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Magical Properties Powers And Uses Of Gemstones

ALEXANDRITE: Stimulates happiness and pleasant surprises. Good fortune and success in speculative matters.

AGATE, BOTSWANA: Ease stress, and pain of loss. Reduces anxiety.

AGATE: Restores energy and health, brings happiness, emotional balance, wealth, health, and long life.

AMBER: Add strength to spells, attract love, increase beauty.

AMETHYST: Spiritual awareness, peace, love, happiness, protection, divination and psychic work.

APACHE TEAR: Good luck. A

VENTURINE: Increases mental powers, perception, and insight. "The Gambler's Stone"

BLOOD STONE: Physical strength, courage, victory in court, exorcism.

CARNELIAN: Self-confidence, and peace. Eases depression.

FLUORITE: Reduce emotional involvement, gain perspective, increase mental power.

GARNET: Strength, endurance, protection, healing, self-esteem, and encourages success in business.

HEMATITE: Stability, focus, and emotional balance.

RED JASPER: Reduces stress and negativity.

LAPIS LAZULI: Wisdom, truthfulness, psychic awareness, and healing.

LEPIDOLILTE: Peace, and spirituality

GREEN LODESTONE: Money, employment, and loyalty. Can be used in bindings.

RED LODESTONE: Love, friendship, and loyalty. Also used in bindings.

MALACHITE: Money, protection, and guards from danger.

MOONSTONE: Love, hope, protection, unselfishness, and prophetic dreams. Helps settle disputes.

MOTHER OF PEARL: Money, wealth, and protection.

OBSIDIAN: Centering, divination, and increasing spirituality.

PETRIFIED WOOD: Past-life work, nervous conditions, and grounding.

ROSE QUARTZ: Love and happiness.

SMOKY QUARTZ: Overcome depression and negative emotions.

YELLOW QUARTZ: Protection, mental awareness, and improves visualization.

ROCK CRYSTAL: Protection and psyches ability.

SODALITE: Meditation, wisdom, and calming inner conflicts.

TIGER'S EYE: Wealth, money, protection while traveling, and clarity of thought.

BLACK TOURMALINE: Grounding and absorbing negative energy.

EMERALD: Strong memory, increase intelligence, clear seeing, prophecy, wisdom, enhances speech and creativity

FELDSPAR: Creativity, joy, psyches expansion

BERYL: Patience, humor, discipline

CHRYSOLITE: Prevents nightmares, purifies, increases psychic awareness

CORAL: Stabilizer, positiveness

DIAMOND: Covers full spectrum of psychic and spiritual matters

JADE: Wisdom, protection, courage, dispels negativity

AZURITE: Meditation, promoting psychic ability

MALACHITE: Protection from the "evil eye"

OPAL: Spells involving children, protection, enhances intuition

PEARL: Meditation, soothing RUBY: Regeneration, spiritual devotion, integrity

SARDONYX: Soothes emotional states

TOPAZ: Inspiration, soothing, calming, banishing nightmares, emotional balance, tranquility

TURQUOISE: communication, peace of mind, calming, loyalty

ZIRCON: Self-esteem, strength, storing psychic power.


You can use the Stone of Luck spell for anything, love, money, health, wealth, spirit awareness, etc. The key to this empowerment is concentration and belief. When you have completed this spell, carry the stone around with you. Eventually you will start to get what you want. What you need: 1 Small stone of your choice (any kind) 1 candle (correct color for what you want) Appropriate herbs Appropriate incense Salt Water A cloth Oil (either olive, jasmine, or mint) Some bowls (glass or crystal) First you need to meditate on what you want, be it money, love, better health....whatever you want. After you feel you have meditated long enough, you may start the spell. Light the candle and incense. (Be sure you have all of the things you need with you.) Hold the rock in your power hand. Concentrate on what you want. Run the rock through the flame 3 times. Then put it into the water. Cup your hands over the bowl. Then take the rock out of the water and sprinkle the herbs on it. After you have done that, put the rock into a dry bowl. Visualize yourself getting what you want. Then anoint the rock with the oil and put the rock back into the dry bowl. Sprinkle some salt onto the rock. Concentrate more. Then wrap the rock in the cloth and leave it for at least 24 hours. Let the candle and incense burn all the way out. Dispose of the water. So mote it be!

