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There are various forms and types of this magick, and listed below is a basic guide and
some tips on how to enhance your poppet spell. Poppet magic is extremely powerful and
should be used with care.
Most people associate poppet magic with Voodoo and perceive it as harmful.
In most cases the poppets used in Wicca are used for positive effects such as healings,
love, happiness and they can also be used for bindings (only if necessary).
For an effective spell, you will need a poppet (made of natural material and it can be
colored to enhance the spell), a photo - or if possible, something of the person's
(i.e.: a lock of hair, fingernail etc) and any herbs, and gemstones needed as well.
Sometimes ribbons are incorporated into the working too.
When you are done casting, the poppet should not be destroyed. Instead give it to the
person you are healing or if it was for yourself, keep it. If a binding was performed, then
bury it off your property.


Place a piece of coral, a bit of fresh mint, a slice of orange rind, and an apple peel in a container.
Empower the amulet, saying:
Keep sickness at bay, bring health each day!
Repeat the incantation three times, visualizing the bundle filling with greenish-white light.
Carry it with you often.
If you associate healing with a different color, adapt the visualization accordingly.


Another charm to banish sickness is make by placing a gold coin in a glass of red wine.
Put this beneath the stars and waning moon for three nights, and each night drink one
third of the wine to shrink your sickness until it's gone. This originated in rural Welsh regions,
with some similar spells appearing in Scotland and England.


This is a good remedy for stomach flu and also makes a tasty beverage.
Chop a large ginger root.
Place the slices in a non-aluminum pot and cover with several cups of fresh, cold water.
Bring to a simmer and then simmer for twenty minutes.
Remove the pot from the burner and, while the liquid is still hot, strain out ginger, and
add honey or maple syrup to taste. Allow the mixture to cool. To make the ginger ale fill
a glass half full of the cooled mixture and add sparkling water until the glass is full.


What you need:
--20-30 seashells, 5 purple flowers, access to a safe sandy beach as low tide is coming in.
Face the sea and draw a pentacle in the sand with your wand.
Press a purple flower into each point of the pentacle.
Using sea shells write the initials of the ill person in the middle of the pentacle.
Chant this 3 times:
I call upon the spirit, the 5th essence, to bless u with a presence.
Air bring strength, fire bring rest. earth lessen pain and water cleanse,
When come the sea, by the spirit let it be,
That you are healed by the power of 3.


Witches know that ultimate Magick comes from the heart of nature.
forging a strong bond with nature by nurturing house plants is very empowering
and can sort out your health too!
The top five plants all remove chemical vapors that build up in the home from paints,
cleaners, solvents and other unhealthy things - and they have magickal abilities too as listed below:
5: GERBERA DAISY Great to encourage happiness.
4: PEACE LILY Encourages harmonious energies and good communication.
3: BOSTON FERN Encourages psychic ability and intuition.
2: ENGLISH IVY For protection and luck - especially good for newly weds.
1: ARECA PALM (or Butterfly or Yellow Palm) For peace and creativity.


Think of the person you want to aid in healing.
Imagine them getting better while chanting 3 times:
"Wrap thee in cotton, Bind thee with love,
Protection from pain Surrounds like a glove.
Brightest of blessings, Surrounding thee this night,
For thou art cared for, Healing thoughts sent in flight".


Help take the burdens from my mind Leave afflictions far behind
Help me ease my irksome strife And bring forth balance to my life.


Boil an hens egg in your own urine.
Bury the egg in an ant hill. As the ants eat the egg the disease will dissipate.


1 part Chasteberry 1 part Dong Quai 1 part Wild Yam Root 1/2 part Hops
1/2 part Valerian 1/2 part Passionflower 1/2 part Dandelion Root
1/2 part Uva-ursi 1/2 part Cornsilk 1/2 part Juniper berries
Place herb in glass jar and cover with 50% alcohol. Shake daily, strain after 6 weeks and use.


Gather a quart (1 liter) of water from a spring or stream. Pour this into a large bowl, or cauldron.
Set it within a darkened chamber; by candlelight, then, take a silver knife and write with its
point upon the water's surface the name of that which afflicts you. Next soak a small lock of
lamb's wool first in a sweet-scented oil and second in some red wine. Carry it to the bowl of
water and drop it into the water saying these words:
The dark be lightened
The harsh be softened
The rank be sweetened
By the power of the knife
And by the power of the water.
Leave the wool to soak all night, until sunrise. Remove, wring out and set to dry upon a small
circle of white velvet. Empty contents of bowl into a hole in the earth. Fill the hole.
When the wool is dry, sew up the velvet and wool to form a pouch, pin this beneath clothing
for a month. Thereafter keep it safe in a drawer or other safe place, that its powers may not
be diminished through neglect.


