoints - ladders, telescopes, birds, binoculars, glasses, lamps, 5, "which came first, the chicken or the egg".

Virtue - glove, sword, coat of arms, jade, agate, amethyst, rock crystal, 9, 13.

Visions (dreams) - pizza and other unusual combinations of food stuffs, yellow, eye pads, topaz.

Weather - water, drums, fires, bird calls, smoke blown in a certain direction, jasper, knots, elemental colours, weather symbols, creatures of very specific climates, objects associated through folklore with specific weather patterns (like red sun = rain).

Web weaving (networks) - spider webs, things that connect, tape, string, paperclips, chain, baskets, phone lines, chain letters, trees.

Wisdom - sage, 5, owl, agate, amethyst, purple, old people.

Wishes - wells, coins, candles, bottles, rainbows, 4 leaved clovers, 7, dandelion, feathers, first star in the sky.

Youthful outlook - falling star, chalk, crayons, toys, garnet, balloons, jelly, cookies, candy, traditional children's food (eg. Fairy floss), white, pale yellow, open windows, swings, slides.

Zeal - cheering, pompoms, young playful animals, red, 6, fire element, sausage.



Aries - battle, beginnings Taurus - money spells, sex magic Gemini - communication Cancer - psychic work, lunar magic Leo - leadership, solar power Virgo - purification Libra - balance, work in law or for justice Scorpio - power Sagittarius - honesty, expansion Capricorn - overcoming obstacles Aquarius - healing Pisces - psychic work, endings



Acacia: Symbolizes purity, air, and used in initiations, psychic workings, and protection. Also viewed as a Mother tree, the gum from it symbolizing menstrual blood. Tree of the Egyptian goddess Neith, Osirus, Astarte, Ishtar, and Diana. Alder: Sacred to the god Bran. Represents resurrection, rebirth, and fire.

Apple: Used in love Magick and also for peace, happiness, prosperity, perpetual youth, and healing. Represents water. Associated with Venus, Hercules, Diana, Apollo, Hera, Athena, and Idunn.

Ash: Represents water, the Universal Mother, and the source for unborn souls. Used in healing, protection, and sea Magick. Traditional Yule log. Associated with Poseidon, Neptune, Woden, Thor, and Mars. Aspen: Used for phyllomancy which is divination by leaf rustling. Used for protection.

Birch: Sacred to Cerridwen and represents beginnings and births. Used for purifications and blessings.

Cedar: Used for purification, prosperity, and longevity. Represents earth, spirituality and self.

Cypress: Used for Maypoles, easing losses, healing, past life workings, and protection. Represents earth.

Elder: A witch tree and often used to make wands. Used for healing, love, protection, and. Sacred to the goddess Hel. Represents air. Associated with Venus.

Elm: Represents primordial female powers. Used for protection.

Fir: Symbolizes youth and vitality. Used in prosperity magic.

Hawthorne: Called the May tree. Represents water and the White Goddess Maia. Used for female sexuality, cleansing, marriage, love, and protection.

Hazel: Sacred to witches and the Celtic sea god Manannan. Often used to make all-purpose wands and used in fertility, divination, marriage, protection, and reconciliation. Symbolizes female wisdom and air. Associated with Artemis and Diana.

Holly: Represents fire. Used for protection.

Linden: Used for prophesies and protection.

Maple: Used for love and divination.

Oak: Used for healing, strength, protection, masculinity and for fertility magic. Represents fire. Associated with Dagda, Dianus, Jupiter, Zeus, Cybele, Rhea, Janus, Cernunnos, and Herne.

Palm: Metaphor for Osiris's penis. Used for male fertility, strength, and virility.

Pine: Symbolizes immortality and represents earth. Pine cones represent fertility. Used for purification, health, fortune, fertility, and prosperity. Associated with Pan, Attis, Venus, and Cybele.

Rowan: Used for protection, healing, and strength. Represents fire.

Willow: Represents water. Used in moon, wishing magic, healing, protection, enchantments, and easy delivery of babies. Associated with Artemis, Persephone, Hecate, Ceres, Hera, and Circe.

ANGELS N Uriel S Michael E Raphael W Gabriel

AZTEC N Mictlantecuhtli S Huitzilopochtli E Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli W Ehecatl-Quetzalcoatl

BUDDHIST N Vajraghanta S Vajrapasi E Vajrosnisa W Vajrasphota Buddhists count five directions, assigning each one to a member of the Buddha family:

North: color: green negative quality: envy and jealousy positive quality: all-accomplishing wisdom sacred to: Amoghasiddhi

South: color: yellow negative quality: pride positive quality: wisdom of equanimity sacred to: Ratnasambhava

East: color: blue negative quality: aggression positive quality: mirrorlike wisdom sacred to: Akshobhya

West: color: red negative quality: passion and longing positive quality: wisdom of discriminating awareness sacred to: Amitabha

Center: color: white negative quality: ignorance that causes the cycle of reincarnation positive quality: wisdom of ultimate reality sacred to: Mahapratisara - Vairochana

EGYPTIAN N Hapy Neith Osiris S Imset Isis Ra E Duamutef Nephthys Horus W Qebehsenuf Sekhmet Thoth (these are the four sons of Horus, who appear on canopic jars)

HINDU N Soma S Yama E Indra W Varuna

The eight Lokapala, Hindu Lords of the Watchtowers, are each assisted by an elephant: East: Airavana Southeast: Pundari-Ka South: Vamana Southwest: Kumuda West: Anjana Northwest: Pushpadanta North: Sarvabhauma Northeast: Supratika

Each direction corresponds to a color in India: North: green South: blue East: white West: red


White- All purpose Red- Love, passion, creativity. Blue- Peace, wisdom, healing, integrity. Orange- Work, career, education. Brown- Friendship Green- Healing, money, nature. Violet- Spirituality Black- Banishing Negativity Silver- Psychism, color of Goddess Gold- Color of God


Monday- White Tuesday- Red Wednesday- Purple Thursday- Green Friday- Blue Saturday- Black Sunday- Yellow


Green: herbalists; nature Red: "Love" Magick Brown: animals; Magick with animals Black: universe Yellow: divination White: all purpose Blue: healing Gold: the God Silver: the Goddess Purple: Magick in general

1. The Goddess - Silver 2. The God - Gold 3. Air (East) - Blue 4. Fire (South) - Red 5. Water (West) - Green 6. Earth (North) - Yellow 7. The Gate - White 8. Samhain - Orange 9. Yule - Purple 10. Imbolg - Red 11. Ostara - Light-green 12. Beltane - White 13. Litha - Yellow 14. Mabon - Dark-green 15. Lughnasadh - Brown 16. Full Moon - Milky-white 17. Initiation - Astrological color of student 18. Handfasting - White 19. Wiccaning - White 20. Requiem - Black 21. Love - Pink or Red 22. Banishing - Black 23. Prosperity - Green




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