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In modern usage, the word "charm" is frequently used to describe an amulet or talisman. But originally, it was something that brought good luck whencombined with a gesture or a chant. Charms are also thought to cure or prevent illness & afflictions.

Below you will find some various "good luck" items and symbols as well as their origins.



Long thought the symbol of the invisible forces between heaven & earth, angels are the most perfect of protectors & bringers of good luck. Many believe that all of us have has our own personal guardian angel to guide us towards luck & away from evil.



When a mother cuts a lock of her baby's hair & puts it away for safekeeping, She is creating a lucky charm. From ancient times all around the world, such mementos were meant to ensure a long, healthy life as long as the lock of hair was kept in a safe place.



Among the most powerful of all lucky symbols, the crescent is especially lucky for children & their mothers. In ancient Egypt, the crescent moon was the symbol of Isis, the mother of the gods. As it's symbolism spread throughout the world, it eventually became the symbol of paradise, especially when represented with a star.



The luckiest of little girls is the one who finds the daisy with the odd numbered petals thus ensuring the last will be an affirmation of love when they ask "He loves me, He loves me not." Gypsies believe that a girl can recover an absent lover by sleeping with daisy root under her pillow.



Practitioners of voodoo are said to be able to bring bad luck in the form of pain to their enemies by creating images of them so that when cut or struckwill affect the real person in the same way. This method of transmitting badluck is common in many cultures. Native Americans would draw a figure in the sand or ashes of the fire & poke it with a sharp stick to bring pain to an enemy. In some cultures, these images are also intended to bring good & fortune as well.



Similar to an amulet, a fetish is a natural object such as an animal tooth or bone, intended to create a bond between the human & supernatural world. The difference is that the fetish is believed to be actually inhabited by spirits. In Africa they are called "Juju", meaning "sacred object". A collection of these charms kept in little bags came to be known as "gris gris", by uprooted African slaves. A slang term for the "juju" of their ancestors.



A staple of Hoodoo/Voodoo practice & beliefs, Gris Gris' are usually a collection of herbs, bits of bones, stones etc combined in a flannel or cloth bag. The fabrics of the bags are usually made to coincide with the wishes or desires hoped to be obtained by placing the bag on their person or in the path of the "target". There are both good & bad gris gris'.



Although it is one of the most enduring symbols of Christmas, holly was the gift of good luck among the Romans celebrating their midwinter festivals. The northern tribes, who eventually brought about Rome's downfall draped holly over doorways as shelter for friendly woodland spirits who could bring good luck to their houses. Sprigs of holly in the house at Christmastime will bring you good luck. But... be careful not to bring it indoors before Christmas Eve or your family will fall to squabbling. (Bet you wondered why that happened. grin...) Also be sure to burn it on 12th night(January 5th) or the good luck will turn sour.



Jade has long been thought to be lucky to gamblers & others around the globe. Jade carved in the shape of bats or storks is believed to ensure a long life in China. Ancient Peruvians used it to ward off kidney problems while Early Europeans believed it a charm against eye problems. Not everyone thought it lucky, however. Some astrologers claim that the lovely green stone can actually bring bad luck to those born under the sign of Sagittarius or Gemini.



Found keys are considered very lucky. Antique ones being especially so. At the time of finding, it is traditional to say: "The key to your heart lies on the ground. The key to your heart has now been found. I lock up your love with the heart of my own, I'll guard it forever with the love I have shown." As you say these words, think of the one you love & the two of you being together forever. Sleep with the key under your pillow for 9 nights & carrying it with you during the day. After the nine days it may then be put away in a safe place.



Malachite has many different uses as a charm. Traditionally, people wore malachite to ward off & see oncoming peril. It was believed that the stone would spontaneously break into pieces at any sign of uncoming peril. As "the salespersons stone", It is also thought to bring power, protection, love & tranquillity. If you are having difficulty sleeping, try wearing a necklace with this stone to promote calmness & overall relaxation in your hand as well as reinforcing sleep & peacefulness. Placed in the cash register of a business, it is thought to bring good luck & success. One stone placed in each corner of an establishment will bring customers in as well. Worn near your heart, it is thought to increase your capacity to love as well as the ability of love to find you.



In the Far East, necklaces & charms containing Opal stones are believed to make the wearer a truthful person. The stone is also thought to convey the gift of prophecy & foresight, but only for those pure of heart. According to the Chinese, if the power of an opal is used for selfish purposes it will bring the worst kind of luck.



For thousands of years, the quartz crystal has been used in rituals meant to bring about much needed rainfall by the Native Americans & Aboriginal. This stone is said to have a strong connection with water, and is also connected with protection & healing. Quartz also symbolizes the spirit & intellectual powers unique to the human race.



The Gypsies believe that finding anything red, a button, some yarn etc., means you will be lucky in love. Whatever it is you may find along the way, pick it up & carry it with you as a good luck amulet. As you bend to pick it up, think of the one you love and recite these words: "Red is My Blood & Red is My Heart, Lucky in Love; Never Keep Us Apart."



Any charm in the shape of a star is considered quite lucky. It is an ancient belief that everyone has been assigned a special star of destiny. Even today, many believe that we each have a star with our name on it. It shines at our birth and goes dark at the instant of our death. In between, it guides us through life & brings us luck. One of the most common star charms is that of the pentacle, the five-pointed star, which the ancients believed had the power to trap the forces of evil, rendering them powerless.



