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Items needed: A large, Flat plate A small picture of yourself (no one else should be in it) Ground Cinnamon Dried Basil A ceramic bowl A pink candle A candle holder A small piece of pink cotton cloth Pink yarn Matches (and a heat-proof container for the spent matches) This ritual can be performed at any time. Hold the candle between your hands. Close your eyes. See yourself as a loving person. Fill yourself with love. Push that loving energy into the candle. Place it in its holder and light the candle. Next, place the plate before the candle. Put the small picture of yourself on the middle of the plate. Using a spoon or the bottle of spice itself, pour a small circle of ground cinnamon on the plate around the picture. Say: LOVE SURROUNDS ME Pour a larger circle of basil around the cinnamon ring, saying once again: LOVE SURROUNDS ME Now pour a third, larger circle of cinnamon around the basil circle saying: LOVE SURROUNDS ME Hold your hands, palms down, over the three herb circles and your picture for a few moments. Sense the energies that are rising from the herbs. Raise energy. Visualize. Carefully pour the herbs and the picture into the bowl. Place your hands into the bowl and mix the herbs with your fingers, sending energy into them, while saying these or similar words: SPICE AND HERB, PLANT AND TREE: SEND SOMEONE TO LOVE ME. LOVE WE'LL SHARE EQUALLY AS MY WILL, SO MOTE IT BE! Dust off your hands. Pour the spices and the picture into the center of the pink cloth. Gather up ends, twist them together, and tie them shut with the pink yarn. Place the love talisman beside the candle. Let sit there at least 18 minutes. Afterward, pinch out the candles flame (or snuff it) and carry the talisman with you to attract love. Burn the candle at approximately the same time each day for at least 7 minutes. Love will find you. You should make another one in about 7 months.



Cut an apple in half and carve your initials on the inside of one half, and theirs on the inside of the other. Close them back together with a sewing needle in each, loosely threaded together by red thread. Hang this from the tree it came from with a pink ribbon, and chant: Apple of love, leaf of tree, find him, bind him, now to me."



Create or find a charred stick. You will also need a few dried rose petals & a piece of paper. Using the charred part of the stick as you would a pencil, draw two inter-linked hearts on paper as you visualize yourself enjoying a satisfying relationship. Draw with power. Hold the rose petals in your projective hand & send fiery, loving energies into them. Sprinkle the petals over the linked hearts. Do this with power. Wrap the package around the petals. Still visualizing, throw the package into a fire. (Or, light it in the flame of a red candle & throw into a heat proof container.) As it burns, the power is released.



Write the names of the two people on a piece of paper, fold and bind it with red thread. Sprinkle with herbs of love and burn with a red candle in your cauldron. Recite the following and when finished, bury the ashes or scatter to the winds. "Aphrodite Goddess of degraded love and sanctity of marriage make our cup runneth over and bless us with Your love. Aphrodite rising from the wine-dark sea grant us health and fertility, fidelity and trust grant us wealth and virility honesty and lust. Aphrodite bless this union make our two hearts beat as one, make the flames of passion burn without burning us, without hurting us blaze without blinding us, fire without end. Aphrodite force of nature, let us love each other all we have to give. Let us be together in thus life and the next. Aphrodite Queen of beauty, we do honor You each time we make love. Make our bond to last forever. Grant us eternal love. Aphrodite, Goddess of windblown foam, give us healthy children and a happy home. Aphrodite, bless this union and smile upon our love."



In wet weather walk over the fields and where the great white mushrooms rise up flat and wide, gather the greatest cup and carry it home. That night, by candlelight, take a large needle and with it scratch this small, upon the mushroom's upper skin: Flesh of darkness Born of death Give my will Thy life and breath Wither dry And shrink to dust My heart shall feed Upon thy crust Breathe upon this inscription, and then lock the mushroom away safely for the rest of that night. The next morning, take a sharp knife and chop the whole in to many little pieces. Spread them out in an iron pan and set them in a warm oven until they are quite dry. Then sew them up in a bag of red cloth. Each night thereafter, wear this charm over your heart, until the desired effect is accomplished. When it has been fulfilled, you should take the charm back to the field where you took it from and bury it in the same spot where it was gathered.



