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Do this spell when the Moon is out and shining brightly. --poppet made out of green cloth, leave the head open chamomile for money --rosemary for luck basil for success needle and thread Directional elementals (earth, incense for air, fire, water) Altar Devotion, Casting the Circle As you walk around the circle three times, imagine a green, soothing mist trailing from your fingers, enveloping you and enclosing your magic circle. "I conjure the magic circle I am safe within the Goddess' womb A sacred place, a world apart Where enchantment births and magic starts With Air and Fire, Water and Earth I circle round the Mother's girth This circle is sealed" Drawing Down the Moon Stand holding your athame, legs slightly apart, arms at your side. Breathe deeply. Raise the athame to your lips, holding it with both hands, and then point it toward the moon. Feel the energy of the moon move through the athame, down your arms and into your whole being. Invocation to the Goddess "Wondrous Lady of the Moon Mistress of all magic and protectress of all Wicca Life-giving mother I greet you at the waxing of the moon's power I invite you to attend my Full Moon rite" Invocation to the God "Radiant King of the Heavens Master of beasts wild and free Horned stag I greet you at the waxing of the moon's power I invite you to attend my Full Moon rite" Meditation and Chant to the Goddess Sit with your spine straight, legs crossed, hands in your lap. Close your eyes and visualize the Goddess, however she appears to you. Feel her arms around you in a protective embrace. When you have the vision firmly planted, begin chanting softly: "Starry Goddess, Full of Light I honor you this Full Moon Night" Repeat, feeling your energy grow. This energy will be used during the following spellworking. Spellworking Cleanse and consecrate poppet for workings of magic. Stuff it with the herbs. Sew the opening closed. "Goddess of Opportunity Bring good things in life to me I'll be alert to all you send Goddess be my helpful friend" Repeat 3 times, envisioning the opportunities you wish to come to you. Reverse Lunar Draw Raise the athame to the moon, then bring it to your lips and back down to your side, releasing the energy you built during the Drawing. Thank the Goddess and God. Release the Circle. Walk back around the circle, pulling the mist back into your hands. Place the poppet in your closet, your car, your handbag or somewhere else close to you. You can re-work this spell at the next full moon if you feel it's necessary. Good things will soon come.



Burn green candle use any incense drink some green tea use gold/red candle if you want big money and also drink red/burnt china tea Rub the biggest note of money u can find in your hands. chant: "Money money come to me, money money come to me, money come to me on the ______ (add date) $_______come to me on the ______(Add date) Money come to me! So mote it be! Say Aum 8 times as you rub the money and think about money. Beat a drum and chant: "Aurum, Aurum, Aurum, me venis!" Slam your fist on the candle and whack the drum! Works best if you are in a circle made of red gemstones and yellow flowers or green flowers. You can invoke/invoke any goddess for money or fortune that you like!



You will need two green candles, one gold candle, a soft incense, and a fire proof container. Light the candles and meditate on how wonderful it would be to be without bills. Start with the bill you want paid off the most and move down the list of bills from there. On a blank piece of paper make up a statement that looks roughly like the bill. Write the total amount of the bill down and whatever else you need to make the bill seem real to you. Concentrate on this for a minute imagining that amount of money. This can be done by imagining a check written out for that amount or by imagining counting out that amount of money to the most evil bill collectors. Write with a red pen or marker across the bill in large letters "Paid in full". Then burn the bill and say "As I will it so mote it Be"



Hold a note in your hand (ten pounds or dollars) and rub it. Burn a green/blue candle that you have purified. Imagine swimming in a pool of notes and having everything that money can buy. Then say how much money you want and by when and then say Aum 8 times and scream come to me! Slam your fist with the note onto the flame to put the candle out!



Get a coin...nickel... dime ...what ever... no pennies, you want a lot of wealth not a little. Take the coin and bless it by fire, Heat it in a flame then bless it by wind , blow on it, then water, Drop it in water that you have empowered and purified.... then earth Bury it next to your front door. This will bring wealth into your home.



Needed --green silk mojo bag (cleansed & consecrated) comfrey bayberry root --tiger's eye stone coin imprinted with your year of birth --sacred rune stone FEOH (you can write it on a small flat stone) Cleanse consecrate and dedicate all items to bring you wealth, riches, money and prosperity. Put all items in the bag. Either carry with you to attract $ or keep it with your money at home.



