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One candle of red and one candle of pink. Jasmine incense Make a circle of basil, rosemary and ginger around the candles Say three times: My true love's face I've yet to see I know not what his/her name may be but soon his/her heart will beat for me come hither my love, as I say So mote it be. Do this spell for 7 days/eves then throw the candle and herbs out.



Items needed: leather or pink silk pouch pink candle 4 white candles cauldron catnip or jasmine paper + pen Cast the circle, then consecrate it with salt+water. Call the Goddess and God (optional), and the four elements. Place the 4 candles around the circle, make sure they're in the right spots for each of the directions ( north, south, etc...) Place the pink candle in front of you, behind the cauldron. Light the white candles calling out their elements, then light the pink candle. Write down on a piece of what qualities you want ( cute, funny, etc...) Burn the catnip/jasmine then paper. Say 3 times: I burn this candle to bring me a lover I burn this paper to bring me a lover I burn this catnip/jasmine to bring me a lover Power this sachet with love When everything is burnt down to ashes, put them in the sachet/pouch. Wear around your neck all the time, and kiss pouch 3 times each day.



For all those love lorn, if you love another and they can't seem to see you, then this can bring you to their attention. Find his/her footprints in the earth, then dig up the footprint (the earth). Take the soil to a willow tree, dig a hole in at its base, and bury the footprint soil and cover it with the earth of the willow. As you bury the footprint, say: "Many earth's on earth there be, I make my love know unto thee. For He is the flower and I the stem; He the cock and I the hen. Grow, grow willow tree! Sorrow not for the likes of me." Please note that while you will see the object of your affection beginning to notice you, this spell is by no means designed to interfere with anyone's free will.



7 drops Palmarosa e/o 5 drops Ylang Ylang e/o 1 drop Ginger e/o 2 drops Rosemary e/o 1 drop Cardamom e/o Wear to draw love. Anoint pink candles and burn while visualizing.



4 TBS Sweet almond or Safflower oil 1/2 tsp. Evening Primrose e/o (optional) 1/2 tsp. carrot seed e/o (optional) 12 drops Sandalwood e/o 6 drops Ylang Ylang e/o 4 drops Clary Sage e/o 2 drops Rose oil (for dark hair and skin) 2 drops Neroli oil (for light hair and skin) Mix the oils with warm safflower or sweet almond oil in a shallow dish. Apply to the body in small amounts using a comfortable pressure and working toward the heart. Avoid the face and genital area.



It is best to use whole mugwort and grind it in your pestle and mortar prior to the working while focusing on your desired one. To yield the amount needed, start with a small loose handful of dried whole leaves. The Tonka bean is also best whole, scrape the outside using your bolline or working knife until you have enough powder. The staurolite is available at most of the numerous magickal supply houses, new age stores, Nature company stores, educational geology suppliers, etc. The rose dew is tricky, but not impossible to make or buy. Timing: The closer to Midsummer (in June) approx 21st the better! The timing is appropriate for several reasons, roses usually bloom around June, and love spells are best done around midsummer. Begin: For this working, you will need a larger circle than your personal one. Cast a Cone Of Power Circle large enough to move about comfortably ...about 9 ft. diameter. Hold the staurolite in your projective hand and visualize your desired one crossing your path. Say words of power of your choice or use this chant while you are visualizing:(person's name) to me, so mote it be! Repeat this over and over until you feel that the staurolite has been completely charged. Set the stone down on your altar or altar pentacle, anyplace safe and with good energy. Hold the earth you gathered from the footstep in your projective hand and repeat the previous procedure, except when fully charged place it in your cauldron or a mortar while saying your own words or the following: Let (person's name)'s footsteps take him/her to me. Our paths will cross, and only me will he/she see. Continue with the same charges of him/her to me, so mote it be for the mugwort and Tonka bean powders. When placing the mugwort in the cauldron or mortar say your words or: No one else will enter her/his sight, When our paths cross within a fortnight (14 days/2 weeks) When placing the Tonka bean powder in the cauldron/mortar, say your words or: Love will blossom in (person's name)'s heart, Once met, our paths will never part. Grind together all of the powdered ingredients (deosil) while chanting (person's name) to me, so mote it be. When the powder is fine textured, add enough of the rose water to make a clay like consistency that can be molded. continue chanting....Knead the clay/dough until smooth and form it around the staurolite while continuing to focus on your desired one. When it seems that the clay will hold its form, let it dry on the altar. End the rite but keep a small shield of protection and focus around the altar (which you may already do). When the mass is dry, put it in a cloth, mojo bag, necklace, medicine bag, whatever you wish that you can carry it easily for the next two weeks. Keep it near you when sleeping too, and for Goddess's sake, go out and place yourself in situations where the spell can work! No one is going to cross your path if you are in your broom closet 24 hours a day, or in front of the T.V. Because of the manipulative nature of this spell, (a person is named and those silver threads of fate are messed with) it is recommended that if you are going to do this working, place a free will notice at the end. Something like: Free will remains despite this spell, I send (person's name) love and wish her/him well. This spell will harm none, and never turn on me. this is my will, so mote it be!