This spell will attract a virtuous lover, or bring honesty to your present relationship. First, obtain twenty-one bright yellow daisies, a water-filled vase, one pink candle, and some powdered coriander. Then, place the vase in front of you, and ask the water to bring a faithful lover to you. Focus on your intention throughout the ritual. Position the candle, symbolizing your lover, in front of the vase. Light it, and arrange seven daisies in the vase. Remove the petals from seven more daisies, and shower these around the vase and candle. Place the last seven daisies flat in front of you. Sprinkle the coriander over all the flowers. Finally, walk seven blocks from your home, and drop one daisy. For each stage of a woman's life (Maiden, Mother and Crone). Then ask her to bless you in love and to break any curse that may exist. Pour your heart out to her. Ask forgiveness for any and every thing you have ever done to hurt another who loved you. Offer to make amends by doing something in Aphrodite's name. Make a commitment to showering your future partners with love and romance. Vow never to be unfaithful, etc. Be respectful when addressing Aphrodite and be honest. Do not make empty promises or break the ones you make. If you say you will do something, do it. If you do not, you may not like the result. There is no spell for this one, no incantation. You simply speak from the heart and if you are sincere, she will answer. Aphrodite can be a generous, loving goddess, guiding us towards bliss. Or she can be a vengeful harridan. Be warned, if the reason you are "unlucky" is because you have been unfaithful, abusive, cruel, or otherwise wasteful of Love's gifts, you will face her wrath unless you agree to immediately change your ways, and then do so. I cannot stress enough that you do *not* want to lie or break a promise to the goddess.



Rite to arouse passionate love in a woman. With the all powerful arrow of Love do I pierce they heart O Woman Love Love that causes unease, that will overcome thee, love for me. That arrow, flying true and straight will come in thee burning desire. It has the point of my love , its shaft is my determination to possess thee. Yea, they heart is pierced . The arrow has struck home. I have overcome by these arts thy reluctance thou art changed.Come to me submissive, without pride, as I have no pride, but only longing. Thy mother will be powerless to prevent thy coming, neither shall thy father, be able to prevent thee. Thou art completely in my power. O Mitra , O Varuna, strip her of her willpower. I, I alone wield power over the heart and mind of my beloved.



buy or pick a ring you have, it may be metal but the color gold. Make sure it fits your wedding finger well. Drop it in a vessel/you can improvise if you don't' have one. The vessel should be filled with red wine and half with water. Add one oak leaf, on of willow One leaf of bay and two of grass Add the name of the one you love, written on a silver piece of paper keep the vessel/jar covered tight, Near a window , in the sun. From the crescent moon until the full moon. Then rub the ring and wear it hidden, on a string around your neck But never tell the name of the person you seek to marry you, until you get what you want.



There is One Power which is perfect love and I ( your name here) a complete individualization of the Power Hereby draw to myself the most appropriate, fulfilling, perfect love relationship , which is right for me. This takes place in a perfect exchange of love with the right person, for the good will of all, and so it must be. You can also insert a release "I hereby release all loneliness, despair, negative emotional patters, etc.