Say seven times:
Hail to the sky! Hail to the earth!
Hail to the fiery volcanoes that burn away all viruses!
Mighty spirits, Should illness approach me, I ask that you burn it away!


--Red string (embroidery floss)
--Basic altar setup (Salt, Water, Incense, Candle)
The Spell:
Knot or braid the red string into a bracelet while visualizing your need.
You may also want to chant a few words or speak an incantation.
Knot the bracelet seven times. With each knot, say the seven names of the Goddess.
(Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demetere, Kali, Inanna)
Bless the bracelet with Air by passing it through the Incense three times.
Bless it with Fire by passing it over the Candle three times.
Bless it with Water by passing it over the Chalice three times (you may also want to
sprinkle it with water). Bless it with Earth by passing it over the salt bowl three times.
Each time, visualize each Element empowering your spell. Finally, bless it with Life by
blowing across it three times, and tie it around your wrist with a square knot.
With this say, "With this, the Lord and Lady shall shine light on shadows cast and
keep me from harm's way, let this be done! So mote it be!"


What you will need: any stone , a green candle and a white one
To make the healing stone: take an average stone from your yard or anywhere else
(if you have no yard or they all really suck) or you can purchase one like a tiger's eye.
Once you've got one cast your circle, call your quarters.
Do an alter devotion then cleanse consecrate, and empower it.
Instill the flame of a green candle and a white one to empower it with healing magic and purify it.
While doing this hold your pentacle over it and say as many healing spells as you know.
Then pour holy water on it and you're done.


Timing Monday
Here's what you need: a picture (or item) of the sick person and a golden wish cord
(a thin yellow rope will do just fine) and hold the cord over the picture (or item) and say;
"With knot of one, my spell's begun
tie the 1st knot
"With knot of two my word is true,
With knot of three, I bring healing to thee,
By knot of four, you're better than before,
By knot of five you are no longer six,
By knot of six this spell's alive,
Seventh knot sealed, you are healed"
only half bad: you tie the knots as you say it
only half bad: then you say "So mote it be"


For yourself:
Cast a circle around your bed while you sleep.
Light a black candle to draw out the illness, particularly while sipping a healing tea or
engaging in a healing activity
Ground as often as possible -- the exchange of energy will refresh you.
You can ground by:
-placing hands firmly on the Earth
-hugging a tree
-eating a nutritious meal
Take showers and rub your skin briskly while you wash. The steam from the shower will help
clear stuffed sinuses and the rub down will stimulate circulation and encourage antibodies to go to work.


Ingredients: A Crystal Some Spring Water A Few Pinches of Salt
First purify the crystal by washing it in salt water and then rinsing it.
Then hold it in both hands while closing your eyes and imagining yourself filling with the
healing energy of the crystal. Imagine yourself bathed in a stream of pure energy which
runs from the crystal through your hands and into your body.
Sleep with the crystal under your pillow.


Ingredients: A Handful of Salt
Cast the salt into the flames of a fire. The flames will turn blue.
Gaze into the blue flames and with as much feeling and imagination as you can muster,
visualize the illness leaving the person while incanting:
Sickness burn, Great good health return.


Ingredients: Some violets A Red or Green piece of cloth or cloth bag
Violets have long been thought by occultists to carry strong healing energy.
Put some violets in either a Red (symbolizing strength) or Green (symbolizing regeneration)
bag or piece of cloth and tie it up.
Then, either bury it near the home of the sick person or if they are open to the idea,
give it to them and ask them to keep it on their bedside table until they are well.


To be given to a person in need of healing.
Can also be used to bring soothing and healing energies into the home.
Items Needed: -Clear glass vase Blue and clear florist marbles
First cleanse the marbles and vase in cold spring water. Dry gently.
Once completely dry, begin placing the marbles in the vase carefully while chanting:
Balls of blue Healing true Balls of clear Cleansing here
Use as a center piece or place in a prominent place.


To help cure illnesses, perform this ancient spell from England:
Gather nine quartz crystals (also known as "star-stones") from a running brook.
Fill a cauldron with a quart of water from the same brook, add the quartz crystals,
and then bring to a boil for nine minutes to transfer the curative properties of the
crystals to the water. Drink some of the water each morning for nine consecutive days.
This should help speed your recovery.


