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For over a millenium, crystals, precious gems, and natural stones have been utilized for meditation, charging, healing and various other magical aids. Each mineral has its own physical and magical properties. Here are some of the healing and spiritual properties of many of the most commonly used. The information herein is based on ancient legend and lore:


Moss Agates Aid in restoration of energy are used in healing, They are believed to bring the wearer happiness, wealth, health, and long life. Increases ability to ward off self-induced anger and inner bitterness. Carnelian- gives protection and energy. Moss green- balances emotional l energy. Moss red- balances physical energy. Blue lace- gives tranquillity.


A Powerful healing stone which stores a large amount of cosmic and organic energy. In ancient times, Amber was sometimes ground into a powder and mixed with honey or oil of roses for various physical problems. It nullifies germs and infections and was thought to have the power to disinfect.Worn around the neck to help fight infection and respiratory diseases. Amber is most used today to lifts the spirits. Apatite: Promotes communication and mental clarity.


Amethyst increases spiritual awareness, and has a calming and soothing influence, and the ability to transmute negative into positive. It is very effective as a healing stone. Warmed and placed on the forehead and temples, it is good for headaches, and has the ability to draw through it forces directed towards the body, and reaps vibrations which the body doesn't need, thus releasing only the energy patterns beneficial to the body. It is best worn near the heart center. Amethyst also opens up spiritual and psychic centers, and helps prevent drunkenness.


Calms nervous tension. It is said to have the calming effects of the sea. It is most used to help banish fears and phobias.


Another powerful healing stone. It invokes spiritual guidance, opens the psychic eye and is good for dreams and improving psychic ability.


Stimulates flow of energy for healing blood circulation, stops hemorrhaging. Removes emotional blockages.


Stimulates openness and accelerates the awakening of the mind. It is an aid to the digestive system, and helps eliminate toxins. Encourages tremendous healing on the emotional and mental levels, helps unblock subconscious fears, and serves as a natural relaxant.


Balances physical energy and relaxes tensions. Carries the creative vibrations of the sea.


Promotes creativity, stimulates perception and insight, and strengthen memory. Beneficial effect on the eyes.


Opens and softens the way for the use of other stones. Excellent used in aquariums-provides needed minerals.


Balances hormones, good for mental depression, enhances self-esteem, alleviates bad dreams, and encourages success in business. Thought to assist in seeing into past incarnations.


Calming to the emotions. Worn as an amulet to confer strength and procure favorable legal judgments. In Egypt, used to reduce inflammation and treat hysteria. Considered to be a grounding stone. Helps maintain balance between body, mind, and spirit.


Stimulates practicality, wisdom, and universal attunement. Thought to provide a link between the spiritual and the mundane. Most revered by the Chinese.


For energy balancing of emotions and stress.

Lapis Lazuli

Stimulates wisdom, truthfulness, & psychic experiences, healing and strengthening when worn next to the skin. Strengthens mind and body to spiritual awareness.


Often used as a child's talisman to sleep soundly & protect from bad dreams. Stimulates clear vision and insight, represents hope and inner peace, believed to protect from danger. Increases abundance in all areas of life.


Brings good fortune. Reflects the wearers being and feelings. Promotes unselfishness. Opens the heart to humanitarian love and hope. Good for protection while traveling on water. Gives clarity to spiritual understanding. Good for pre-menstrual symptoms and balancing to the reproductive system. Used to ease childbirth.


Protection, defensive magic, helps control passions and emotions.


Stimulates feminine qualities, used to focus attention, helps pull together mental and spiritual forces, peace of mind. Represents purity, modesty, & gentleness.


Dispels fears, guilt, and depression. Used to counteract negative emotions and healing of the spirit. Affects top three chakras. Once worn as a means of gaining foresight and divine inspiration.



Amplifies the healing energy of the one using it. Used to help draw out pain. Able to tap into the energies of the universe. A good stone for meditating on. Works primarily with the Third Eye center, also relates well with the heart center. To be able to tune into the quartz promotes clarity while concentrating on it. Also affects the crown chakra. Very potent and often worn to protect from negative vibrations. Cleanse regularly.


vibrations of universal love & inner serenity.


helps focus attention, gives energy.


good for calming the mind and overcoming depression.


Energy, love, peace.


Increases vigor, renews vitality and cleanses the blood. The stone of courage.


Peace, meditation, wisdom, healing.


Psychic powers, spirituality, healing wisdom.


Calms emotions, protects against external stressors. To restore physical energy & quiet emotional nature.