This spell is a seven day spell performed 3 days before the full moon, the day of the full moon, and 3 days hence. Materials Needed: 1 Red Candle (a small taper will do) Rose Incense Rose Water Your "working" knife Matches (or a lighter for modern pagans) Love is a passion that burns within the heart and mind, thus the red candle, red being a symbol of Fire, passion, desire. A rose is commonly given by one in love as a symbol of feelings towards the intended. Find a quiet place to perform this spell, as complete concentration is necessary. If you have a sacred place defined in your household, this will work best. While in this space, face South, as this is the Quarter for the Element of Fire. Clear your mind and focus on your work. On the first day of the spell, anoint the candle with rose water making it a tool through which your message will be delivered. With your working knife, draw six circles around the candle making 7 equal parts. This will allow for the seven equal days of work Light the incense. Light the candle. Focus on the flame and visualize the person for whom the spell is intended. Chant: Fire, fire burning bright Aid me in my work tonight Send my love to (person's name) Let him/her know for me they're right Since this chant is very simple, it will not take away from the concentration on the flame and the person, but will aid in building the power necessary to send out your message. Always focusing on the flame and visualizing the intended, repeat the chant until the candle has burned to the first drawn circle. Pinch or use a candle snuffer to put out the flame. Never blow out a candle as this is an insult to the Quarter of Fire.

Day one of the spell is complete. Put the anointed candle and incense in a protected place. On days 2 through 7, anointing of the candle and drawing of the circles is not necessary. Take your candle to your sacred space, face south and perform the same work. By day seven your candle will be spent and your complete message sent.



She is a Goddess of Ecstasy. She will fill you with Her fiery energy. The ultimate encounter with Kundalini is when you come to the point of feeling that your inside and outside selves are one; when you cannot distinguish between the two. You feel your molecules flowing with Her energy and they no longer have a distinct form. When She retreats, she leaves behind tendrils of flames that flow throughout your body frequently setting off convulsions of ecstasy. This continuesuntil they snuff out on their own. Depending on your responsiveness and the intensity of a particular experience, this post-Kundalini effect can last for quite some time. Each person is different. Each event will also have different effects. The more in tune you are with your Inner Self, the longer the effects of Kundalini. This is tantra. This is sexual energy. Tantra events do not necessarily include sex. However, the inclusion of sex can be very meaningful, especially if the energy is exchanged between you and your partner(s). Kundalini energy can also be shared with others not in contact with you. She permeates the air and those receptive to Her energy may be stirred by it. You do not need to be consciously receptive to Kundalini to feel Her presence. However, the effects are much more enjoyable if you knowingly embrace the energy. In addition, it is more rewarding to your partner(s) if you are aware of Her, since your ability to share the experience is heightened. This sharing of the Kundalini is the ultimate union of partners, for the two (or more) of you become One. The sharing of Kundalini between same-sex partners is not to be lessened. Heterosexual and Homosexual Kundalini experiences are different, but neither is less than the other. And the ultimate union can be achieved in both cases. Nothing can take away from such an experience between partners. And nothing can compare. I hope all people have the chance to experience the Kundalini. Once She comes into your life and you feel Her embrace, you will never be the same. Your senses are heightened when She is with you and the world takes on a sensual quality. Find your Kundalini and enjoy the experience!!!