Find a place to be alone. This place should be comfortably lit and free of smoke and
fumes (this includes incense and essential oils). Place two chairs (one comfortable enough
to relax in) facing each other. Sit in the relaxing chair. Take two slow, deep breaths and
allow your eyes to fall naturally on the other chair. Now instruct your central 'self' (or your
higher self, subconscious mind, or whatever you use for non-conscious workings) to form
an image of the pain in that chair. As the image starts to appear, concentrate on making it
as detailed as possible without letting your conscious mind interfere. Once the image is
complete, note its appearance and then allow the remainder of your discomforts to flow
into it (without otherwise empowering it or lending it your energy or essence). When the
transfer is substantially complete, take two deep, relaxing breaths, stand up, and walk
away (leaving the image in its chair). After an hour or so, the image will dissipate, making
it safe to move the chair.
After you have successfully done this two or three times, you can start streamlining it and
customizing it to suit your own tastes. If the effectiveness starts to fade, return to this
method for a few times.


To help speed recovery from an illness, write the sick person's name on a white human
shaped candle of the correct gender. As you anoint it with 3 drops of myrrh or mint oil,
visualize healing energy in the form of white light flowing from your hands and into the candle.
"In the name of the Goddess who breathes life into us all
I consecrate and charge this candle as a tool for healing"
Place the candle on top of a photograph of the sick person and then light the wick.
As the candle burns down, focus on the person in the photography, willing him/her
to be well again. Then recite:
"Magick mend and candle burn
Sickness end, good health return"
Continue to focus and recite until the candle burns out on it's own.


Needed: Green candle Paper Bowl of salt
You can anoint the candle with a healing oil if desired.
Chant the afflicteds name 10 times calling to God (or whatever your preference is) to heal them.
come heal (name)
And bring (name) happiness
Never again shall (name) be ill
Snuff out the candle, bury a sheet of paper with the person's name on it in a bowl of salt.


Needed: Candle (Green for healing) Oil (healing) Incense (healing)
Anoint your candle while visualizing the person you wish to heal, see them
in your mind happy and healthy. Then chant:
Wrap thee in cotton Bind thee with love
Protection from pain Surrounds like a glove
May the brightest of blessings Surround thee this night
For thou art cared for Healing thoughts in flight
(Change the words to make the spell your own).


Light three tapers: one red, one green, one purple
Between each candle set a stick of frankincense or myrrh incense
Chant to the smoke while stringing rice in between candles and incense:
"O smoke, rise to my friend and set him/her right again!
To his/her left, or his/her right Set him/her back to proper might" So mote it be!


Requires: Small Bowl Blue Water (use blue food coloring) Mint Blue Cloth or Towel
Casting the Spell:
Cast this spell during the waxing moon for best results.
Pour some water into the bowl, adding a few drops of blue food coloring.
Tear up the mint leaves into the water. Let the leaves stand for 7 minutes.
Take the blue cloth and apply some of the blue water/mint mixture to
whatever is hurting you (or someone else), chanting:
"With the power of the good and the light,
May this ailment be healed within 7 nights."
Keep the mint and water mixture in a safe place. Repeat this process the same time
as before each night for a total 7 nights, only instead of saying "within 7 nights" in the
chant, say the night that you are currently on, ending with "by the end of the night."


Native Americans used hot peppers for headaches. On a radio program on PBS, they were
discussing headaches. A woman called in and said that her father had frequent migraines
and he would carry either a cayenne or jalapeno pepper in a plastic baggie with him.
At the first sign of migraine, he would eat the pepper and no more headache.
She asked if there was any scientific basis for this. They had a guest doctor on the program
who specialized in headaches and he said that there definitely was. Seems as if our nerves
contain a chemical substance that is responsible for feeling pain (I don't remember the name of it).
When you eat the hot pepper, the capsicum which is the "heat" in the pepper depletes the
nerves of that chemical, so we feel no pain.


This is a very short, quick and simple spell to do.
It can be done anywhere at any time (though during the waning period of the
moon is best as that is the time for banishing magic).
All you need is yourself, an intent, a person in mind (it helps to have a picture of
them if it is difficult for you to visualize them) and your finger ( I'll explain).
Draw a banishing pentagram in the air with your index finger. This is done by drawing a five
pointed star backwards (the opposite direction you would normally draw it, not upside-down)
Draw it while saying:
Let this pentagram banish all ill health and negativity from (the persons name).
There is no specific number of times you repeat this process, it becomes as many as you feel is enough.