Tiger Eye

Very powerful protection, clarity of thought.


Causes the wearer to be more flexible, more understanding and more objective in purpose and reason. Calming. Each person has a different response to this stone. Causes a reaction in the intestinal tract. Black and Crystal-removes negativity and cleanses. Some say it should not be worn as jewelry. Electric and magnetic properties.


Vibrates calming radiations, protective, and restores healthy mental attitude. Stone of friendship. Balancing and healing. Great strength and vitality. Takes on characteristics of the wearer.



Protection, purification, awareness, joy. For treating coughs, bronchitis and a stuffy nose, good breath freshener, digestive aid and relieves upset stomach and flatulence, treatment for colic. Relieves the discomfort of menopause. Promotes milk production in nursing mothers. Sedative.


Protection, love, healing relationships, courage, fertility, exorcism. Calming the nerves, settling the stomach, and easing cramps and good for the bladder.


Protection, passion. Mild stimulant for digestion. chakras; digestion.


Touchiness; melancholy; fever; gallstones; leukemia; eye problems; stimulates maternal feelings & creativity. release. CHRYSOCOLLA

Emotional balancer & comforter; alleviates fear, guilt & nervous tension; facilitates clairvoyance; arthritis; feminine disorders; eases labor & birth; thought amplifier.


Inspiration; prophecy; toxemia; viruses; appendicitis.


Gout; eye problems; alleviates greed, hysteria & selfishness; VD; depression; promotes sexual organ strength.


Heart, kidney, liver & muscle healer; appendicitis; gangrene; red & white corpuscles; digestive tract; cleanses vibrations in the atmosphere; creativity; helps personal clarity; will bring out problems in the solar plexus & the heart; eliminates self-destructive tendencies.


Transmitter & amplifier of healing energy & clarity; balancer, channeler of universal energy & unconditional love; all purpose healer; programmable.


All brain diseases; pituitary & pineal glands; draws out toxicity, poison remedy.


organ rejection; heart, lung & kidney stimulation; self-esteem.


Tissue & skeletal regeneration; detoxification; antidepressant; karmic life acceptance.


Radiation toxicity; all mental illness; circulatory & neurological disorders; transmits balance, healing & patience; increases psychic & clairvoyant abilities; meditation; keener insight into dreams.


Bone disorders; anesthetic; hyperkinesis; ability to concentrate; balances polarities; 3rd eye center; mental capacity & intellect.


Capillaries; skin elasticity; protection from pre- cancerous conditions.


Bad dreams; depression; anger; self esteem; hemorrhages; hormone imbalances; inflammations; sexual disease.


Blood cleanser & purifier; self esteem; augments meridian flows; aids in astral projection.


Enhances dream state; helps alleviate stress; draws toxicity from physical form; balances polarities; increases healing ability; develops ability to "give".


Kidney, heart, larynx, liver, parathyroid, spleen, thymus, thyroid & parasympathetic ganglia healer; strengthens body; longevity.


Constipation; ulcers; intestinal spasms; bladder, gallbladder & general healer; clairvoyance; balances healer's Auric field.


Skin, kidneys, thymus & their neurological tissues; betters the immune system; past life recall; overactivity in dream state & hallucinations show a need for it.


Liver; stomach troubles & infections.


Endocrine system tissue; thymus; pancreas; sympathetic ganglia stimulation; Etheric body alignment.


Feminine disorders; teeth; stomach pain; glandular swelling; fevers; hair loss; alignment of lower spine.


Alcoholism; anorexia; arthritis; epilepsy; gout; headaches; colitis; retardation; memory loss; schizophrenia & manic-depression; phobias; emotional equilibrium; thyroid malignancy; gums; pain; self-esteem.


Neuralgia; melancholy; fevers; inflammations; penetrates subconscious blockages; throat Chakra; sore throat; energy focuser for teachers, lecturers & speakers, mental & spiritual cleanser; used on 3rd eye for meditation; eliminates old & negative emotions; use with other healing stones; thought form amplification; helps in creating mantras.


Frontal lobe stimulation; hypertension; liver diseases; immune system.


Draws out impurities on all levels; balances L & R brain functions; mental illness; co-ordination and vision; radiation eliminator; evil eye protector; all purpose healer, especially in solar plexus & good for healers.


Soothes & balances the emotions; helps eliminate fear of "feeling"; encourages inner growth & strength; aids peace & harmony & psychic abilities; aligns vertebrae; digestive aid.