Metaphysical Properties of Quartz Crystals


Generally, quartz crystals grow in a hexagonal (six sided) structure, with additional faces sloping towards a point at one end. A crystal with these characteristics is itself also called a POINT. Points may be totally clear and transparent, or they may contain streaks, lines, rainbows, water bubbles or other inclusions. They may also appear cloudy if they have grown in a place where it freezes in the winter. Optical clarity usually has little to do with a crystal's quality and its ability to amplify the subtle energies.


Quartz crystals are a gift from the earth. They have the ability to amplify or strengthen the things in you that are positive, and can help you put away things that cause you fear or anger. They can strengthen your ability to be a loving person, and can enhance your abilities to enjoy life and accomplish the things you want in life. They can amplify INTENTION, reduce stress, help with CENTERING (balancing or calming), strengthen HEALING abilities, and surround you with PROTECTION by amplifying white light. Any healthy quartz crystal point can strengthen these things and help produce personal growth by amplifying the subtle energies that flow inside you.


To select a crystal, first put yourself in a calm space. Hold the crystal in your right hand with the point towards you. Feel it physically. Be open to sensations like TINGLING, or change in temperature. Also feel the crystal emotionally. Think of the purpose you want it for, and see if you feel attracted to it. Be more concerned with how it feels than how it looks. Allow the crystal to pick you by interacting with it in this way. And remember to go with your initial feeling. If you need a specialized type of crystal to work with, consider one of the types described below.


In addition to the general characteristics mentioned above, quartz crystals sometimes have other special attributes that enhance their power. To identify these special types of crystals, pay particular attention to the largest of the faces that slope toward the point. Does it have pyramids (triangles) on it? Count the number of edges surrounding the face. This number can be anywhere from 3 to 8, and is one of the things that determines the special characteristics of the crystal. In addition to strengthening the Inner Being as all crystals do, the crystals listed below are true teachers and provide additional special help. Most of them are relatively rare, and they should be highly treasured when one of them finds you.


have five edges surrounding the largest sloping face. These crystals strongly amplify the feminine energy, and can help you get in touch with the 'female' or unselfish side of yourself, no matter whether you are a man or a woman. These crystals are useful in balancing your male-female energy if the female energy has been suppressed, or if you need a greater balance of female energy for any reason. Cerridwen crystals put you in touch with the power of the Goddess. For men, the Cerridwen crystal will help you become more in tune with your feminine side and to become more aware of the aspects of women that you may find troubling. For women, the Cerridwen crystal will help you regain some of the power and energy that society has taken from you. Teaches that feminine is not weak. Anyone doing healing work with another person needs the Cerridwen energy to be effective. The Cerridwen crystal should be carried or held when dealing with issues that are emotional and difficult. To nurture yourself, sit with the Cerridwen crystal in your hand with the point directed toward you. Visualize white light going from the point of the crystal and surrounding you. After doing this you should feel strong and cared for.


have seven edges surrounding the largest sloping face. These crystals are especially useful for obtaining information from deep within yourself or from sources that are outside of your normal realm. They can help you draw on the knowledge and information that is provided by the universe, and can aid you in getting help from a higher source. A channeling crystal can be used anytime you are seeking answers or help from outside of yourself. You must `listen' very carefully when using this crystal and realize that answers can come from many sources. Meditation is used with these crystals to get knowledge from the universe, and to communicate with your spirit guide. It can only be used by the person holding the crystal. communication with Guide: A channeling crystal is a line of communication with sources outside yourself. Generally, the main source is your guide. A guide is a non-physical entity whose primary job is to look after you. Every human being has a guide. Guides are sometimes called other things, such as conscience, or angels, but they are always with us. We must learn to listen to what they have to say. Your guide will never tell you what to do, or interfere in other ways with what you want to do, but your guide is there to help you find answers for yourself. And you can use your channeling crystal to let your guide be your conscience. A channeling crystal can only be used by the person holding it. In other words, you can't send the energy to someone else in order to let him receive the information directly. However, since guides communicate readily with each other, you can become good at getting information to people by asking your guide to give you the needed information for someone else, and then relaying it to the person. This is how you channel information for others. Channeling crystals amplify the quiet inner voice of your guide, and can be a big help in learning how to channel information, both for yourself and for others.