Apply spider webs to cuts and scrapes for almost instant wound sealing.
This remedy got a trial by fire the first time I used it when I got an extremely deep cut from a
can lid and the bleeding was profuse. I grabbed a few webs from outside the door and applied
them directly to the wound, debris and all. Then I used a butterfly bandage to hold the wound
edges together after the web was applied. This happened on a Friday evening, and by
Monday the cut was sealed tight and no longer needed any bandage.
There was very little soreness and no redness, irritation or swelling.
The finger was completely usable by that Monday.
The web seems to cause clotting immediately and it hardens to form a natural scab protection
that readily peels off when wet. I have, unfortunately, had reason to use this remedy several
times and each time I get the same results. The only side effect I have noticed is that the
wound tends to itch due to the rapid healing.


combine: 1 TBS cayenne powder 1 TBS wormwood 1 TBS tansy flower 8 ounces vinegar.
Warm gently to dissolve the powders, then cool and strain through cheesecloth.
Next, add 1/2 oz of spirits of camphor and 8 oz of turpentine to the herbal/vinegar mixture.
You now have a super liniment. Its secret is in its potency as a rubefacient, or substance
that stimulates the blood flow to the surface of the skin.


Cayenne is a good expectorant and can be used to relieve coughs and to break up congestion.
combine: 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar 1/2 cup water 1 teaspoon cayenne powder.
Sweeten to taste with a little honey. Take a Tablespoon and you'll soon be breathing easier.


Light red candle. Say:
I invoke Gangida, great protector!
May we look after your treasures, as our bodies are your treasures!
Light a black candle:
Nullify disease as it approaches this body
Arm my blood with guards To slay all intruders!
Light a green candle:
Gangida, grant protection from all
Imbalanced in the heavens, from the earth, from plants, from air;
From my past and from my future
Protect me from east to south, from west to north!
May my body be rendered healthy under Gangida's protection!


Do this: Concentrate all your thought on where the pain is and chant three times:
"Tame thou flesh and blood, as our lady tames the lion."
This is a good spell because it can be done anytime, anywhere, without any fuss.
This is a short invitation for Goddess to come and attune for healing purposes.
"I consecrate the waters with lavender, salts, and oils come Goddess _______&
attune with me here in the purifying space;
Bring your healing Spirit to aid our body, mind, and soul
Place your helpful hands on our hearts as we honor you in this place.
Breathe on the waters and let us heal, feeling calm and peace
Ban all harmful things from us and keep us safe."


Needed: 3 candles- 2 light blue & 1 white
Allspice & Rosemary (equal parts each) or a Healing type incense
photo or paper with name of recipient a small quartz crystal
Place the candles on your altar or workspace in a semi-circle with the white candle
between the two blue ones. Place your incense burner above the white candle.
Place the person's name in the center of the layout, with the quartz crystal on top.
Light the incense then the candles. Center yourself and inhale the incense as you
think of all ill health dispelling from the person and instead being replaced by healing
energy, much as the air is filled with the smoke of the incense.
Gather your healing energy and when you feel ready, release the energy, directing it
through the crystal and to the recipient who's name or photo is beneath it.
Give the recipient the crystal to carry as a charm for continued good health.


When you are feeling sick find a clean and quiet stream, remove your clothes and walk into
the stream, if it is deep enough try to cover your entire body with water. Feel the water
cleansing you, washing away your illness or disease, then chant these words visualizing
the water seeking, finding and drawing out the sickness:-
"This sickness is flowing out of me
Into the river, down to the sea."
Repeat this for a few minutes until you feel it's enough. Get out of the water, dry and the spell is done.


Fold these in a velvet cloth:
-- leaves of tea flowers of lavender ginger salt clove and camphor.
Tie it up with a scarlet thread. Keep it beside your bed at night.
Breathe it when you wake up every day. Soon you will be healed and stay that way.