Items needed: basic altar set-up, red candle, patchouli incense, oil of cinnamon, needle. SHIELD, GROUND & CENTER CAST CIRCLE CHARGE OF THE GODDESS Light incense; pass candle three times through smoke and say: "Spirit of Air, envelope (name of loved one) with love for me." Tap candle three times with wand and say: "Spirit of Fire, fill the heart of (name of loved one) with love for me." Using athame, add three pinches of salt to bowl of water, mix with athame, sprinkle a few drops of water over the candle and say: "Spirit of Water, wash over (name of loved one)'s heart with love for me." Anoint candle with oil of cinnamon and say: "Spirit of Earth, let love for me grow in (name of loved one)'s heart, mind and soul as your plants grow from the ground." Using athame, scratch name of loved one on candle. Stick needle through wick of candle and say: "Let there be no peace for (name of loved one) until he is one with me." Light candle and say: "Let (name of loved one)'s love burn like this fire." "SO MOTE IT BE!" Meditate on the desired outcome of the spell while concentrating on the candle's flame. Raise power and send forth. Let candle burn down.



You will need: A slim pink candle A clean carpenter's nail Jasmine incense A green thorn from a red rose With the nail, engrave the initials of your intended on to the candle. With you index finger anoint it from top to bottom with a little Jasmine oil. Place the candle near the window so that the moonlight can shine on it. Light the candle and watch it until it melts down completely, usually a good time to meditate on who it is that you want. When the wax has cooled, squeeze some juice form the thorn over the top and say: Wither you go, Your heart does know, I am of the rose And the one for you.



There is much info on getting your lover to ingest your menstrual blood/blood/urine or a combo of the three, and that will tie them to you forever. Any consumption of "your' body by them seems to be the key, there is another folk recipe for having the person ingest filings from your finger nail, (if you use and emery board this is easy to get and very fine powder, my friend did this one in a bar by using the emery board then buying the guy a beer and sticking her finger in the neck of the beer and washing the nail dust into the beer)



Items needed: leather or pink silk pouch pink candle 4 white candles Cauldron catnip or jasmine paper + pen Cast the circle, then consecrate it with salt+water. Call the Goddess and God (optional), and the four elements. Place the 4 candles around the circle, make sure they're in the right spots for each of the directions (north, south, etc...) Place the pink candle in front of you, behind the cauldron. Light the white candles calling out their elements, then light the pink candle. Write down on a piece of paper what qualities you want ( cute, funny, etc...) Burn the catnip/jasmine then paper. Say 3 times: I burn this candle to bring me a lover I burn this paper to bring me a lover I burn this catnip/jasmine to bring me a lover Power this sachet with love When everything is burnt down to ashes, put them in the sachet/pouch. Wear around your neck all the time, and kiss pouch 3 times each day.



Fill your bathtub with water and scatter some fresh rose petals in it. Light some vanilla candles and/or incense. As you lie in the water, meditate on the image you would like to project and say these words: Earth, Air, Fire, Sea Let the Goddess' beauty Shine through me



6 stalks of fresh Lavender 1 rubber band 1 yard of pink ribbon 1 yard of burgundy ribbon Secure the ends of the lavender stalks with the rubber band. Braid the stalks using two strands per braiding strand. As you braid, visualize a long, happy life with your spouse, reciting to yourself: Protect and bless this happy life, The newly wedded: husband and wife. When you get close to the flowered ends of the braid, center the ribbons and tie the braid securely. Criss-cross the ribbons around the braid working back toward the end of the braided stalk As you wrap the ribbon, say: Two lives unite and pair as one. Bring them joy until life is done. Tie the ribbons in a bow near the stalk ends. Hang the charm over the bed or somewhere in the bedroom. This can also be presented as a "charming" wedding gift. Be sure to ask them to display it in the bedroom.



3 parts Rose petals 2 parts Orange flowers 1 part Jasmine flowers 1 part Gardenia flowers Follow the same directions as above for Love Sachet #1.



4 parts Rose petals 1 part Orange peel 1/2 part Carnation petals 1 pinch Baby's Breath Mix herbs; tie up in a pink cloth and wear.



3 parts Lavender 2 parts Rose petals 1 part Orris root Tie the herbs up in a pink cloth. Place the sachet among your clothing to infuse them with the scent of love. Or, wear to attract a love.



3 parts Rose petals 2 parts Lovage 1 part Dill Bathe in this mixture to bring a love into your life. Visualize yourself as a loving, caring person seeking another of like mind.