have eight edges surrounding the largest sloping face. They are quite rare and not always easily available. Grounding is the ability to deal with practical matters in a realistic way. For example, in dealing with the question `How am I going to make a living', a grounded person will consider his skills and decide how best to use those skills to make a living. An ungrounded or `spacey' person does not like to deal with the practical or realistic aspects of life. Grounding crystals help you deal with practical matters in a realistic way. They connect you with the earth and keep your energies from being scattered. They help you think clearly and express yourself clearly. When used in meditation they help you form a strong connection with higher knowledge, but keep you grounded so that you can apply that information in practical terms. When using a grounding crystal to work through a personal problem, remember that it will require you to look at the truth of the situation andcompel you to deal with that truth. It is sometimes difficult to recognize times when you need this crystal because not being grounded can be a way of life for some people. These days, it is common to be a little spacey because of things going on in our world. When you are having trouble concentrating, feeling a reluctance to tackle a task that needs doing, or find yourself running in circles but accomplishing nothing, you need a grounding crystal. You can sometimes help another person become more grounded by sitting quietly, holding your grounding crystal, and visualizing that person being firmly rooted to the earth.


have a small diamond shaped face which takes the place of one of the corners where two of the parallel faces usually meet the corresponding two sloping faces. Window crystals are introspection crystals in that they help you see what is inside yourself. They help bring things to the surface so you can see them and effectively deal with them. If you are having problems and aren't sure why, a window crystal can be a good help. Window crystals are used for working within yourself to deal with problems and changes that must be made in your life. They are used in meditation to help you solve problems that are troubling your Inner Being. For example, if you find you are very jealous of a friend, you can use a window crystal to work within yourself to find the reason and deal with it. Think of a window crystal as a window into your soul. These are very personal crystals, and when one comes into your hands, it is intended to help you specifically. This crystal can be used when trying to help someone else solve problems. If a friend comes to you to talk about a problem have him hold the window crystal while you talk. It can help him open up.


have a pyramid shaped indention or elevation that appears to be etched on one of the sloping faces. These are fairly rare, and often the pyramid will not be noticed until the crystal comes into the hands of the person it was meant to work with. Sometimes the pyramid can disappear and sometimes more pyramids show up. Each of these crystals has its own special lesson to teach, usually the lesson the person most needs to learn. Record keepers differ from window crystals in that window crystals help you look inside yourself to let you see the various things you need to learn, while record keepers deal with a specific lesson that you need to learn. A record keeper will often pass from your hands very quickly once the lesson is learned. Carry your record keeper or put it close to your bed so that it can work with you. It can also be used for meditation. Some crystals have several special characteristics, i.e. a Cerridwen with a Record. In this case there is a specific lesson to learn that deals with the feminine side of your energy. If you have an Cerridwen with a window it means that you need to look inside to find the areas in your feminine side that are causing you problems.


have two terminations (points) at the same end, which have developed from a single base. You can tell a twin crystal from two crystals that are simply attached to each other, by the fact that both parts of a twin crystal are exactly parallel to each other, and have no boundary between them in at least a small region of the crystal. These are wonderful crystals to use when dealing with `relationship' things. They can help you gain insight into the underlying problems in a relationship, and help work through them. They can generate very positive energy towards improving a relationship. This works for any kind of relationship, not only a man-woman relationship. A twin with a rainbow can be very effectively used to project healing energy into a relationship or to keep a good relationship strong. When you are having a problem with a relationship sit quietly with the twin and ask for help. Remember, that answers come from many directions. Twins are personal crystals as one of the twins is very closely tuned to your energy, so it is not possible to use this crystal to work for others in relationship matters.