The Moon's energy is most intense when she reaches abundant fullness.
Any magical effort, especially difficult ones, can benefit greatly from the potency of this phase.
Use the full Moon to amplify magical intent and to give spellworkings additional power.
To seal spells performed during the full Moon, use this chant or one of your own choosing.
Abundant Mother, Moon so bright
Hear my plea upon this night.
Your fertile power lend this spell
Make it potent, strong, and well


This helps send healing energy to those who live away from you and you can't see them in person.
You could also use it to heal yourself. You need:
--A picture of the patient, A blue or green candle, Sandalwood oil, Clear quartz gemstone/crystal.
Project a white light shield around yourself to protect against the illness your dealing with.
Hold the candle and project healing/love energy into it.
Do the same with the crystal. Anoint the candle with sandalwood oil starting from the bottom
and working up to the top (away from you).
Visualize the person illness leaving them or that they are surrounded by green healing energy.
Place the picture under the candle and light it. Place the crystal on top of the picture also.
Leave to burn for at least 20 minutes.
Light the candle once a day until the illness had subsided.
Bury the candle off your property and thoroughly cleanse the crystal.


This spell is meant to help speed up recovery from an illness or injury.
Supplies: 1 piece of amber or amethyst, a green candle, a piece of paper, and a pencil.
Write the problem (describe the illness or injury) on the piece of paper.
Open the circle and invite the God, the Goddess, and the elements.
Light the candle. Lay down on the floor in the center of your circle and place the
gemstone at the site of illness (e.g. on your throat if it is sore).
Close you eyes and imagine the illness or injury being sucked into the gemstone. Take your time,
this may take awhile. When you are finished, burn the piece of paper in the candle's flame.
Thank the God, the Goddess, and the elements. Close the circle. Finally, take the gemstone
and the ashes from the paper outside and bury them in the ground.


Take a coin you have found on the ground and put a pinch of salt on it.
Then transfer the salt into a small amount of boiling water, and let it dissolve.
When the water has cooled, use the coin to flick the saline solution onto the
palms of your patient's hands and on the soles of his or her feet.
Yet another traditional remedy uses candle magick.
On a blue candle, use a pin to inscribe -- moving from the base to the tip -- the name
of the person who is ill. Pierce the candle with the pin and leave it there.
Let the candle burn down and extinguish itself, and keep the pin for future spells.


Write on a small piece of paper:
Flee! Pain can not find me I am free!
Calm is drawn to me I am free!
Wrap this with a dark blue ribbon and carry with you or wear it.


Take an Athame or wand (or use your index finger) and repeat the banishing
pentagram ritual while saying:
O malady, disappear into the heavens;
Pain, rise up to the clouds;
Inflamed vapor, fly into the air,
In order that the wind may take thee away,
That the tempest may chase thee to distant regions,
Where you came from where you did no harm So mote it be!


You will need: -- Three Purple Candles Three Blue Candles Photograph of yourself .
Place the candles in a circle around the photograph. Charge each candle individually:
"I charge you by the powers of fire East, South, West, and North;
I charge you by the powers of The Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
I charge you by the powers of The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars:
To heal me of this disease (or ailment) Its causes and its manifestations.
So mote it be!" Now, after you light each candle, say:
"Burn the sickness in your flame Burn the sickness that would maim.
Burn the illness by your might Burn the illness in your light.
Heal me of illness and pain Heal me of all that is bane.
Heal me and set me free With my will so must it be!"
Do this spell as many nights in a row that you need to.


On a blue candle, use a pin to inscribe-moving from the base to the tip-the name
of the person who is ill. Pierce the candle with the pin and leave it there.
Let the candle burn down and extinguish itself.


Say over the person, while pulling out the disease
Go back to the desert plane,
Back to the mountain, to the sea, to the marsh
Where thou art nature's balance and no longer disease!
Spirits of healing, help me conjure health!
Spirits of the earth, give energy to health!


You will need: quartz crystal
If you have a piece of quartz, first wash it in warm soapy water and rinse it with running water.
Then hold the crystal in both hands. Close your eyes and imagine being bathed in white light.
Visualize the area of your illness and point the crystal to that site. Imagine a stream
of light flowing from the crystal and bathing the area in its pure rays.
Place your crystal under your pillow while you sleep.


In 1/2 oz of base oil (jojoba, almond, grape seed ,etc.)
5 drops Lavender oil 5 drops Camphor oil 5 drops Eucalyptus oil
5 drops Orange oil 3 drops Rosemary oil 2 drops Pine oil 4 drops Sandalwood oil


This is also considered an emergency spell. You need a white votive candle, good visualization skills.
Light the votive candle and think about the person you want to help heal.
When you are finished meditating, say this chant:
As I light this candle tonight,
I ask the Goddess for her Light,
To aid in healing (person's name),
So that their (name of illness) may take flight. So mote it be!
After saying this chant sit for a about 10 minutes and visualize the person being well and happy.


