Tools: Green candle Good Luck Oil Wishing Powder Straight Pin Acorn
Feel free to choose any natural talisman to personalize for recipient.
After Blessing the candle with Good Luck oil, etch onto the sides your personal symbol
for good luck, with the straight pin. Light the candle.
Charge acorn by holding it tightly in your hand and sending all your positive, happy,
"lucky", energy to the acorn.
Place acorn at the base of the candle.
Sprinkle the wishing dust over the acorn, candle and altar as you say the Words:
"By this candle's burning light
Empower this acorn With Luck tonight!
The owner forever Walk in Light,
Good fortune and happiness Smiling Bright!
The spell is spun Brings harm to none
From the Goddess to me So Mote It Be!"
Repeat this spell for three nights, using the same acorn each night.
When complete, acorn can be given as a gift wrapped in 100% natural material and tied
off with a ribbon or bow. Talisman should be carried in a pocket to ensure good fortune.


To attract good fortune into your life or change a streak of bad luck to good, fill a small jar
(leaving a bit of space) with any combination of the following magical herbs: buckthorn bark,
chamomile, clover, dandelion, frankincense, heal - all, honeysuckle, huckleberry leaves, Irish moss,
Job's tears, John the Conqueror, khus -khus, lotus, lucky hand root, mistletoe, myrrh, nutmeg, rose
hips, rosemary, sandalwood, spearmint, star anise, thyme, Tonka bean.
Seal your jar tightly and keep it in your kitchen on a shelf or a windowsill.
Place your hands upon the jar each morning upon rising, and say :
To God and Goddess I do pray
Guide me through another day
Let good fortune come my way
Good luck hither now I say
After reciting the magical incantation, gently shake the jar a few times and then
kiss it before putting it back.
I suggest using the same jar for a maximum of 13 days, then return the herbs to
the Earth and repeat if necessary.


Anything you find is lucky.
When you find your lucky item, say these words:
"See a (item), pick it up!
All the day, I'll have good luck.
And when trouble might come my way
This little (item) will bless my day."


(This is an invitation to abundance)
We are making good luck welcome
That all good things may enter here
This invitation is complete, but never ending
Many good things are here for us
Many good things are coming in for us
So it is, and so shall it ever be!


This sachet is to be carried with you when gambling or playing games of chance.
First of all, take a small piece of lodestone and the herbs listed below and empower
them for good luck and money-drawing. Next, take a square of green cloth (felt works
well for this). Place the lodestone in the center of the cloth, and sprinkle a small amount
of Irish Moss, Rosemary, Peppermint Leaves, Violet Flowers & Yarrow over the lodestone.
Tie up with a gold ribbon or cord and carry with you when playing games of chance.


Go for a walk and pick up seven twigs from the ground, one to represent each day of the week.
Traditionally the twigs should be ash for Monday, beech for Tuesday, elm for Wednesday, oak
for Thursday, horsechestnut for Friday, yew for Saturday, and elder for Sunday. Take them home,
snap them into pieces, and burn them in the hearth or bonfire. Say:
Ill luck is broken, As these words are spoken.


--Apache tear stone 7 Star Anise seeds
--7 inches of gold ribbon 4 inch square of yellow fabric
Place the stone in the center of the fabric. Add the seeds one at a time and say:
One for luck, Two for money,
Three for favor, Four to keep my days sunny,
Five for old, Six for new, Seven brings success in all that I do.
Gather the ends of the cloth and tie in a pouch with the gold ribbon.
Apache tear is a globule of translucent obsidian. It is carried as a good-luck charm.
It is also used for protective purposes as well as all the other stones referred to as obsidian.
There are many varieties of aniseed, the most common is the ash-colored kind from Spain.
If star anise seed is unavailable to you, regular anise seed will do.
The number seven is know as a lucky number.


6 tsp. ground Nutmeg 1 cup warm Water Coffee filter
Place the nutmeg in the coffee filter.
Pour the one cup of warm water into the coffee filter and let the tea brew.
When the liquid is cool, draw a warm bath and pour the tea in the bath water.
Soak at least ten minutes. This bath will cleanse the aura and negativity within you
that draws bad luck. It also makes others more accepting of your ideas, whims, and wants.
Use before important discussions or meetings with those you feel may be unresponsive to you.


1 tsp. dried Clover flowers 1 cup hot Water 1 tsp. Daisy petals Honey to taste
1 Daisy bud with leaf or a Cinnamon stick for garnish
Place the flowers and petals in a gauze wrap or tea ball and steep for 15 minutes.
Remove and flavor with honey.


Used as a sprinkling solution to attract good luck and power of all kinds
when used in full strength. Add to scrub water to wash down the floor
and steps of a home or business to get rid of negativity.
Put 1 1/2 oz of Louisiana Van Van oil in 16 oz of alcohol. Shake well before each use.


A white basin is filled with water to which is added some sugar cane syrup and a ball of
Anil/blue dye. A white chrysanthemum is set to float on the water, to which is added a bit
of perfume. A large seven day encased candle is placed in the basin and lit in Yemaya's honor.


Same as Fast Luck with powdered dollar bill added. color: green

Create a bath of pineapple, orange rind and poppy seeds.
Let the aromas carry good fortune to you.


Needed: apache tear 7 star anise seeds
4 inch square of yellow fabric 7 inches of gold ribbon
Place the stone in the center of the fabric. Add the star anise seeds one at a time while chanting:
"One for luck, Two for money,
Three for favor, Four for honey.
Five for old, And Six for new.
Seven being success In all that I do."
Draw up the ends of the cloth and tie the pouch with the gold ribbon.
Carry the charm in your pocket or on your person. Good luck to follow.


Allspice, cinnamon, sage, dill, from kitchen cupboard of grocery shop and mix with base oil -
olive oil is fine. Warm leaves overnight strain through a tea strainer if you wish or just use.


Items you'll need:
Black 7 day candle, Water, saucer, paper.
Fill your saucer slightly with some water. On a piece of paper write the things you most
desire, (like love, money, a job..) Fold that up and put it on the saucer (yes, in the water)
Now put your 7 day candle on top of the paper and light it.
Each night before you go to sleep visualize your desires being obtained.
On the seventh day, snuff out the candle and dispose of it by getting it away from your property.
This spell can be customized by using different colored candles, pink or red for love, purple for
spirituality, and so on. The black candle is used for "breaking through" those
obstacles that are preventing you from your desires.


An old Pagan custom associated with Lammas is the making of a corn doll from the last sheaf
of corn from a harvest. For good luck throughout the coming twelve months, the corn doll is
traditionally hung up in the kitchen or in the chimney, and kept there until the following Lammas,
when it is ritually burned. It is said that if the previous year's corn doll is not removed before
Christmas, the next harvest will be a poor one.
To make a traditional Witch's corn doll for good luck, twist or tie together a few husks of
corn into a small female figure. If desired, you may dress the corn doll and decorate it with
dried flowers. Anoint it with a few drops of frankincense or clove oil, and then pass it twelve
times through the smoke of burning sage to consecrate it as you chant your intent over it.


If you have terrible luck in your daily household affairs and a purification hasn't helped,
try this ancient spell. Take an old spoon (it doesn't have to be clean) and walk through your
house slowly, visiting each room. Visualize the spoon absorbing the house's malaise.
Then walk to a crossroads and bury the spoon there. Don't look back as you return home.
Things should start to perk up.

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