are crystals that have points on both ends, allowing energy to flow readily in both directions. Double terminated crystals strengthen energy flow, and are especially useful when you need to share or exchange energy between you and another person. They are useful when you are working to help other people, for example in massage or counseling, where energy needs to flow in both directions. In these situations, energy flows toward you when you tune in to a person to find out what that person needs, and energy flows from you when you give the person the needed healing energy. Double terminated crystals are very important to people doing healing work for themselves or others. They also help teach sharing through energy exchange. If working with someone else, visualize energy flowing into you through the top of your head, down your arm, through the crystal, and into the other person. This can be done while you are with the person or it can work from a distance. If you have children, try using this crystal to send positive energy to the child when the child is upset or angry. It can have a very calming effect on both of you.


are equal sided crystals so that all six sides come to a symmetrical point. For channeling and directing energy of chakras. A Chakra is one of the seven energy centers of the human body.


have a rainbow reflected from within the crystal. Usually they are best viewed in sunlight. These crystals are especially good as meditation crystals for working deep within the subconscious. They work particularly well to lighten the mood for people experiencing sadness, grief or depression. Just holding a rainbow crystal can lighten your mood. Rainbow crystals are also very good at drawing negativity from a room or a situation. Always cleanse a crystal that has been used to clear negativity by letting it sit in the sunshine for a while.


are crystals that have tiny crystals growing inside a larger crystal. These are very good for people who have had traumatic childhoods, physically or emotionally. They are helpful for people who are blocking painful memories. They help bring the cause of the pain to the surface and allow the person to successfully deal with it, while shielding that person from the pain those memories can cause. These crystals work well for people who are working through current family problems. Work slowly with this type of crystal, so that things can be cleared at your own pace. You may not feel inclined to work with it at all in the beginning. Don't force yourself. When you are ready, you will find yourself drawn to that particular crystal. You may have this crystal for years before you use it. Also, sometimes crystals come to you so that they can go to someone else. For example, someone might receive a crystal with babies, have it for some time and not be drawn to it at all. Suddenly they will have an urge to pass it on to someone else. You can use this crystal in meditation or just keep it close to you. Just be prepared to deal with whatever comes up. Try to have some sort of support around you if you are going to work with this crystal.


have a smaller crystal growing out from them. This `trigger' can be gently squeezed to activate the power of the crystal and strengthen its attributes. These are just used for a surge of a particular kind of energy.


A self-healed crystal is one that has been broken off and damaged quite badly, but then begins to grow again. A phantom is a crystal that has had some impurity drop on it during growth, but then continues to grow right around the impurity. Either of these types of crystal can help you heal from being hurt, heal from emotional injuries. These are important crystals that will usually come into your life at a time when you are carrying a lot of pain. Just sitting with this crystal will help you deal with the pain effectively.


These represent community and are very powerful at clearing any negative energy from a room. Just set one out somewhere and allow it to work to clear the environment.


These particular clusters are mined in a very small area of the Colorado Rockies. They are powerful in keeping the spirit centered because they carry a special kind of energy that keeps all the energy centers within the body aligned, balanced, and in harmony with each other.


Crystals from Brazil have the special quality of enhancing your ability to project energy over a distance. For example, in some of the above exercises, where you are sending healing energy to someone that is too far away for you to touch physically, hold a Brazilian crystal along with the other crystal to strengthen the transmission.


These extremely rare crystals are hand mined high in the mountains of Tibet, and are carried down the mountainside by backpack. Tibetan crystals are for protection. Just having a Tibetan crystal close to you puts up an automatic shield against negative energy. It also helps shield you from other people's negative energy. This shield is even stronger if you do a centering exercise while holding the crystal.


The sphere is an expression of infinite symmetry. The reflected image of a person's aura lets the trained interpreter see and know much about a person.