I suggest doing this spell during a Full Moon on a Thursday, for maximum effect. Now you will need to create an altar on any natural surface (such as a wooden table, the ground outside ect.). Now place on the altar your items: East: your incense (Sandalwood) South: your candle West: a bowl or coudron filled with water North: your stone and a dish of salt Center: 3 apples 1 green piece of paper 1 Green pen (or magic marker) After you have set up your altar, take a shower or bath, to cleanse away any unwanted energies. When ready make sure you will not be disturbed (turn the phone ringer off, close your door ect.). Take your salt and make a circle of it around you and your altar. Now it is time to start! Close your eyes and, in your mind's eye see all the earthly possessions that you would like to attain - the things that would make you happy, joy - filed and comfortable. Invocation - face each quarter (direction), and say the following: East/Air: " I call upon the Lords of the Watchtower of the East! Bring to this enchanted realm your golden color and sacred knowledge of obtaining earthly prosperity." South/Fire: " I call upon the Lords of the Watchtower of the South! Bring into this enchanted real your powers of passion and desire." West/Water: " I call upon the lords of the Watchtower of the West! Bring into this enchanted real your powers of abundance; let money flow to the seeker like a great river." North/Earth: " I call upon the Lords of the Watchtower of the North! Great and strong Earth Mother, the one who sustains us all, bestow your earthly treasures on me, the one who is seeking." Goddess: " Great goddess Isis, you who are most powerful; come to this realm, into this palace of gold that have created! I ask that you bless me with abundance and great wealth, with no harm to themselves or anyone! So Mote It Be! At this time concentrate on what it is you want; visualize it and see yourself with it, see yourself sitting comfortably in an arena of gold in full prosperity, can you See It? Taste It? Smell It? Let the feeling and vision envelop you; let it's essence fill every cell in your body. On a piece of paper make a check out to yourself and put the amount you desire on it, Make it look as if it were written out to you. Now say aloud the following 3 times: "Abundance, Prosperity, come to me! With no harm to anyone, including myself. The prosperity is mine with all the powers that be! I will it to be! So be it, So it be, Blessed Be!" Then burn the list or carry it with you. When you have experienced it fully and seen it in your mind's eye, the spell is complete.



Chant twice and clap hands at end: Joy, Joy, come to me, come and dance and play with me, Fill my life with prosperity, come, come to me!



Items Needed: --2 to 4 pounds of paraffin Thin candlewicking Green candle dye (or a green crayon) --1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon 1/2 tsp. ground nutmeg A small bowl Patchouli essential oil --A large pot A clean coffee can Baking soda (for fire safety) 1 wooden spoon Wax paper 1. To speed the melting process, grate or chop the paraffin into small pieces before melting. Fill the large pot about 1/3 full of water. Place on high heat until boiling. Place the paraffin in the coffee can, and set the can into the pot. Turn the heat down to medium. Watch the paraffin as it's melting. Paraffin easily bursts into flames over high heat (this is exactly why it's used to make candles). If flames appear, place a lid over the can or drench the area with baking soda to snuff out the fire. If you keep the heat low you should have no problems. 2. While the paraffin is melting, place the two spices into the bowl. Mix them together, empowering them as you visualize money manifesting in your life. Infuse the herbs with your goal. 3. Check the paraffin. For best results, you should have at least 6 inches of melted paraffin. If there's less, add more paraffin. (If the paraffin has melted, but has begun to harden, the heat is too low. Turn it up a bit.) Add a few chunks of green candle dye to the paraffin and mix with the wooden spoon. Alternately, remove the paper wrappings from a green crayon, break it into pieces, and add this to the paraffin. The dye will melt. Stir until the paraffin is evenly colored. The finished, dried candles will be a shade or two lighter than the color of the melted paraffin. More dye may be necessary to create the desired dark green shade. 4. Once the paraffin has been tinted, sprinkle the spices onto the paraffin with your projective hand. Dust off your fingers over the pot and stir the herbs into the paraffin with the wooden spoon. Stir clockwise and visualize. Add eight to sixteen drops patchouli essential oil to the paraffin and again stir with the wooden spoon. Smell the paraffin. It should be heavily scented. If not, add more patchouli oil. 5. Begin dipping. Hold a length of cotton wicking between your thumb and forefinger. Dunk it into the paraffin. It will probably just float on the surface the first few times you do this, for the wick lacks enough weight to plunge it to the bottom of the can. After dipping, remove it and hold it in the air for a moment or two until the paraffin has set, then dip again. Dip again, lifting the wicking completely from the melted paraffin, allow the paraffin to set, and re-dip. Repeat as needed. The longer you wait between drippings, allowing the paraffin to harden, the faster the candle will build up. If you simply dunk and dunk and dunk, the hot paraffin will melt each proceeding coat and you'll end up with a soggy piece of wick. With proper dipping, the candle will soon form. Its bottom will grow into an inverted cone-shape from the paraffin that drips down the taper's sides as it cools. This is natural; don't worry about it. 6. When the candle has achieved the proper width, hang it dry in a spot where it won't be touched for several minutes. Test the candle after 20 or so minutes. The paraffin should have set but the taper should still be warm. Check it periodically to be sure that it hasn't completely hardened before the next step. 7. Turn off the heat under the paraffin. Place the wax paper on a counter or table. Lay the candle on the paper and gently, with an easy rocking motion roll the candle back and fourth on the wax paper. This straightens the taper and reduces irregularities on its surface. 8. When the candle is fairly straight, cut off the inverted cone at the bottom of the candle with a sharp knife. Dip the taper two more times into the melted paraffin and hang to dry until hard. You've just made a money candle. (To save time and produce more tapers, make two, three, or four at a time. Hang each to dry as you dip the next.) 9. To use your Money Spell Candle, choose a time when you'll be alone. Smell the rich, prosperous scent and visualize money manifesting in your life. Hold the candle tightly between your palms. Send energy into it, saying something like the following words: "I charge you by Jupiter, I charge you by the Earth, I charge you by the Sun, Moon, and Stars: Bring money to me, Prosperity. Money to me, Prosperity. Money to me, Prosperity." Set the candle in a holder. Light it. Sit or stand before it, watching the flame transform the wax into a liquid. Visualize the candle releasing the energies that you've placed within it. Sense it sending out the power to bring your need for money into manifestation. Let the candle burn down to its end (if in a safe location). Or allow it to burn for 4, 8, or 16 minutes daily until your need manifests. Note: Never blow out the candle. Always use a candle snuffer. always add "May this money come to me without any harm or distress to others..."