In its "actual" form, the Great Rite is a sexual ritual, involving intercourse between the man and woman concerned. In its symbolic or token form, it may be called a ritual of gender, of male-female polarity but not involving intercourse. To avoid misunderstandings, I must emphasize that to the Witch, sex is holy-- an unashamed and beautiful polarity-force which is intrinsic to the nature of the universe. It is to be treated with reverence, but without prudery. The Craft makes no apology for using intercourse between an appropriate man and woman (i.e.: the High Priestess and High Priest of a coven), in private, as a profound ritual sacrament, bringing in all the levels-- physical, astral, mental, and spiritual. In the ritual, the body of the Priestess is regarded as the Altar of the Goddess whom she represents, and for whom she is the channel. Her womb is revered as the "fount of life without which we would not be" and no apology is needed for this ancient and holy symbolism either. The question, of course, would be "who are the appropriate man and woman" to enact the "actual" Great Rite instead of the symbolic one? It should only be a man and a woman for whom intercourse is already a normal and loving part of their relationship; in other words, husband and wife, or established lovers. And it should always be enacted in private. Wicca is unashamed, but not promiscuous or voyeuristic. The "symbolic" Great Rite shouldn't be viewed as makeshift of ineffectual. It can be a powerful and moving rite, when sincerely worked by two harmonious friends who are not lovers. It, too, invokes all the levels, but in a way which a mature Brother and Sister of the Craft are well able to handle. In Witchcraft, sex is a sacrament, an outward sign of inward grace. That grace is the deep connection and recognition of the wholeness of another person. In its essence, it is not limited to the physical act-- it is an exchange of energy, of subtle nourishment, between people. Through connection with another, we connect with the all. If you choose to include a symbolic Great Rite in your ritual you may use the water chalice as the symbol of the woman and the athame as the symbol of the man; the man holds the athame and dips it into the chalice- symbolic of intercourse. Do all appropriate consecration, banishing and evocation rituals to sanctify the area, dispel all negative energies and conserve all energies manifest in the ceremony. Draw the sacred circle and setup your four directional gates. Incorporate all elements to boost the lunar/sexual energy. Set up your altar to soak in full moon beams, light the candles and incense or bonfire (if outside) and give praise to the Deity you will be drawing down energy from and also give awe and reverence to all parties involved in the ritual. Have your sigil(s) in plain view for easy reference. Be in a position where the Full Moon beams are striking all involved parties. All parties should match breathing patterns and begin to enter into an altered state of consciousness. Sensuously undress each other, nice and slow and gentle, until all parties are skyclad. Rub your hands quickly together, creating an energy field and pass your hands over the other parties bodies. Anoint with more sensuous oils and perfumes, especially the Chakra areas. (For the sake of clarity and simplicity, a man and woman will be used for illustration purposes.) In the center of the cast circle, the woman stretches out her arms while the man faces her and each begin slowly chanting mantras in unison to the Deity of Choice in order to continue to build up the sexual and lunar energy. In the center of the cast circle, the woman stretches out her arms while the man faces her and each begin slowly chanting mantras in unison to the Deity of Choice in order to continue to build up the sexual and lunar energy. In the center of the cast circle, the woman stretches out her arms while the man faces her and each begin slowly chanting mantras in unison to the Deity of Choice in order to continue to build up the sexual and lunar energy. In the center of the cast circle, the woman stretches out her arms while the man faces her and each begin slowly chanting mantras in unison to the Deity of Choice in order to continue to build up the sexual and lunar energy. In the center of the cast circle, the woman stretches out her arms while the man faces her and each begin slowly chanting mantras in unison to the Deity of Choice in order to continue to build up the sexual and lunar energy. The couples then proceed with the Five-fold blessing... The man faces the woman and says... "Blessed Be your feet that have led you to me." (He kneels and sensuously kisses her feet.) "Blessed Be your knees that kneel at the sacred altar." (He sensuously kisses her knees.) "Blessed Be your womb that gives life." (He sensuously kisses her pubic area.) "Blessed be your breasts that symbolize our perfect love and beauty." (He sensuously kisses her right and left breast.) "Blessed be your lips that speak sacred words." (He sensuously kisses her.) The woman faces the man and says... " Blessed Be your feet that have led you to me." She kneels and sensuously kisses his feet.) "Blessed Be your knees that kneel at the sacred altar." (She sensuously kisses his knees.) "Blessed Be your manhood that gives life." (She sensuously kisses his phallus.) "Blessed be your breasts that symbolize our perfect love and strength." (She sensuously kisses his right and left nipples.) "Blessed be your lips that speak sacred words." (She sensuously kisses him and the lovers embrace.) While tightly embracing, focus on the sigils and the mounting lunar/sexual energy Feel yourself soaking in the moonbeams. Visualize your partner becoming the Moon, with vast energy being released from all of his/her chakras. The man anoints the woman's breasts and womb with scented oil with his right forefinger and says... "I invoke the power of (the Deity) on this woman. I adore this woman forever and a day." Gathering more scented oil, he lathers her from head to toe. The woman anoints the man's chest and penis with scented oil with her left forefinger and says... "I invoke the power of (the Deity) on this man. I adore this man forever and a day." Gathering more scented oil, she lathers him from head to toe. The couple then embrace and begin to make love, merging as deeply as they can with the Deity and each other while building the energy within and without. Stay focused and match each others breathing. Before the point of simultaneous climax, both focus on the Sigil and chant "We are one" over and over again through the climax, all the while sending the lunar/sexual energy toward the Sigil. After all the energy has been released, say in unison..."So mote it be" or "Love is the law, love under will. "During the period of afterglow, moon bathe and allow any visions, images, impressions or sensations to flow with you. At this moment of time you can ask the Deity a question. Be sensitive to the answer. Toast the Deity with wine, thanking the Deity for his/her presence, for the desired achieved goal and for the answer. Then toast one another, saying, "Merry Meet and Merry Part, Perfect Love and Perfect Heart." Close the circle and gather your belongings. This is beautiful if done in love and reverence and my husband looks forward to the Full Moon. it has strengthened our relationship. (It may be adapted for same sex lovers and partners with one taking a more feminine role.)



