Khakani Magical Rings And Free Magic Spells







4 drops Ylang Ylang 2 drops Clary Sage 1 drop Bergamot 1 drop Sandalwood Swish the e/o's throughout the bath water. Candlelight, soft music.



3 tsp. Cinnamon 3 tsp. Ginger 1 one-inch piece Vanilla bean 2 cups Red Wine 2tsp Rhubarb juice (optional) Score the vanilla bean along its length. Add the herbs to the red wine with the vanilla bean. Add the 2 teaspoons of rhubarb juice (if available), and let sit for 3 days. Serve.



1 cup , pure, light Honey 2 broken Cinnamon sticks 1 tsp. whole Cloves 1 dime-sized piece of Sugar Ginger 1 one-inch long piece of dried Lemon peel 1 one-inch long piece of Vanilla bean 1 pinch of ground Cardamom Empower all herb and the honey with your magickal intent. Pour the herbs into a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Add the honey and shake until all herbs are moistened. Cover it tightly with the lid and place the jar between two pink candles (on your altar if you have one). Light the candles and let them burn out. Label jar; let the honey sit in a dark place for three weeks. Add small portions to food and hot beverages to promote good feelings and love.



1 Lemon, sliced 1 Qt Spring water 1 Orange, sliced 2 whole Cloves 1/2 cup packed Violet petals Place first four ingredients in a pan. Heat liquid until tepid, but not hot. Add the violet and simmer until they are almost see-through. Strain and serve hot or cold in one glass with two straws to share with your loved one.



2 tsp. Rose petals 1 tsp. Spearmint herb 1 tsp. Licorice root (ground) 1 tsp. Hawthorn herb a pinch of the following: coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg Vanilla or Ginger Honey to taste Bring 3 cups of water to a boil. Place the herbs and spices listed above in the hot water; simmer on low for 3 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to steep for 5 minutes longer. Strain tea before serving.



1 pinch Rosemary 2 pinches Thyme 2 tsp. Black Tea 1 pinch Coriander 3 fresh Mint leaves (or 1/2 tsp. dried) 5 fresh Rosebud petals (or 1 tsp. dried) 5 fresh Lemon tree leaves (or 1 tsp. dried Lemon peel) 3 pinches Nutmeg 3 pieces Orange peel Place all ingredients into teapot. Boil 3 cups of water, then add to the teapot. Strain; sweeten with honey, if desired. Serve hot.



1 tsp. dried Clover flowers 1 cup hot Water 1 tsp. Daisy petals Honey to taste 1 Daisy bud with leaf or a Cinnamon stick for garnish Place the flowers and petals in a gauze wrap or tea ball and steep for 15 minutes. Remove and flavor with honey.



You need two dolls dressed as bride and groom. The names of the man and the woman who are to be married are written on the backs of the dolls. The names are also written on a yard of white ribbon, make three knots in the ribbon as you ask the Spirits for their help. The two dolls are then tied to each other, face to face, by the waist. In a bowl or bucket prepare an herbal 'tea' of Valerian, benzoin, cinnamon and myrrh. Submerge the dolls in the liquid then say three Hail Mary's and three Our Fathers. Remove the dolls place them in a shoebox and sprinkle with Holy Water. Wash a lodestone with honey and Holy Water add this to the box with the dolls along with a length of vine . Keep in a safe place.



Take a pumpkin, empty it but leave some seeds in it, write your lovers name on a brown piece of paper, place in the bottom of the pumpkin with 5 fish hooks. Cover the paper and hooks with honey, then sprinkle with cinnamon. Then on top of that carefully place 5 egg yokes. Over that CAREFULLY cover it all with cooking oil, want to try and keep the layers though some stuff will float. Once you have filled the pumpkin with the oil (fill it to about 2 inches below the top of the pumpkin. You now need to get 5 of those floating wicks (you know for floating candles) Light the wicks and let burn for one hour, repeat the lighting and burning for one hour for 5 days (so make sure you have enough oil in there) After 5 days go to a river with it (again this is directed to Oshun, ( if you use another Goddess/Spirit you may want to adapt this spell) Offer the pumpkin to Oshun with 5 cents.



Get the inner soles out of your lovers shoes (yeah ya might have to snag an old pair or buy him some Dr. Scholes "insoles" shoe cushions or something that you can get your hands on later) Write your name on a piece of paper, Write his name on another piece of paper (be creative here like use pink paper cut into heart shapes or wedding images ect) Place the two pieces together so the names are facing each other, Using 5 new needles (the kind with the gold eye are the best) pin the two pieces of paper together, Wrap the papers with strands of corn silk, then sandwich the papers between the soles you got from his shoes, Wrap the soles tightly with yellow or gold thread, keep this near you, in a closet or under a mattress etc. Burn a white and yellow candle for one hour every day for 5, 10 or 25 days. (this would be a good time to do the writing of your "married" name like I mention below)



Make a Mojo bag of red material, in it put ... sugarcane, some corn starch, ginger root, an ear of baby corn, a ball of cotton, 5 pieces of coral (they sell really inexpensive coral necklaces at a lot of stores) ,hair from a fox (ok this one will be hard, you can check at a zoo or look in antique shops etc for a stuffed/mounted could also go to a store that sells fur, it only takes a single hair or two, and it's easy to run your hands thru the fur, or use a piece of scotch tape wrapped sticky side out on one of your fingers) and lastly a pubic hair from him AND if at all possible some sperm, (from a rubber, or if either of you wipe off after sex, snag the tissue or whatever,...hey a Witch has to be creative<g>) Anyway take all these and put them in the bag along with a heart shaped paper with his name written on it 5 times.



