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The point of performing the spell is to remind your heart that the time for healing has come and it also helps to make a painful time a little more bearable. Continue the spell for as long as needed. Design this ritual to suit your needs. Choose candle colors that represent the things you seek peace for.

Magic Spell To Lose Your Troubles

Magic Peace Ritual

The Well Of Forgiveness Spell

Magic Spell To Call And Center Your Emotions

Spell For Well Being

How To Make Star Oil

Happiness Spell

Magic Spell To Control Panic

Magic Spell To Rid Yourself Of Bad Memories

Magic Spell To Ease Boredom

Get Over It Spell

Peace Spell

Magic Spell To Let Loneliness Flee

An Eastern European Magic Spell To Foil A Jealous Work Colleague

Worry Jam Jar Spell

Magic Spell To Banish Lovers Jealousy

Self Empowerment Spell

Emotional Healing Spell

Unraveling Spell

Magic Spell To Banish Negative Thoughts

Magic Spell To Overcome Depression

Magick Magic Spell To Release Anger

Magic Spell To Free Yourself From Hidden Fears

Magic Spell To Let Go

A Spell For Improving Negative Thoughts

Forgiveness Spell

Incense Spell For Self Confidence

Spell For Clarity Of Thought And Mind

Magic Witch's Ladder For Comfort And Blessing

Release of Pain Magic Incantation Ritual

Magic Healing After A Personal Loss

Magic Black Ball Of Troubles

Magic Chant For Balance

Confidence Spell

Spell For Banishing Depression

Beauty Spell For Beauty Inside And Out

Magic Self Purification Ritual

Spell For Confidence

Magic Spell To Bring Peace

Magic Spell To Help Rid Yourself Of Anger

Spell For Stress And Relief From Suicidal Feelings

Magic Reconcilitation Amulet

Magic Spell To Rid The Mind Or Body Of An Affliction

Healing Spell

Happiness Comfort Spell

Depression Relief Spell

Magic Charm For Inner Strength

A Magic Balm To Soothe Emotion

Magic Spell To Banish Negative Thoughts

Magic Chant Of Protection

Destructive Knot Spell

Magic Spell To Call The Wind

Anger Banishment Spell

Magic Spell To End Unwanted Romantic Feelings

Friendship Magic Spell To End An Arguement

A Self Confidence Spell

Good Meditation Spell

Magic Spell To End A Quarrel With Someone

Magick Magic Spell To Dispel Jealousy

Magic Relaxation Ritual

Magic Spell To Release Anger

Breaking Up An Argument Spell

Magic Spell To Gain Forgiveness

Magic Spell To Let Go Of Another

Spell For Removing Envy And Jealousy

Magic Spell To Gain Control Over A Situation

A Spell For Forgiveness

Magic Happiness Spell

Magic Happiness Simmering Potpourri

Magic Spell To Be Happy

Spell For Reconcilation

Free Me Spell

Spell For Peaceful Home

Breaking Glass Spell

Magic Hematite Grounding Spell

The Rainbow Spell For Happiness And Joy

Self Improvement Spell

New Beginning Spell

Magic Spell To Ease A Broken Heart

Magic Spell To Become More Positive

Crystal Incense Happiness Spell

Magic Spell To Stop Depression

Spell For Joy

Kali-Ma Spell

Poppet Spell

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