Gather seven small stones and place them in a circle. In the middle of the circle, scatter a handful of rose petals and apple seeds. Place a lodestone directly in the middle of the circle. Chant the following: Rose petals and apples Dragons and stone Draw nigh true love So I am no longer alone Mist of the Dragon Breath of the night Draw from the universe Perfect love that is right.



Tie A Knot For Love: Take 3 cords or strings of various, pleasing pastel colors, perhaps pink, red, and green- and braid them very tightly together. Firmly tie a know near one end of the braid, thinking of your needs of love. Next, tie another knot, and another, until you have tied seven knots. Wear or carry the cord with you until you find your true love. After that, keep the cord in a safe place, or give it to one of the elements, burn and scatter the ashes in the ocean or a stream.



There are any number of ways to do this spell. You can drip water on photos of you and your beloved. You can set a candle in a bowl of water and allow it to burn until the water extinguishes it. You also may want to use come to Me Oil and/or incense for the spell. However you do it, visualize your beloved arriving from afar to find your love! Sacred water flow from me To draw him ever near As endless rivers run to sea His path to me is clear. A love that's true once here he'll find And know his journey's end. And in his heart and soul and mind He'll know our lives should blend.



To make an oil that will help attract the attention of others, mix together twenty drops of synthetic musk, two drops of jasmine, and one drop of ylang ylang in a small bottle and leave where the full moonlight can strike it for three nights. Be sure to bring it inside before the Sun can find it. Meanwhile, leave a rose petal, a small piece of crystal quartz, and 1/8teaspoon of powdered cinnamon in a place where the Sun can see them, making sure to move them before moonlight can strike them. On the forth day, mix together the two sets of ingredients and leave in a dark place. Wear when you wish to draw love and admiration to yourself. It will also enable your employers to see what they love about your work for them.



To establish stability in an otherwise unstable relationship, light a brown or green candle and some juniper, frankincense or neroli incense or oils. Picture yourself and your partner standing barefoot on grass, among green hills, embellish as you deem fit. Maintain the image of your bare feet in contact with the earth, saying: "(Your lover's name), let no winds blow you away, let no fairy-lure tempt you, no charms ensnare you other than my own true love." Then, picture green shoots rising from the ground all around you, one of them becoming an ear of corn. Take the ear of corn and grind it to powder, saying: "Nurture what we have grown, that we may reap it together." Add to a cake, bread or biscuit mix, and feed it to your lover. Repeat as necessary.