This spell is the ancient Japanese luck changing ritual: This is best done on the night of the first Full Moon of the year. You will need: An astral candle to represent yourself 1 orange candle to represent sudden change 1 silver candle to represent fading of negative luck 1 black candle to represent the bad luck itself 1 magenta colored candle to hurry the change Anoint the candles with lotus oil and set them in holders on a heat proof surface. Anoint the black candle from the end to the wick, moving bad luck away from you. Anoint the others from wick to end, bringing in good luck. The candles are then lit and allowed to burn away. As you light the Astral candle, say: this is me and all that represents me. Light the black candle and say: This is my bad luck which now leaves me. Light the silver candle and say: this neutralizes any remnants of bad luck, dissolving into nothingness. Light the orange candle and say: This represents good changes into my life, I welcome them with open arms. Light the magenta candle and say This is the astral energy needed to speed up the change. Now sit for several minutes. Repeat to yourself over and over, I welcome the change, I welcome the Incoming good luck. Let the candles burn out and dispose of the wax. You must be prepared for changes you may not expect, such as certain friendships moving out of your life, and others moving in. Release happily whatever decides to move out of your life.



Things you need:-good luck petition-good luck oil-green candles-a piece of green paper-a small jar Good Luck Petition:-wormwood-pine needles-dandelion-honeysuckle-myrrh-thyme-rose Put as many as these herbs in a green piece of cloth and tie it with string. Good Luck Oil:-1 tablespoon dried wormwood-3 teaspoons ground nutmeg-1/2 teaspoon powdered mandrake root-13 drops of pine oil-1/4 cup olive oil Place ingredients in a jar and stir it clockwise. Let it sit for 13 nights. Cast a circle and light all candles but one green candle. Anoint that candle with a few drops of the good luck oil and say: O GREAT GODDESS FORTUNA LADY OF LUCK GODDESS OF FORTUNE MASTER OF FATE I CONSECRATE THIS CANDLE IN YOUR NAME AND HONOR Now light the candle and ask the Goddess to take the form of Fortuna. Use this invocation: O FORTUNA LADY LUCK COME TO ME GODDESS OF FATE GODDESS OF FORTUNE I CALL UPON THEE COME TO ME ENTER MY CIRCLE BLESS MY CIRCLE AND LIFE WITH YOUR MAGICK TOUGH BLESS IT WITH LUCK AND FORTUNE GREAT GODDESS FORTUNA I INVOKE THEE Now take the petition and burn it over the green candle and say: BY FIRE AND HERB I CALL AND SUMMON THEE ENTER MY CIRCLE HAIL MERRY YE MEET AND WELCOME Drop it into a cauldron and let it burn. Now draw a money or fortune rune on the paper. Burn it over the candle. Let it burn and put the ashes of the paper and petition into the jar. Hold the jar in your hands and say: GREAT GODDESS FORTUNA PLEASE BRING GOOD LUCK AND FORTUNE MY WAY SO MOTE IT BE Keep the jar with you and it will bring you good luck.



Tools: Protection Incense Blue Taper Candle Paper Pen Ritual: Prepare your work area by setting up any tools you may use in addition to your spell candle. While setting up your area, concentrate on the purpose of your work. Envision what it is that you desire. Just prior to your work, bathe in purification herbs, or with your favorite bath salts. While you are bathing, concentrate again on the purpose of your spell. Do not let negative thoughts enter your mind. After bathing, go to your work area. Cast a circle. Light the protection incense. Envision a large, light-blue ball of light surrounding you and your work area. Hold the blue candle between the palms of your hands. Close your eyes, and direct all of your energy into the candle. Open your eyes and place the candle in its holder. On a small piece of paper, write down what it is you want. Place this piece of paper under the candle holder. Prior to lighting the candle say: "This candle represents the good luck that will come to me." Light the candle and say: "As the light of this flame grows, I can see good luck around me." Sit back and watch the candle burn. Envision what you will look and feel like when your wish comes to you. See yourself holding with the object you desire, or with the desired goal you wish to achieve. When the candle has burned 1/3 of the way, say: "As the flame of the candle dissipates with time-good luck will be mine." Continue to do your meditation, envisioning the light blue ball of light around you, seeing yourself how you will be when your good luck arrives. When the candle has burned 2/3 of the way, repeat: "As the flame of the candle dissipates with time- good luck will be mine." Continue to meditate as the candle burns. When the candle has almost burned away, rip up the piece of paper. Repeat the affirmation: "As the flame of the candle dissipates with time- good luck will be mine." Extinguish the candle by blowing on it and envisioning bad luck also being swept away by your breath. After the candle's leftover wax has cooled, combine the ripped up pieces with the wax and bury it together in the earth as close to your house as possible.



For many years the ancient Voodoo priests have used the power of eggs to help combat the power of evil spells and bad luck. They believe that the egg possesses strong magical powers and in the right hands can cause bad luck or good luck depending on the will of the practitioner. If you are plagued by evil spells and bad luck, then do this powerful ancient Voodoo egg spell to help you remove any negative conditions from your life. 1. You must purchase a brown fresh egg before noon of that day. Make sure that you start this when the moon is waning. It is very important that this egg be fresh. Place this egg in a brown bag and tie the neck of the bag with a black cloth string. Place this bag under your bed. 2. Each night before retiring to bed, you must open this bag and take the egg out and rub it all over your body. When done, put the egg back into the bag, take a deep breath and blow three times into the bag. When you are blowing into the bag, you must imagine that all the bad luck is leaving your body, via your breath. When done, place the bag back under your bed. Do this for nine days. At the end of nine days, take the bag with the egg and dispose of it outside your home. 3. Note: Each time that you blow into the bag, you must immediately tie it back up. If by the end of seven days you notice that your bag is moving on it's own. Stop, and dispose of the bag immediately. DO NOT LOOK INTO THE BAG. Make sure that the bag is secure. Do not play with this. Only do this if you are serious about destroying the bad luck in your life.




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