Larynx; lungs; thyroid; parasympathetic nervous system; major muscle tissues.


Color; lower intestines; thyroid; sciatic nerve; parasympathetic nervous system.


Protects the gentle from being abused; stabilizer; stomach, intestine &I general muscle tissue healer; bacterial & viral inflammations.


Objective thinking; spiritual inspiration; control of emotions & passions, help eliminate negative thinking, apathy, stress & neurological disorders; also used as a heart, kidney, nerve, skin, capillary, hair, eye and nail strengthener.


Red corpuscle & blood disorders; depression; apathy; lethargy; intuition & joy.


Reproductive organs; spleen & pancreas; filters red corpuscles & aids white corpuscles; bone marrow; depression, esp. of sexual origin; balances; amplifies creative & intuitive thought; grounds radical emotional body.


Spleen & abdominal diseases; cellular reproductive problems; helps absorb nutrients; minimizes wide mood swings; mystical thought amplifier.


Balances L & R brain hemispheres for neural disorders; stimulates white corpuscles; helps bring the emotions to mystical experiences; aids abdomen, pituitary & thymus problems. PEARL - Eliminates emotional imbalances; helps one master the heart c


Protection - Amber

If you feel you are being subjected to heavy negativity, light a white candle and place it on the ground or floor. Sit before it with a handful of small amber beads or pieces, and using them, create a circle around yourself. Sit within the circle while restoring your energy and closing yourself to any and all outside influences. Repeat as necessary.

Protection - Amber

Place nine small beads or pieces of amber into a bath of very warm water. Soak in the tub until the water cools, then retrieve the amber, towel off, and carry or wear one of the beads or pieces until your next bath.

Emotional Upset - Amethyst

When emotionally upset, stressed to the point of severe mental problems, or when in any unstable condition, go to a place outside where you can be alone. Hold an amethyst in your left hand. Pour out all your feelings, your emotions, from your body through your arm, out your palm and into the stone. Feel every pain, every emotional low, every hurt. Send it into the stone with all the force of your innate magical abilities. When the stone is nearly bursting with negativity, throw it with as much force as you can muster. Scream, howl, choke out a shout as you throw the stone. As you hand releases the amethyst, release the hurt as well. Know that it is in the stone, that it is outside you, that it is now alien to you. Calm down, breathe deeply, meditate for a few moments. Thank the earth for its help, then turn around and leave your problems behind you. The earth will absorb the hurt, leaving the stone free, but never bring that stone into your life again.

Psychic Awareness - Aquamarine

A gentle cleansing tincture can be made by placing an aquamarine in a glass of fresh water. Let this sit in full moonlight outdoors, if possible, for three hours. Retrieve the stone and drink the liquid for purification and heightened psychic awareness.

Divination - Azurite

Place a piece of azurite between two white candles in a darkened room. Light the candles. Hold the azurite in you hand until it is warm, emptying you mind of thought. Close your eyes until you feel the azurite's soft, slow energies touching your hand. Then open your eyes and gaze at the stone until answers or messages come through.

Divination - Hematite

In a darkened room, light a red candle. Settle before it and hold a large piece of hematite so that the candle flame is reflected on it. Gaze at the reflection and visualize a question. The answer will come to you.

Money Spell - Tiger's Eye

Take a bill of the highest denomination you have. Rub it completely with the tiger's eye, then tightly wrap the bill around the stone. Tie the bill firmly to it with green thread and carry in your pocket to increase your money. Don't spend the bill until the spell has worked.

Love Spell - Chrysocolla

Place a piece of chrysocolla in your hand. Visualize it attracting a love to you. Place the stone in a small red or pink cup half-filled with water. In this place three red roses. Add fresh roses to the water as the others fade. Love will come into your life.

Beauty Spell - Opal

Place a round mirror on the altar or behind it so you can see your face within it while kneeling. Place two green candles on either side of the mirror. Light the candles. Empower the opal with your need for beauty. While holding the stone, gaze into your reflection. With visualization, mold and form your face and body to the form you desire. Carry or wear the opal and dedicate yourself to improving your appearance.


In many earth-based religions it is customary for the High Priestess to wear jewelry combining the two. Why? It is because Jet & Amber are the only combination that come from the same source yet embody both the God AND the Goddess aspects! How? Amber is a fossilized resin, and is the Male element. It is the Sun, the Light ~ Ra. Jet, on the other hand, is dark, mysterious, female ~ Moon But they both come from the same source! Amber is the resin, jet is the tree itself, the wood the combination of the two is ALL, dark/light, male/female, sun/moon.