1st Spell: Bathe your feet to soften the dry skin thereon. Scrape off some of the dry skin and heat it until it is dry enough to be powdered. Put it in any beverage and give it to the person to drink. The person will then follow you all the time. 2nd Spell: Obtain a sample of the person's handwriting, preferably in ink. Sprinkle the paper with Wishing Oil and wear it next to your heart for nine days. Then bury it under your door step. After that any request you put in writing to that person will be granted. Ask him or her to be yours and you will have your way. 3rd Spell: Obtain a piece of the person's hair and sprinkle some Controlling Powder on it. Fold it toward you in a piece of white linen and wrap that, toward you once again, with blue (for true love) silk thread. Carry it with you and you will have control over the person's mind. He or she will follow you and do whatever you wish.



Your cauldron should be on your altar between two pink candles. Inside the cauldron itself, place a magenta candle. Light a love incense and the pink candles. Tap the cauldron three times with your wand and say: "One to seek him/her, one to find him/her. One to bring him/her, one to bind him/her. Heart to heart, forever one. So say I, this spell is done. Tap the cauldron three more times. Light the magenta candle to speed the spell on it's way. Best done during the waxing moon. Perhaps best done after reading the Lord of the Rings and perhaps tapping (ringing) the cauldron four times (to match the spell) and saying "One ring to bring them."



Take an apple out the morning after a new moon so that the sun can shine directly upon it. Then say the following words: "O Goddess of beauty and might, I honor thy wisdom and love. Send me a love that is right, Sent by the stars above." Then as you take your first bite into the apple think about the stars above and the Goddess. Eat the rest of the apple with a lot of passion as you envision love in your life. (BY NO MEANS THINK OF A SPECIFIC PERSON!)



Get a piece of paper and draw a set of lips with red lipstick. Burn it over a red candle and say: Kiss me when we meet, Kiss me (name of person) Greet me with your lips, And say that you missed me, But most of all kiss me.



A Tarot Deck 3 candles(One must be Red(Love) and the other two must be colors representing you and your true love, I used Light(me)and Dark(him)Blue for these) -3 stones(I used Rose Quartz, Tiger's Eye and Lapis Lazuli(SP?)but you can use any three you want)-Incense(anything associated with love or whatever scent you feel like having, not necessarily needed) I did this during a lunar eclipse, but you can choose anytime you like, I would recommend a full moon though. (Open a circle, have a bath, meditate, whatever you usually do before you start your work do now, I just thought over what I was asking but that's just me) First, I placed the three candles on my altar in a triangle around the space I was going to use for the cards and lit them starting with mine, then his and finally the Red one. Saying while I was lighting them "I light these to symbolize my soul mate and Incoming together through the love that burns within us" (if you're using incense light it now). Then I placed the Tiger's Eye stone in front of my candle representing me, the Lapis Lazuli in front of his candle representing him, and the Rose Quartz in front of the Red candle representing love. While doing this I said "This for me, this for you, and this for our love" In the space in the middle I placed the cards.(see attachment for illustration) I used "XVIII The Moon", "X The Wheel of Fortune", "XI Strength", "VI The Lovers" and The King and Queen of Swords(representing my soul mate and I) you may choose any two you feel fit for you and your true love. As I placed down each card I said a short bit of my thought. (Each little "paragraph" is what I said as I placed one card[in order]) I placed the card representing my soul mate down first, then the one for me, then across them The Lovers, then in the same position as the first two(upright) The Moon and The Wheel Of Fortune, then across those Strength. During this I said: I ask that my soul mate and I be joined together through the love we share I ask the Moon for Her help in bringing us together and The Fates that have placed our souls together I also ask for the strength to endure whatever may happen between us. While doing this envision your True love with you. DO NOT pictures a certain person, I just thought about being held in his(my soul mate's) arms totally happy, I didn't even picture a face. If you picture someone the spell might bring you two together and not your TRUE love. I then spread rose petals over the cards and took a walk for about an hour(my mom was home so I left the candles burning, but I suggest you blow them out) while the moon was in the middle of eclipsing. During my walk I thought about the spell and my soul mate etc. When the moon finished it's eclipse, I blew out the candles and thanked the moon for Her help. The next full moon I scattered the Rose petals in my yard and threw out anything I wasn't going to use again.

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