Crystalline order is at the base of all life. A crystalline structure consists of units of energy that align themselves harmoniously with other fellow sub atomic particles, sort themselves, form repeating rows, layers and lattices according to the laws of nature. Therefore, crystal is a general term for a substance with a systematic ordered structure in a definite symmetrical pattern. They are incredibly organized with a highly organized latticework. Because of this organization, they have an effect on organizing energy fields around them. Crystalline structures are bones, muscles, water, salt, rock, wood, gemstones and quartz. From this it can be seen, that a human being is a crystalline structure! Modern physicists have affirmed that all physical form consists in essence, not of matter, but energy. Therefore the nature of physical matter is dynamic, moving and dancing. Therefore everything that exists is an external manifestation of an energy form, a vibration. We can therefore say that all crystalline structures are highly organized patterns of energy, yet each individual structure has its own vibration or frequency rate. Natural quartz crystals have extremely high and exact rates of vibration that can be precisely manipulated to augment, store, amplify, transfer, transform and focus other rates of vibration. Because of these qualities quartz crystals can be used to modify thoughts, emotions, and bodies by first effecting changes on the subtle non-physical planes (energy fields). Quartz consists of four oxygen atoms plus one silicon atom to make one molecular unit. Groups of these units link together to form spirals of molecular units that create a three dimensional latticework of systematic uniformity. They are 6 sided with two sides parallel to one another which reflects the hexagonal structure of pure quartz molecules (like a beehive!). These six sides also correspond to the six major chakras in the trunk and head of the physical body with the point corresponding to the seventh chakra. This structure responds in a precise and predictable way to all energy - light, heat, sound, thought waves, electricity - by the molecular units oscillating at high speeds back and forth to unite and create specific vibrations that pulse through the crystal to the surrounding environment. The quartz crystal receives energy, processes it, then transmits the oscillations outward in precise vibration patterns. Whatever is projected in comes out in a focused and amplified way. The quartz crystal does not distinguish from dark and therefore the key is the INTENT of the person using the crystal. Thus, our journey into crystalline energies is a journey into the self. The crystal is an energetic mirror to allow us to look deeply and honestly at ourselves.

Programming Crystals

The only crystal that can be programmed is Quartz. First make sure your crystal is cleansed. Sit in a quiet place and still your mind. Think clearly about what thought you want the crystal to hold, take a deep breath, holding the crystal in your left hand, blow your intention onto the crystal. This is a very powerful way to program the crystal. You can programme a crystal to help you do most things. Try and use different crystals for separate things. Use one for healing, one for information storage, one for music, etc.

Cleansing Crystals

When you first get a crystal it will need cleansing because it will have picked up many energies on its way to you. there are several ways of doing this. It can be left in full sunlight for a day, also in full moonlight. Running water is good, fresh water, rivers, streams. Visualisation of the crystal in a mountain steam, or flooded with white light, is also a good way. Your intent must be pure. Never use hot or warm water. Always cleanse after it has been used in any sort of healing and when you want to re-programme it.

Charging Crystals

Crystals need to be charged up, somewhat like a car battery. The way to do this is very similar to cleansing. Again in the sun, under the moon, any holy place, by a stream or river. Leave as long as you feel is right. Don't leave them in draws or dark places they like to be out in the open to work to their full potential.

Wearing Crystals

Usually worn round the neck, stimulating the thyroid and increasing the efficiency of the immune system. Also assists the respiratory system and sore throats. When the crystal is pointing down it is grounding, soothing and calming. Giving energy to all systems. When pointing upwards this strengthens the spirit and gives a general uplift. A double terminated crystal (pointed at both ends) is excellent to use as it balances the two, giving a combination of both.