Amber is not, technically a stone but a fossil. It is also the oldest known gem to be used my man as an adornment. Amber is fossilized resin from ancient conifers. Most Amber is found washed up on the beach but there are fields of buried trees that also contain Amber, the Amber that comes from New Zealand is like that. Russian (also known as Baltic) and Dominican Amber, however, are usually a beach combers dream! True Amber is pre-Jurassic, any Amber that is younger than that is called Copal. A lot of Amber does contain bugs, I have seen pieces with hundreds of specimens, and I have one that I wear that has 17. It can also have small "critters" like lizards, but those pieces are extremely rare. Many pieces also have leaves, twigs and bark in them. Some have droplets of air, that over the milleniums have compressed and become shiny discs that look like sun spangles. In olden times they used to make pipe stems from Amber with the belief that the gem did not retain germs and was antiseptic. I know many people that swear that wearing an Amber pendant will relieve arthritis. It is also said that wearing Amber will protect you from radiation. The golden color of Amber is associated with the sun, and with the solar plexus Chakra. In Middle Eastern belief the Chakras are the connections of the soul to the body, and the main "entry" point is the solar plexus Chakra. As such, the Higher Self connects to the physical self through this Chakra, and the wearing of Amber will strengthen this connection.


There are several shades of Jade, from a pale, soft green, to white, to lavender, red, yellow, and the emperor of Jade, Imperial Jade, which is a deep green color. Imperial Jade got its name from the last empress of China, who revered - and collected - it. When a piece was unearthed it had to go directly to her, and she kept a lot of it, over 3,000 cabinets full of it. The Chinese have revered Jade for as long as can be remembered. It is used for Happiness, Longevity, Prosperity, Protection, Joy, Love and Wisdom. Chinese people will often wear several pieces hanging from their belt, the melody caused by the Jade pieces as they jingle brings joy and peace. Confucius said of Jade "Wise men have seen in Jade all the different virtues. It is soft, smooth and shining - like kindness; it is hard, fine and strong - like intelligence; it's edges seem sharp, but do not cut, like justice. It hangs down to the ground, like humility; when struck, it gives a ringing sound, like music; the stains in it which are not hidden and which add to its beauty are like truthfulness; it's brightness is like Heaven, and it's fine substance is like the earth, born of the mountains and water." Kwan Chung wrote of it in the seventh century BC that Jade symbolizes to the Chinese nine of the highest attainments of Man "In it's smoothness he recognizes Benevolence, In it's high polish - Knowledge Emblematic, In it's unbending firmness - Righteousness, In it's modest harmlessness - Virtuous Actions, In it's rarity and spotlessness - Purity, In the way it exposes every flaw - Ingenuousness, In that it passes from hand to hand without being sullied - Moral Conduct, And that when struck it gives forth a sweet note that floats sharply and distinctly to a distance - Music." Jade does come from other places then China, notably, a very high quality of Jade comes from New Zealand. The Maories traditionally make a totem called a Hei Tiki from it. These tikis are handed down from generation to generation and are highly prized.


Energy: Receptive Planet: Moon Element: Water Powers: Peace, Anti-Nightmare, Travel, Protection, Lactation, Luck Magickal Uses: Chalcedony, in common with many other stones, banishes fear, hysteria, depression, mental illness, and sadness. It also promotes calm and peaceful feelings when worn or held in the hand. In the 16th century it was prescribed by magicians to dissolve illusions and fantasies. For this purpose it was pierced and hung around the neck. Worn to bed or placed beneath the pillow, chalcedony drives away nightmares, night visions and fears of the dark. As a protective stone, chalcedony guards its bearer during times of political revolution and while traveling. It is also used to ward off psychic attack and negative Magick. Chalcedony prevents accidents if worn. In Renaissance magic the chalcedony was engraved with the figures of a man with his right hand upraised. This was worn for success in lawsuits as well as for health and safety. The stone is used for beauty, strength, energy and success in all undertakings, and in Italy, mothers wear beats of white chalcedony to increase lactation. An arrowhead carved of chalcedony is worn and carried for luck.


Aids in development of magickal skill, spiritual connections, love, clarity, divination, wisdom, courage, psychic growth, dreaming, protection, healing and balancing energy. Corresponding oils Frankincense: protection, purification, strengthening Clary Sage: wisdom, protection, purification, divination Sandalwood: protection, spirituality and harmony Lavender: love, peace, balancing, purification, protection Rosemary: protection, love, purification, courage


Used for healing, sexual well-being, activating and expanding your imagination, enhancing creativity, and drawing prosperity to you. Carried as a good-luck charm, strengthens perception.

