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Magic Spells For Friendship, For Attraction, Forgiving Friends And Love

This section of magic spells details and explains spells for friendship, attracting, and forgiving. A friendship candle spell is a commonly used magic spell for attracting a new friend or a new friend interest.  Other free magic spells are to make an enemy into a friend, a free magic friendship spell to end an argument, a free magic spell to end a quarrel with someone, and also a free magic spell for breaking up an argument.  Also free magic spells to gain forgiveness, free magic true love/friendship spells, and a free magic spell to help lift hard feelings and heal emotional rifts between friends spell.

Friendship Candle Spell

Magic Spell To Make An Enemy Into A Friend

Friendship Magic Spell To End An Arguement

Magic Spell To End A Quarrel With Someone

Breaking Up An Argument Spell

Magic Spell To Overcome An Enemy

Spell For New Friendship

Magic Spell To Gain Forgiveness

The True Love Friendship

Sure And Simple Love Spell

Spell For Contacting A Friend

A Spell For Forgiveness

Friendship Spell

Forgiveness Spell

Spell For Reconciliation

Magic Spell To Bring Love And Respect

Magic Spell To Make Someone Dream Of You

The Magick In Hair

Magic Reconciliation Amulet

Spell For Reconciliation

Friendship Binding Spell

A Magic Spell To Help Lift Hard Feelings And Heal Emotional Rifts

Love Bath To Attract Friends





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