Moon Phase: Full to New
Day: Tuesday or Saturday
Things you'll need:
--One basket of pebbles half the size of the palm of your hand or smaller (at least 21)
--a stereo your favorite music a black marker
In a sacred space, cleanse, consecrate, and empower your supplies in the name of the person.
Ask the angels of healing to help you banish the illness from your friend or relative.
Write the words BANISH ILLNESS FROM (the person's name) on each rock.
Take your stereo and your basket of rocks outside to the top of a hill where you will not be disturbed.
Turn on the music. Think of your friend or relative active and roll the rocks down the hill, one at a time.
As you roll the rocks, imagine the illness leaving your friend or relative.


Make a mini-snow person that represents your friend or relative. Make twenty-one snow balls.
As you make each snowball, think of your friend and of banishing the illness from him or her.
Set the snowballs around the person to form anise circle. Chant the following:
Surround her, enfold her, heal her, hold her,
Walk around the snowballs in a counter clockwise (widdershins) direction as you chant.
Clap if you think no one is watching.
When you feel you are finished, hold your hands towards the snow person and say:
Winter winds on a winter day
Winter sun melt her troubles away.
Wheel revolve, death to birth
Air to fire, water to earth!
May this spell not reverse, or place upon me any curse.
May all astrological correspondences be correct for this working. So mote it be!


--white candle sea salt
--healing oil such as carnation, violet, sandalwood, or narcissus
Light the candle, and by the candle's light run a tub of very warm water.
Cast some salt into it. Add a few drops of healing oil of your choice and then
step into the bath. Relax.
Feel the warm salted water sinking into your pores, through your skin, sterilizing and
healing the sick portions of your body. Visualize the sickness leaving your body and
entering the water. When you feel that the sickness has entered the water,
pull the plug and let the water drain out. Stay in the bath while it is draining and chant:
The sickness flows out of me,
Into the water, into the sea.
Wait until the tub is completely drained before you stand up.
Then take a shower to remove the last traces of the sickness - laden water.
Repeat whenever needed to speed your bodies recovery.


2 parts Lavender 2 parts Rose 1 part Peppermint 1 part Cinnamon
This bath speeds the healing process.
To help with colds and flu, add 2 parts Eucalyptus to the mix.
If you are sensitive to any of the above ingredients, try 4 cups of good quality
ground coffee per bath, this works well for people recovering from illness.


--white candle sea salt
--healing oil such as carnation, violet, sandalwood, or narcissus
Light the candle, and by the candle's light run a tub of very warm water. Cast some salt into it.
Add a few drops of healing oil of your choice (see above), and then step into the bath.
Relax. Feel the warm salted water sinking into your pores, through your skin,
sterilizing and healing the sick portions of your body.
Visualize the sickness leaving your body and entering the water.
When you feel that the sickness has entered the water, pull the plug and let the water drain out.
Stay in the bath while it is draining and chant:
The sickness flows out of me,
Into the water, into the sea.
Wait until the tub is completely drained before you stand up.
Then take a shower to remove the last traces of the sickness - laden water.
Repeat whenever needed to speed your bodies recovery.


1 tablespoon China black tea 2 teaspoon fennel 1 teaspoon mint
2 teaspoon rose hips 1 teaspoon elder flower 2 teaspoon hops 1 teaspoon mullein


1 part Rosemary 1 part Juniper Berries, bruised to release the smell.


2 parts Myrrh 1 part Cinnamon 1 pinch Saffron


3 parts Myrrh 2 parts Nutmeg 1 part Cedar
1 part Clove 1/2 part Lemon Balm 1/2 part Pine needles or sap

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This magic spells section contains spells and information that involves magic healing spells. There are many types and uses for magic healing spells. Magic healing spells can be used to heal physical pain, banish fever, improve memory/concentration, banish illness, remove a headache, relieve pain, clear sinuses, rid mind or body of affliction, and also to protect against disease.  Also available here is the free magic golden cord spell for healing, free magic hematite healing spells, free magic witch’s healing candle spells, free magic moon water tonic, free magic power of three healing spell and chant, free magic Irish healing waters spell, and the free magic Gaia healing spells.  Some free magic healing spells include items such as ajowan, anise star, arnica, avocado, cumin, dill seed, fir needle, garlic, and lavender. You can also find crystal and color visualization spell for healing in this free magic spell  section dealing with magic healing spells.



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