To prevent the loss of your lover, during the waxing Moon take a lock of your partner's hair and plait or mix it with your own, contemplating your essences intermingling. Wrap the hair along with a personal artifact from each person in a red silk square, and bind with a ribbon of green, chanting: "Love to the left of us, love to the right of us, over us, under us, even uniting us." Envision the red silk as your mutual love, the ribbon as your spellbinding. Tie it tight. Attach a sprig of berried holly to the center of the package, saying: "Prickles defend our love." Place the bundle in a black star-spangled box. Do not open or untie unless you wish to break the bond.



Cut out a heart shaped piece of paper and write your name and the name of your ex-lover that you want to break up from on it. Tear the heart in half, place the heart under a lit black candle and say the following: As I burn this candle and tear this heart (names of you and your ex -lover) will forever part. (Say a name of any person you like now (if you like anyone) or name of a person that he might like...) will forever see that he/she is the one for me. let the spell do it's work and send a new love interest and let the hurt and pain of parting from come to an end.



Light a blue candle. Write a personal, positive, and meaningful letter to someone you desire to contact. Burn the letter in the candle flame (careful!). As it burns, visualize the person's face and the goal or message you want to send. Toss some thyme, yarrow, or cinnamon on the burned letter. Concentrate on what manner you hope to receive their response. Pick up the remains and scatter the ashes and herbs to the wind. (Also: Do not attempt to use this spell to communicate with the dead.)



Take one TBSP of each of the following: hyssop, lavender and rose petals. Mix it all together and grind it lightly with a mortar and pestle. Put the herbal mixture in a red mojo bag and add 1 TBSP sea salt. Tie 7 knots with the string of the bag to bind the mixture. Then draw a bath and throw the mojo bag into the water. Light a red figure candle, dressed with Freya oil and say: "Oh Mighty Freya, Goddess of love, lend me your powers of sex from above. Take these herbs and bless them well, and make my naughty bits get wet or swell (depending if you are a female or male). As I take this bath to get me some, bring forth the one who will make me come!"



Mix a pinch of your powdered fingernail clippings with red wine and then serve it to your unsuspecting lover on a night when the moon is in a waxing phase.



Anoint a pink or red Image Candle of the lost one and inscribe his/her name on it. Burn the candle, and when completed, bury it in a new flower pot. Also in the flower pot place some hair, blood or nail clipping from the person you wish to bring back. Plant a sunflower. Wrap with an article of clothing belonging to the person around the pot.



This is used to arouse your lovers interest in you. You will need these ingredients: 4 eggs 1/2 tsp. Ginger pinch of salt & pepper combine the ingredients in a bowl. Fill half an eggshell with water twice, pouring the water in the bowl each time. Beat the mixture until it's fluffy. Cook it in a lightly buttered frying pan over low heat until the bottom of the omelette is done. With your fingernail trace your initials or name at the top of the omelette and his/hers at the bottom. Pop it under the broiler for a moment to cook the top. Fold so that the initials are hidden. Along with the omelette, serve a salad of bananas, peaches and pitted cherries - all of which have a power to arouse love. Hot rolls and apple butter also go along nicely (it's the apple butter with the power, especially if you made it yourself and used some of your kitchen witchery skills in the making of it!) If you can, share this omelette from the same plate for a romantic brunch! Wash your brunch down with champagne.



To perform this spell, you must find a suitable shell in shallow water. Take the shell and dry it thoroughly. Next, place a symbol of your desire upon the surface of the shell. The symbol must be made with a substance which will easily wash off in water. Place the shell upon the shore, so that the Tide will bring waves across the shell. Take care to note the phase of the Moon (waxing moon for the gain of something, waning for the dissolving of something). When the shell is in place, draw a triangle in the sand, enclosing the shell completely. The symbol upon the shell must be facing upwards (toward the Moon). Meaningful words, or phrases, may be placed upon the shell also, or simply written in the sand (inside the triangle). Finally, give the words of enchantment: (toward the moon) Goddess of Moon, Earth, and the Sea, Each wish in Thy name must come to be. Powers and Forces which Tides do make, Now summon Thy waves, my spell to take Leave the area now, and the spell is set. Once the waves come, then your wish will be taken out to the Old Ones. It will usually take about 7 days for a Lunar spell to begin to manifest, but can take as long as 28 days. This type of magic is what we call "little works", and belongs to the folk-magic level of Witchcraft.