Corresponding Oils

Clove: protection, prosperity, purification, love and mental powers Almond: prosperity and wisdom Balsam Fir: prosperity and mental clarity Ginger: prosperity, love, power, healing, strengthens and warms the spirit. Nutmeg: luck, prosperity, fidelity, increases dreams, strengthens and calms.


Kyanite actually comes in several colors. Most are familiar with blue, but it also comes in black, green and pink. Pink Kyanite is often confused with Rubellite, and indeed does look a lot like the Rubellite that grows in Lepidolite (Rubellite is also known as Pink Tourmaline) Pink Kyanite is somewhat denser and the host stone is white. Green Kyanite is also what is known as Gem-quality. It is more translucent/transparent and often has a blue striation ~ or vein ~ running through the middle, lengthwise. Black Kyanite is very striated and fans out from the tip to the end. It has a tendency to flake off little needles, so handle with care! Blue Kyanite is a beautiful, mid-to-dark blue, translucent stone. The more you use it the darker it will get. Kyanite is not really indigenous to this planet. It does grow here but did not originate here. If you look at Black Kyanite you can see how it looks like it fell like an arrow to the Earth. I mostly use two types of Kyanite, Blue & Black. Kyanite is an Astral stone, by which I mean it is used to facilitate Astral Projection. Why is it so good for this? Not being from here it does not have the signature vibration of the Earth so it makes it easier for us to also separate from it. To use Blue Kyanite, take it in your left hand, place your hand over your heart and relax. Blue Kyanite will first clear and center you. Why? Because if you are not cleared and centered you cannot properly leave the body. Relax into the stone and just drift...the rest is up to you and the stone! Blue Kyanite will take you where you want to go, in contrast Black will take you where you need to go. To use Black you must have two pieces, one in each hand. Lie down with your hands by your side and relax...Just remember, you MUST come back! At the least Kyanite will put you in a very deep meditative state. use it in Balancings to get the ego of the person out of the way so the other stones and the energy work will not be blocked. The energy runs lengthwise through Kyanite, and just like Tourmaline if you heat one end you will feel the warmth at the other end. Meaning if you want to use it to project energy it is ideal for that, as is Tourmaline or Aquamarine (or Quartz for that matter!)


Benitoite crystallizes forming slightly flattened pyramid shaped or tabular crystals. The color ranges from colorless to blue, pink, purple, and white; some of the crystals are partially colorless and partially colored. It has been found exclusively in California, USA. This mineral can be used to enhance contact with extra terrestrial beings, once contact has been established. It can also aid in allowing transmission of thoughts between two people( without verbalization). The stone has been used successfully in the laying on of stones to raise the experience of astral travel to a higher degree. Benitoite brings lightness and joy with depth of beauty and thought to the wearer, enhancing movement and activity. It is a great benefactor to the well being of ones physical, emotional, and intellectual selves; the energy brings the message and helps one to realize that ones passage through time and space is not arbitrary and indiscriminate and that one is, indeed, at all times in the right place, at the right time. It is an excellent stone, useful for expediting the healing process and for integrating and releasing the basic cause of disease. It has been used in the treatment of disorders of the blood, to ameliorate conditions of excessive bleeding, and to strengthen the walls of the veins.


Bavenite crystallizes in the form of fibrous radial groupings of prismatic crystals. The color is white. This mineral can be used to enhance ones self image and to provide incentive to grow spiritually, emotionally, and intentionally. It brings a softness to ones spirit, yet encourages a righteousness with respect to ones privilege to grow in the highest direction. It promotes flowering of the self during the right season. The message of the energy of Bavenite instills the knowledge that one must never accept deficiencies within oneself; if one accepted less than perfection, one would be grasping the belief that lack is universal will. It allows one to delay judgement until all relevant information is available. It also provides for proficiency in intellectual endeavors. It continues to encourage one to open to creativity, providing for a vast expanse of information with respect to the nature of creation. Bavenite can be used in the treatment of disorders of speech, hearing, sight, smell, and touch. It can stimulate the wellness attribute within the inner being, allowing for mental and structural alignment and physical well being.