Supplies: -- 1 green candle 6 coins a green pouch or cloth cinnamon Create a circle with the coins around the candle. Light the candle and chant 3 times: Money flow, money grow, money shine, money mine! Sprinkle the bag or cloth with cinnamon and collect the coins and place them inside. While doing this chant: Bring me money 3 x 3. Keep the pouch or cloth with you for awhile.



Money Powder Mix equal amounts of the following herbs together: Chamomile, marigold, hyssop, jasmine, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, cinquefoil. combine all herbs with your hands empowering them with your energy and your need. Sprinkle in your purse, wallet, mailbox, anywhere you might expect to receive money. Rub It on your money before you spend it to call it back to you. Create a money spell, using green candles and this money powder on your altar.



Light a candle, burn some cinnamon incense (money drawing) and say these words on 7 days during the Waxing Moon and on the night of the Full Moon. Keep it up until you have what is needed. There is One Power, Which is perfect abundance and fulfillment. And I (your name), am a perfect manifestation of this Power. The Power, working for me and through me, provides for me all the abundance and fulfillment which is rightfully mine. I draw to me and create in my life all that I need in the World of Form to fulfill my needs. This may come specifically in the form of money, I hereby realize all cause, effect, manifestation, form and essence and any channel within me, Which may have been preventing the appropriate flow of abundance in my life. I draw upon the balance of resources in the Universe, For the good of all, According to the free will of all, And I affirm my own wisdom in understanding my needs, and how to fulfill them. I call to me just enough resources, Knowing I deprive none, And am not deprived myself, I have just enough. And so must it be.



-Sprinkle cinnamon on your money. -Always hand notes folded in half. -Before shopping envision that whatever you spend comes back threefold. -Sprinkle dried mint or cinnamon in your purse or wallet. -Everyday drop a penny into a jar and say: "My life is filled with abundance And all my needs are met." -Place basil leaves in pocket/purse. -Place mint leaves with your money to make it grow. -Keep an .organic, unhulled almond in your purse or wallet; wrapped in a piece of green cloth and you will always have enough money.



When you receive money, place it on the center of a table face up. Hold your hands over it with the 2 index fingers and 2 thumbs touching (creating a `hole' that you can see through). Concentrate on the money, see it bigger blossoming repeatedly. When you lose the visualization put the money away.



The moon should be dark or waning. You should perform this on a Saturday. Take 7 sheets of toilet paper and write: "I banish poverty" On each sheet. Flush them all down the toilet saying: I banish poverty. With each one. Do this every day from the full moon à the dark moon.