More Information About Choosing, Cleansing, Clearing And Programming Crystals

All crystals need to be treated with respect and love. If they are used as a tool, do so with humility and gratitude. In choosing a crystal, it is necessary to find one that vibrates in harmony with the self and with the specific purpose for which you are bringing it into your life. Like attracts like. Each human and each crystal has its own vibration. In front of you is a tray of crystals - quartz and others. Look at them. Feel them. There are a number of ways to know which is right for you. Instant rapport - is there one that you instantly are drawn to? Strong energies - move your hand over the top and feel the energies from each and see which one you are drawn to. Physical attraction - is there one that you really, really like the look of and must pick it up and feel it? Now you have your quartz crystal what do you do with it? It now needs to have the outside cleansed. The best way to do this is with luke warm soapy water. This cleans the outside of the vibrations of its travels from the miner to the buyer to the importer, to the wholesaler etc. It also needs cleaning when it is dirty, dusty or has body oil on it from your handling. Just as you need a shower or bath on a regular basis, so do your crystals. Many also like to bathe in the light of the moon. My preference is the moon rather than the sun. All your crystals like to be cleaned, be they quartz or gemstones. I do not clean my crystals in salt of any kind as many books recommend. Salt is crystalline. If you look at your crystals, you may see very minute cracks. If a piece of salt goes into that crack and stays there, it could crack the crystal. Quartz crystals store vibrations that come from sound, light, touch, emotions, other bodies, physical environment and affects those coming in contact with the crystal. Thus, they need to be cleared before working with them and after they have been used; when it appears to lack vitality or looks dull; and to neutralise internal programs. Please remember that they are an energy storage device. To clear, you will hold the quartz in your hands and pulse with the mental intent to clear. Crystals are also programmed with the use of the pulse breath. Both the clearing and programming are done with quartz crystals only as the coloured stones have their own innate programs. When humans and quartz crystals work together, the crystal becomes a very sensitive and precise tool. They accumulate the intentions/programs of the user; magnify and amplify them; focus them and feed them back to the environment. When we program, the crystal is keyed to our personal vibration and thus it becomes an extension of self. The storage of programs in a crystal is similar to the storing of data on a computer chip.

METAL MAGICK Properties of precious metals and metallic elements and their uses for metal in rituals and magick

ALUMINUM *Projective/Mercury/Air/Male

Aluminum is the most abundant metallic element on the earth and the moon. 8% of the earth's crust is composed of aluminum in some form. Almost all rocks contain aluminosilicate minerals. The human body also contains traces of aluminum. Powers Of Aluminum: A conductor of electricity. Magick Uses: A Modern metal with no Magick history. Aluminum foil can be used to fashion shapes for image Magick.

BOJI STONES *Projective/Mars/Fire/*Akasha

Powers Of Boji Stones: Protection/Healing/Psychic Power Magickal Uses: Use for grounding and healing by holding the stone in your hand while visualizing. Use these stones to protect and strengthen your psychic defenses. Balance: Wear to balance energies within the body

BRASS* Projective/Sun/Fire/Male

Powers Of Brass: Healing/ Money/Protection Associated Deities: Sun deities Magick Uses: Brass can be used as a substitute for gold for money attracting Magick rituals and spells. A simple money attracting talisman that can easily be made is to inscribe a pentagram on a small piece of brass and carry it with you at all times. Brass is used for sun Magick and fire Magick rituals and spells. Sun Magick spells used to attract wealth and money should be performed at sunrise. Because brass has protective attributes it is used for defensive Magick to protect and send back negativity to the sender. Brass jewelry is worn for this purpose during such rituals.

COPPER (Cu/cuprum) Receptive/Venus/Water/Female

The human body contains traces of copper. Powers Of Copper: Conductor of electricity/Healing/Love/Luck/Protection Associated Deities: Ishtar, Aphrodite and Astarte, and other Goddesses associated with Venus. Magick Uses: Copper is used to make wands to direct energy during ritual. It is also worn during ritual to increase the direction of energy towards the desired goal. Pure copper is also worn for healing and to prevent sickness. It is said that copper should be worn on the opposite side of your dominate hand. For example, if you are right handed then wear copper on your left side. Because it is associated with the planet Venus it is also worn to attract love. It is highly effective for attracting love when copper is combined with emeralds. Balance: Copper has the ability to balance the polarity's of the body, this is why copper is used to heal and prevent sickness. Copper balances the flow of energies in the body, both receptive and projective. When a person feels ill, it is believed that the energies in the body are not in balance or are blocked and copper is worn to balance these energies and stimulate the natural healing of the body. WARNING: In the book, Metalen En Hun Effecten, Roos Leffebure(Dutch), Copper has a physical effect as well as an emotional effect. If worn for too long the physical effect can result in bluish of the skin with a smell, headaches and an unstable heart rhythm. The emotional effect is like silver, it produces emotional instability if worn for too long.