1 pinch of rosemary 2 teaspoons of black ordinary breakfast tea tea 3 pinches thyme 3 pinches nutmeg 3 fresh mint leaves 6 fresh rose petals 6 lemon leaves 3 cups pure spring water Sugar to taste Honey To make another person fall in love with you, brew this tea on a Friday during a waxing moon. Waxing = moving from dark or no moon to full Place all ingredients in an earthenware or copper tea kettle. Boil three cups of pure spring water and add to the kettle. Sweetenwith sugar and honey, if desired. Before drinking, recite this magical rhyme: BY LIGHT OF MOON WAXING BREW THIS TEA TO MAKE [lover's name] DESIRE ME. Drink some of the tea and say: GODDESS OF LOVE HEAR NOW MY PLEA LET [lover's name] DESIRE ME! SO MOTE IT BE On the following Friday, brew another pot of the love potion tea and give some to the person you want to love you. He or she will soon begin to fall in love with you.



For this wishing pod spell you will need to gather: A seed pod from any tree or poppy or sweet corn husk or an eggshell 1 piece of paper Pictures or drawings to represent a picture of the man and the date and place you met him at the hospital that day and the words written, "may we meet soon it my dearest wish" Burn a red or pink candle with let us meet again and a heart inscribed with a pin and mix some vanilla essence )used in cooking) with some vegetable oil and dress the candle whilst thinking of him meeting you soon Then To make your dreams come true of meeting this man take your seed pod husk or eggshell and on the piece of paper write what I have advised you to write on it. Hold it and visualize yourself with him again and focus on his face again. Make sure you put your intention and energy behind what your you want by making it as real as possible. Place the paper in the pod, husk or eggshell and bury it in a young pot plant or a under a new sapling tree. Now let the Gods & Goddesses take over to manifest the wish. Tend the young plant so the wish can also grow and manifest and to help things along be seen out and about a lot!



6 drops of Patchouli oil 6 drops of Sandalwood oil 6 drops of Rose oil 6 drops of Clove oil 6 drops of Nutmeg oil 6 drops of Olive oil Wear as a perfume whenever you'll be in the presence of the person you're trying to attract. Be careful, this stuff is really potent. And don't be surprised if you find others eyeing you as well. I find it's pretty effective for getting a man's attention. I would probably suggest substituting amber oil for the rose oil in order to attract a woman.



Equipment: related candle (I only had white), an oil to dress it with (I used lavender as it is my favorite s cent and I feel more relaxed and strong when using it), a lighter, and I put it in a pumpkin to make it more interesting and because it was Samhain. Dress the candle, and say quietly to yourself the following words while lighting the candle, say it at least more than three times, I can't remember how many times I said it but it was definitely a few at different times in the stages of the candle burning. Let the candle burn out, and say it once more when the candle has died. Then I left the pumpkin and candle for three days. 'Oh lady of love, oh lord of love, send to me my true love, love divine, love of time, send me the man (woman) I pine, this man (woman) I seek will make me complete, therefore as this candle burns find him quickly before the wheel does turn with harm to none this spell is done in no way may this spell reverse and place me under any curse. So mote it be.' this can be made more complicated and a magic circle will make it more powerful.



At ten o'clock on a Saturday night, wrap a piece of his clothing around a ham bone. Put in bundle in a plastic bag. Seal the end tightly with red string. Place in bag in a large plastic container. Pour in 3 cups of salt water. Cover with lid. Let it sit, undisturbed and unnoticed, for seven days. The next Saturday, at ten in the morning, take the remains and wrap what is left in a newspaper. Bury away from yard and property unnoticed.



Next to a red candle with thy hearts desire's name and your name scribe on it. Place some blood or hair of the person on a freshly picked green leaf of any tree and say: Red blood/hair of (person' name) sweet love of (person's name) Then put 6 drops of thy owns blood from the right thumb on the leaf and say: Red blood/hair of (your name) sweet love of (your name) Light the red candle and pass the leaf seven times through the flame. With love on thy's mind, fold the leaf and tie with red string. Wrap in a red cloth and place under your pillow for the passing and coming of the full moon. Don't be shy; make thy self known to thy hearts desire as thy woreth this spell during the waith of the moon.



