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These magic spells involving emotions for spell casting needs. The well of forgiveness, free magic emotion spell for a broken heart, free magic spell to relieve stress, a free magic spell to help lift hard feelings and heal emotional rifts, and also free magic emotional spells for courage are a few of the spells available on the emotion spells pages.

Mental healing, create calmness and help concentration, depression and stressed spirit spells, help to overcome a broken relationship, spell for self confidence, calming the mind, mental fatigue, power meditation, and negativity releasing spell are a few of the many among the pages of free emotion magic spells. More free emotional magic spells included are depression healing ritual, free magic spell to restore peace to an unhappy home, free magic spell to soothe a broken heart, free magic spell to help in adjusting to a difficult or traumatic change of circumstances, and also free magic emotional healing spells. Come in and browse thru the many free magic emotion and emotional spells available for your spiritual needs dealing with emotions.

The Magic Well Of Forgiveness

Magic Spell To Call Joy Into Ones Life

Magic Spell To Banish Pain

Purification Spell

Magic Peace Bath

Spell For A Broken Heart

Spell For Reconciliation

How To Make A Magic Poppet

Magick Potion To Rid Nervousness

Spells To Relieve Stress

Magic Spell To Heal Old Wounds And Make A Fresh Start

Magic Spell To Help Lift Hard Feelings and Heal Emotion Rifts

Courage Spell

Spell For Courage

Spell For Compensation Negotiation Understanding

Healing Magic

Magic Mental Healing Spell

Magic Spell To Create Calmness And Help Concentration


Depression Stressed Spirit Spell

Magic Spell To Help Overcome A Broken Relationship

Spell For Self Confidence

Self Confidence Spell

Spell For Calming The Mind

Mental Fatigue

Spell For Depression

Ashes To Riddance Spell

Magic Power Mediation

Basil Properties and Uses

Negavitity Releasing Spell

The Burning Coffin Spell

Magic Excalibur Oil

Depression Healing Ritual

Magic Spell To Restore Peace To An Unhappy Home

Solitary New Moon Ritual

Magic Spell To Banish Bad Memories

Magic Spell To Soothe A Broken Heart

Help In Adjusting To A Difficult Or A Traumatic Change Of Circumstances

Emotional Healing Spell

Magic Spell To Overcome Depression

A Love Spell For The Waning Moon

Magic Spell To Ease A Broken Heart

Goddesses You Could Call Upon

Gods You Could Call Upon

Hearts Of Ice Spell

Magic Spell To Free Yourself Of Your Hidden Fears

Spell Against Fear


Purification Of Self Spell

Spell For Stress and Depression

Magic Spell To Be Reconciled After Doing Something Bad To A Lover

Magic Mind Heart Spirit Healing Ritual

Your Cold Heart Spell

Cutting The Cord Spell

Magic Spell To Ease Pain And Renew Hope

Spell For Healing Fear

Magic Spell For Courage

Magic Healing Spiritual Illness

Spell For Reconcilation

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