Deep rich blue, often has gold or iridescent colored flecks. Sagittarius (Archer) SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22 - DEC. 21) Aquarius (Water-bearer) AQUARIUS (JAN. 20 - FEB. 18) Revered throughout the ages as Holy, and a connection with the very Gods themselves... Lapis is a stone of Protection, a stone of communication, a stone of Awareness, a stone of Enlightenment, a stone of courage. HISTORY The ancient Egyptians used it extensively as a dye for cloth, a make-up (the original blue eyeshadow) and, of course, in jewelry and decoration. One of the most popular items was Lapis carved into a Scarab. It was also pulverized and given as a poison antidote, as it was thought to cleanse the body of impurities and toxins. Small children that are timid are given Lapis to impart Courage. It is a very soothing and peaceful stone, less abrupt than the royal blue in it's energy.


Lapis is a Third-Eye stone, incredible for placing on the 3rd eye in meditation...also for interdimensional communication and scrying... Since Lapis is such a deep blue color and has flecks of pyrite in it, it resembles the night sky and is good for Dreaming. It is also said that connecting with the pyrite flecks is like connecting with the stars and the Celestial Beings. Lapis is a stone of Venus. It is also a stone of Peace, and has been used against depression and melancholy. Lapis lazuli increases psychic abilities. Penetrates through psychic blockages to reveal inner truth. It helps meditation and is useful for "neutral perception" in emotional issues. This stone's for understanding higher self, overview, decisions for good of all. It stimulates wisdom, truthfulness and can help organize one's life and protect the wearer. It promotes the connection between the physical plane and the celestial kingdom. It also furthers connectedness between male and female. Improves self-statement, writing, creativity, dream insight...sooths and balances anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, autism, shyness, nervous system; MS, speech, hearing, pituitary, DNA, lymph, inflammation, pain (especially head). Lapis Lazuli points the way to enlightenment, and it aids the opening of the Third Eye. It is a gem of contemplation and meditation. Stones with deep luminosity and bright, exotic blues are the most useful. Gold flecks of pyrite inclusions give the stone unusually positive energy. The opening of the Chakras is facilitated with Lapis Lazuli. It has a fine quality energy that must be sought out. When Lapis was first introduced to Europe, it was called ultramarinum, which means beyond the sea. Ground lapis was the secret of the blue in ultramarine, the pigment which painters used to paint the sea and the sky until the nineteenth century. Lapis was also popular in inlays. The columns of St Issac's Cathedral in Petersburg are lined with lapis and the Pushkin Palace in Petersburg has lapis lazuli paneling! The Romans believed that lapis was a powerful aphrodisiac. In the Middle Ages, it was thought to keep the limbs healthy and free the soul from error, envy and fear.


Adventurine: General healing, dissolves unhealthy thoughts and reflects healing.

Amethyst: Induces meditation and devotional state. Develops inner mind. Tranquilizes and inspires peaceful dreaming. Helps with addictions and mental disorders, especially depressions.

Aquamarine: A water stone for cooling and soothing agitations, infections and pain. Can help induce sleep.

Azurite: A third eye opener. Stimulates visual images.

Black Tourmaline: Stone for controlling negative environment and negative energies. Forms shield of protection and deflects discordant or negative thoughts.

Bloodstone: Powerful cleanser of blood and purifying organs. Discourages excess bleeding. Associated with Kundalini.

Citrine: For congestion, either physical or mental. Used to encourage prosperity. Unblocks energy flow.

Emerald: For balancing. Heart problems, whether physical or emotional, hypertension and to help balance blood glucose.

Flourite: Enhances ability to concentrate.

Garnet: An energizer which is more gentle than ruby. For anemia, paralysis and cancer. Ancient Egyptians used this as a protective gem and symbol of loyalty, passion and love.

Green Tourmaline: Balances and adds strength to nervous system. Regenerator, attunes to that which is most needed.

Herkimer: Dream stone, Helps promote out of body experiences. Helpful at childbirth.

Lapis: Cleanses lens of third eye. Penetrates subconscious blocks.

Malachite: Draws to the surface that which is impeding spiritual growth so that work may begin.

Moonstone: Represents the Goddess Energy and the feminine principal. Soothes and balances the emotions and brings peace of mind and hormonal equilibrium. For use with female problems.

Pyrite: Strengthens mental capacity. Facilitates higher knowing, opens mind. Protection and centering.

Smokey Quartz: Grounds energy and dissolves negativity.

Sodalite: Elicits deep thought and calms overreaction by enabling one to think clearly.

Tigereye: Stimulates personal courage. Good for the "spaced out" person by grounding the energy. Protection.




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