Materials: three pieces of small ribbon, colored black pink and dark blue nine black bird feathers, ravens or crows preferably. Braid the ribbons together chanting: spider woman weaving her web spider woman weaving her web weaving weaving weaving her web weaving weaving weaving her web then tie the knots one at a time around the feathers saying this, One with each knot of one the spells begun knot of two love shines all through knot of three my love loves me knot of four my love knows no door knot of five my loves alive knot of six my love be blessed by Nyx knot of seven loves poured upon me by all the heavens knot of eight I make love my fate knot of nine mow the spell is fine



One male sweet potato One female sweet potato How, you may ask quite reasonably, can I tell the difference between a boy kumera and a girl kumera? Boy kumeras ( sweet potato) are long and skinny, a bit like a male member, and girl kumeras are round-not unlike the womb. The male kumera represents (and, in fact, is) yang energy, and yin energy is contained by the female kumera. If you are feeling weepy, vulnerable and sooky-not the most dynamic combination-you are unlucky to attract anyone. To get back on the sexual track, get yourself a big long male kumera and bake it slowly in foil, then eat it. Feel that strength and energy enter you, and visualize your new lovers' prowess and skill! If, on the other hand, you are full of fury and can't stand the sight of the opposite sex, representing as they do one big risk called heartache, get yourself a lovely round lady kumera. Bake her slowly, in foil, in the oven. Eat her up slowly, and allow your softer, more vulnerable feelings to surface. You'll soon be quite dewy-eyed with imagining the outpouring of love you'll soon experience. However if you feel okay but want a partner who is more balanced, shall we say, than your previous ones, eat both male and female kumeras to create a wonderful yin and yang combination. Be a wee bit careful here - this works very well and kumera can increase your fertility, so if you are not into immediate parenthood, take precautions.



If you are madly in love and wish it to go full steam ahead into handfasting (Wiccan Marriage) make him this excellent supermarket-ingredient love potion. Get yourself some orange juice, some spring water, some rose water and a dash of nutmeg-oranges are very potent symbols of love-if your partner brings you one you can be sure he adores you. Anyway, blend a beautiful refreshing drink from the above (don't overdo the nutmeg) and drink it with your lover-you don't have to tell him what it's for. Look into his eyes-you'll see the truth there about your future once he's downed this powerful concoction. This spell also work male to female.



It involves a piece of amber, and a red cloth to carry it in. For 7 days, one needs to hold the amber for at least a few minutes each day, and think about the qualities that you want your ideal boyfriend or girlfriend to have. By the 7th day, you should have met that person. Of course, the spell isn't to be used on a specific person.



You Need: Dates powdered sugar maple syrup or honey in a squirt bottle tin foil. Directions: Place a date (which attracts love with its stickiness) on the table and carve your initials into it. To remove any obstacles in your love life, sprinkle a circle of powdered sugar around the date. With your finger, write down why you're having trouble getting a date. Now blow the powder away. On the tinfoil, use the syrup or honey to spell out 3 positive qualities you are looking for in a mate. Then rub the date in the sticky goo until the words have been erased. The Spell: put the date in your mouth and roll it across your tongue. Visualize your dream man coming to you.