Gather together some rose petals, a red candle, Black Passion incense and an athame. If you don't have an athame to draw energy, just do it the usual way. cast the circle using the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, and cast the circle in rose petals. Then, say "The circle is cast, and we are now between the worlds, beyond the bounds of time, where night and day, birth and death, joy and sorrow, meet as one. it is in this place that we invoke the tantric powers of Hecate." Then we drew Hecate within ourselves through a few moments of meditation, and continued "And now, we are as one. So Mote It Be!" Then raise energy. Put the candle in the circle's center. Light it together, visualizing your lust into the candle. Say the subject's name, then say: "And now, the spell will be cast. I, _______, cast a spell of lust over _______. Let him/her have thoughts, wishes, and dreams of unbridled lust and passion for me, who is his/her Brother/Sister in the ocean of time. So Mote It Be." Light the candle, and say: "And as we light this candle, it is done with no ill consequences to anyone, including ourselves." Dismiss, thanks, and close. You can do this alone, or with someone.



Select a candle of light sky blue And cut seven notches firm and true. Add to this seven strips of parchment paper Placed beside thy candle taper. Upon them scribe, both first and last The name of the Lover bold and fast. Fold the strips in two lengthwise To keep the names from prying eyes. Strike a flame and set the candle to burn And let one strip to ashes turn. Speak out these words seven times in all, To summon the forces and with love enthrall: SPIRIT OF THE DARK LOVE GODDESS DEAR, BRING (name of desire) TO MY ARMS RIGHT HERE. LET ME KINDLE THE FLAME OF DESIRE AND MY LOVE ALWAYS WITH PASSION INSPIRE. Firm thy vision of what is intended As the candle to the first notch burns and the hour is ended. Repeat this spell a notch each night And one of the strips gleefully light. With witches will and concentrated vision Thou canst capture thy lover with precision.



Write his name on a red phallus candle, stroke it 9 times with musk oil, and then pass it through the smoke of musk incense. Light the candle once a day, letting it burn 1/2 an inch each time. When the candle is finished, wrap it in a piece of red satin and keep it under your bed for one month.



Red taper candle zodiac oil - your zodiac sign zodiac oil - his zodiac sign Venus oil come to me oil Masturbate with taper candle. Focus on desire. Once orgasm is achieved, dress candle with venus oil, come to me oil and zodiac oils of both yourself and desired love. Leave your own body fluids on the candle. Let this candle burn completely out. Never snuff or blow out the candle; this cancels the spell. This candle will really speak to you if you watch it burn. This brings immediate, quick, fast results, but not long term. This spell should be followed up with more powerful ritual once you see results.



Pluck from the roadside or some neglected plot of gorund an old and withered stalk of burdock burrs. Pick off three round burrs, lightly, with catious fingers, and set them down each separated fro the other, on a table of bare wood. There light three red candles, and carry to them the charm of velvet earlier prepared. Unpin it and unfold it; then spread it flat beside the burrs, and set the three upon the velvet's center; one by one whle these three verses are said: This thine eye - I bind to me - This thy hand - I bind to me - This thy heart - I bind to me - Ever and ever and forever. Move the burrs to lie together, fixed and locked to another, and likewise all three to the center of the cloth. Then fold up the cloth about them and pin it tight. This charm should then be locked away in a drawer or cupboard, and not distrubed again for fear of loosening its bonds about the one so enchanted. The Charm of velved mentioned above" When the snow falls swift and dry, a cloth of red velvet should be cut into the shape of a heart as wide as your hand. Go out and stand in a place where the flakes may float down frely; then hold out your palm saying this: Star, crystal - Silver stone - I warm thee now - To blood and rain - Nor shalt thou turn - To ice again Return into the house, there breathing upon the snowflakes that cover the velvet until they have melted into drops of water; then fold up the cloth into a briangle and pin it with a golden pin, so to remain while every day thereafter the same words shall be spoken over it anew. When its purpose is accomplished, the binding charm should be worked.



You know the story- he's cute, but doesn't seem to have much to say. This spell is for use when an available person seems interested but reticent. To start, take a small key, hold it to your bosom and say: "Confident be he who holds this key, that my treasures will yeilded be." Blast the key with vibrant, come-hither energy, then embalm the symbol in rosemary oil, saying: 'Hesitate not, future lover, but your feelings now uncover." Pass the key several times through the smoke of some fragrant incense, and say: "Inhibitions float away, love and lustare here to stay." Send the key one last bolt of Venusian allure, and slip into your potential lover's pocket or bag. Let him work the rest out for himself. (This spell works when your future lover is a woman, too.)



Almost forgot, there is a usfull spell for atracting an ideal love. Get a peice of amber and everyday for one week focus on the amber the qualities you wish your ideal love to have. They can be physical and personal qualities. Then imagine the two of you together (however you want). Then wrap the amber in a pink parchment and sleep wiht it under your pillow. The more specific the vizualization, the more personal power it will require and the longer it may take to work. I used this spell once and all the qualities I specified I met in this girl and all those I was ambiguse of didn't happen quite as I would have wanted (caused a few problems) but that is why you need to be specific. Of course if you are too specific the spell may not work becuase there may just not be anyone out there like that who would be into you (kind of sad eh?) but that's life. Focus more on personality qualities because that is often more important than looks. Just visualize an hour glass figure and that is what you will get.

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