The Moon's energy is most intense when she reaches abundant fullness. Any magical effort, especially difficult ones, can benefit greatly from the potency of this phase. Use the full Moon to amplify magical intent and to give spellworkings additional power. To seal spells performed during the full Moon, use this chant or one of your own choosing. Abundant Mother, Moon so bright Hear my plea upon this night. Your fertile power lend this spell Make it potent, strong, and well



You will need: A green candle A purple candle A talisman with your religious symbol (pentacle, cross, star of David, etc) Place a green candle on one side of a room. Place a purple candle on the other side. Now, light the purple candle. With your religious talisman hanging from a chain or string (to be worn as a necklace) dangling from your right hand, pick up the purple (lit) candle with your right hand. Now walk in a straight line across the room directly to the green candle. Using the purple one, light the green candle. Set down the candle so they sit next to each other. Chant, "I walk forth without doubt and fear, And success draws me near." Lay the necklace in front of it and meditate for awhile on the success you need. Let the candles burn themselves down, and wear the necklace whenever you wish success you follow you. When you walk through a door to job interviews, auditions, or anywhere you need success, imagine how you walked in a straight line in your ritual, and consciously make an effort to do the same when passing through the door.



This spell should be performed on a waxing moon. You will need: your business card, a pen, cotton wool, 30 cm of red ribbon, a glass bottle, honey. Visualize yourself happy and working and say: "My life and accounts shall soon be in balance" Draw a bee on the back of your business card, buzzing from flower to flower. Lay it on the cotton wool. Roll into a cylinder, wrap it around with the ribbon saying: "My life and accounts shall soon be in balance" Place the scroll into the bottle, fill it with honey, replace the stopper, saying: "My life and accounts shall soon be in balance" Plant an oak tree and bury the bottle under it, or place the bottle into the freezer. Every evening in the waxing moon water the tree, or turn the bottle clockwise repeating the above.



You will need: green wire/ribbon, a green candle (optional), a black marker and 1$ bill. After lighting the candle, take the marker, write: "By all the energy around me, take this spell and return money." on the bill. Then roll the bill up and tie it w/ the green wire/ribbon. Put it somewhere safe where it won't be bothered.



If your business has walk-in customers, wash down the front entrance floor and the door handle. For mail order businesses, wash down the mailbox, and so on. Once a week, use this wash to scrub down the walls and floors of your business, making a fresh batch each time. Mix 1 oz of powdered squill root, 1 oz of powdered yellow dock, 1/4 oz of five-finger grass, 1 tsp. of cinnamon and 1 tbsp. of blessed salt. Mix well and add two teaspoons of this mixture to 1 pint of fresh water. This wash is also good for attracting tenants to an empty apartment or house.



Have some small coins or even some play money and/or pictures of cash and checks and put out your gem stones to place on the altar on the star card from your Tarot pack. The Spell The money real or play or pictures of it and old used checks and bills to be paid is all placed on the altar not as an object of worship, but as a symbol to your deep mind of what you intend to obtain. You may wish to place any Goddess statue or other religious symbol behind the symbolic wealth, as a reminder that the money is not, after all, the ultimate in value. Then proceed. Standing up, drum on an old tin or kids toy or anything that makes a noise and chant to raise power. As the power moves toward its peak, imagine a huge transparent funnel over you, and huge amounts of cash, checks and other forms of wealth cascading down through it pile up around you. Give thanks for the wealth which you know to be headed your way, open the circle.



This spell is best worked on a Sunday or a Thursday during the waxing moon. Tools: A frying pan with a little olive oil inside on low heat. Look in cupboard or garden for any dried or fresh mint or basil or any cinnamon or sage -even sage and onion stuffing mix! Any catnip or chamomile anything will do out of all that! All herbs and stuff associated with prosperity) Have also Cup of water, Dish of salt or earth And Your index finger to use as a wand. Cast the circle however you choose. But do it to sort of include the cooker and pan Invite the Lord and Lady to your circle in whatever manner is most comfortable to you. Cast the herbs and other stuff =not water though! onto the pan with oil and simmer them very heat while visualizing your goal - whether it be bills that you need to pay or whatever reason you are seeking financial help. Sprinkle a just few drops of water and salt or earth upon the mixture! As you move your index finger over the pan clockwise to blend the energies, say: "By the powers of air, fire, water and earth, I release this spell. I ask for Divine guidance as I seek help this day with finance for _____ With harm to none, this spell be done." Spend a few moments in meditation, visualizing the small amount of heat from the pan smoke carrying the energies out of the circle and into the universe. Now turn off pan scrape out all the mess in your pan and bury it in the earth outside and plant any seed you like on top of it in your yard so that as the spell manifests it will grow along with the money!

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