After you have cleared yourself of negativity if you prepare and ask for the universe to send you the person whom you truly desire and need to grow; you'll receive exactly what you wish for. It's exactly this law, which means you should be very cautious about exploiting your wishing power simply at a whim. You will need and attraction oil made from: seven drops of rose oil Seven drops of sandalwood oil One clove Seven drops of lavender Seven times that measure of sweet almond oil Blend the above, except for the sweet almond oil, in a mortar and pestle, crushing the clove in smoothly with the mixture. As you do so, breathe in rose-colored light, and visualize your body beginning to radiate a faint rosy glow the longer you breathe this in. Take the mixture, including the sweet almond oil, and fill a rose-colored glass jar. This does not have to be expensive, in fact, decorating and painting a jar yourself can add greatly to this spell's power. What is significant is its special quality for you, so be sure to choose well. At seven each morning for seven days, commencing on a Friday, anoint each of your chakra points with this oil. Massage the oil well in, enjoying the voluptuous sensation and scent. Visualize yourself radiating love, being a divine magnet for attracting your true soul mate. Wish for this to happen for the good of all. At seven each evening, light rose-colored candles in your bathroom, the mix seven parts of the blend into your bath water. Enjoy the water and admire your body bathed in the light from the candles. Luxuriate in this sensuous bath for about twenty minutes. Dry yourself with fresh towels, and retire to your bedroom for rest and early bedtimes on fresh sheets. Do not watch television. Listen to uplifting music or read some wonderful words but do not watch the horrors of the news - this will only deplete the radiant energy you are working so hard to revive.



Cultivate the powerful habit of wishful thinking. Then make it more powerful by articulating to your image in the mirror the kind of man or woman you wish to attract. Confide it all, be as specific as you like. There is no one there but yourself, no one to judge or ridicule your desires. Respect and listen to what your heart says: Then, taking a rose-colored piece of paper, write down all these qualities. Try not to leave anything out-write it all down, even if it takes more than one page. By articulating your desires, you are giving your wishful thinking the power to manifest as a reality in your life. You deserve to have the best love possible; so do not be afraid of asking for what is important to you. Remember to include the words "For the good of all", or "As the Goddess see fit".



Begin the spell on Friday, the day traditionally associated with Venus. Repeat the ritual for seven consecutive nights. One Red Heart Cloth One Red Candle One Mirror One White Cloth Seven Pins One Scent of Venus Incense Stick (or you can substitute this for rose, basil or lavender) After a cleansing ritual and relaxing bath, perfume your body with Ylang Ylang oil. Choose a magic area in your bedroom, lay out a white cloth and position yourself in front of the mirror. Cast a protective circle, light the candle and incense, focus on your sexual energy and chant... "I call thee, beloved one, To love me more than anyone. Seven times I pierce thy heart, Today the magic of Venus starts. I bind thy heart and soul to me; As I do will, so let it be." Repeat the chant seven times, placing pins in the heart one at a time after repeating "Seven times I pierce thy heart". Snuff out the ceremonial candle and incense. Leave the pins in the heart until the following night.



1. Gather some rosemary sticks on the morning of St. John 2. Light a fire in the kitchen 3. Remove some sticks form the fire and place on them three twigs of rosemary. 4. recite the following verse three times I burn rosemary; Burn I am not burning rosemary. Then what am I burning? The heart of (name your lover or just say someone) I burn That he/she may neither be able to stop nor rest ntil he/she comes to be with me and stay.



red or orange thread piece of plain white paper pen or colored marker some dried herbs associated with drawing love liquid oil like Dragons Blood, rosemary or jasmine On paper write what goal you want. When done place oil in corners of paper. Place herbs in center. In clockwise direction close paper and fold as small as possible. As you do this visualize the new talisman as a powerful catalyst that not only will draw your chosen love to you but will bind him to you as well. When its folded as small as you can begin winding thread around it to seal it. Say these words while doing it: By this spell one man I bind, Heart and body, soul and mind, Infatuated with me ever be, His passion blazes deep for me. I haunt his thoughts and dance through his dreams, I'm always in his head it seems, And more each day he cannot hide, His growing feeling for me inside. Infatuation, romance, passion igniting, (persons name) finds me (insert your name) irresistibly exciting, And he makes me aware of this catastrophic emotion, And I become his devotion, Like two moths drawn to the flame, Neither of our lives shall be the same, Let him know it is no sin, (enter precise goal of spell) does begin, (insert persons name) finds me always in his head, And longs to take me to his bed, Romantic fantasies of me haunt his mind, (insert persons name) in love with me I do bind. You can then keep it and hide it somewhere in your room. I personally burn it in my cauldron and while doing the spell burn appropriate incense, herbs and color candles.

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