ELECTRUM (A mixture of metals)*Projective/Sun/Fire/Male

Powers Of Electrum: To find a natural mixture of metals is rare. Today electrum is custom made for specific ritual purposes. For example, uniting the receptive and projective qualities such as when gold and silver are mixed together or symbolically uniting the God and Goddess.

GOLD (Au/aurum) *Projective/Sun/Fire/Male

Powers Of Gold: Power/Success/Wealth/Strength/Protection/Male Dysfunction Associated Deities: Sun Gods Magick Uses: Use for fire Magick, sun Magick, spells and rituals for money and to increase power, self-confidence and courage. Gold and a white candle are used for protection spells. Wear gold jewelry or a talisman to attract success and wealth. Gold worn during a ritual enhances the ability to gather up and send out power. A substitute for gold to use in money attracting spells is Pyrite( also known as Fool's Gold)

IRON (Fe/ferrum)*Projective/Mars/Fire/Male

The human body contains traces of iron. Powers Of Iron: Protection/Healing/Strength Associated Deities: Selene Magick Uses: Pure form is found only in Meteorites. Used for defensive Magick to deflect negativity. Iron stops the flow of psychic energy and is used for healing the self when one feels emotional wrought or is under psychic attack,. in this way it deflects negative energy. Iron inscribed with symbolic Mars is worn for protective and defensive Magick. Also you can take iron nails and insert them in white or blue candles for protection and defensive Magick. A talisman of iron is said to increase physical strength. Envisioning a large iron gate of olde during a protection spell helps to mentally keep negative away.

LEAD (Pb/plumbum)*Receptive/Saturn/Earth/Female

Powers of Lead: Protection Magick Uses: To be used for defensive and protective Magick to deflect negative energies. WARNING: Lead is poisonous when absorbed by the body.

LODESTONE (Magnetite/natural magnet/natural iron oxide)*Receptive/Venus/Water/Female

Was used by sailors and mariners to find the magnetic North. Powers Of Lodestone: To attract love, money, friendship, and power/Protection/Fidelity Magickal Uses: Lodestone has a natural magnetic quality and the larger the stone the greater its magnetic powers. It is used for attraction. It can worn during ritual, or placed on an alter to increase a spell's powers. Lodestone can also be used for healing by placing the stone on the hurt part of the body. After the spell or ritual is performed and the stone has absorbed the negative energies, the stone should be cleaned. It can also be placed in the receptive hand while performing spells or for emotional healing.

MERCURY (Hg/hydrargyrum)*Duel Energies/Water, Earth, Air/Male/Female

WARNING: Mercury is poisonous! It is dangerous to touch, breath and accidentally ingest. Use other metals that are safer.

SILVER (Ag/argentum)*Receptive/moon/water/Female

Power Of Silver: Intuition/Emotions/Psychic Mind/Dreams/Love/Protection/Invocation of the Goddess Associated Deities: Moon Goddesses Magick Uses: Use for water magick, scrying, divination, dreams, rituals invoking the Goddess and love and healing spells. Silver reflects negativity away. Silver influences the psychic mind increasing your chances for psychic dreams and enhancing intuition. Silver can be used for scrying. Take a piece of silver with you outside on a full moon and allow the silver to catch the reflection of the moon. Silver is also associated with the stones, Lapis Lazuli, Jade, Pearl and Emerald. When one of these stones are used together with silver as in a piece of jewelry it is used to attract love. Wear silver to sleep with a stone such as moonstone to enhance psychic dreams. Balance: If wearing too much silver overwhelms you and makes you emotionally overwhelmed, try wearing gold with it to balance out.


Magick Uses: A modern metal without history of magick use. Since it is a projective metal it is used today for defensive magick to deflect negative energies away. Steel knives are used either through visualization or physically held while visualizing negative impulses and all negative energies away from yourself. Afterwards take the knife and place it under your mattress to symbolically serve as protection and to block negative energies from disturbing your thoughts at night. A steel knife used in this manner is for symbolism and visualization. Use caution when handling a knife.

TIN (Sn/stannum)*Projective/Jupiter/Air/Male

The main component for Pewter. Powers Of Tin: Money/ Luck Magick Uses: Made into money attracting *talismans

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