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Tonic waters containing the energies of the moon embody very powerful healing benefits that bring about integral balance and wholeness throughout the body, mind and soul. Clear quartz crystal catalyses the absorption of lunar energies as well as amplifies the healing benefits. Wait for a clear night, preferably on or right before the full moon. Put your crystal in a clear glass and cover with one cup of purified water. Check an almanac for the exact time of sundown on the day you have chosen. At sundown, place the glass out of doors in a moonlit place (cover the glass with clear plastic wrap). Remove the glass at dawn. The water is now filled with lunar potency. Drink the moon water every morning to prepare your body, mind and spirit for the stress of the day.




The waxing phase of the Moon is the best time to build the body up. This is when I use nurturing herbs and tonics to strengthen the body's natural immunities. Raspberry leaf is an excellent tonic for female reproductive organs; hawthorn berries are good for the cardiovascular system; nettle is a great blood tonic; marshmallow root is a soothing tonic for the urinary tract; astragalas is a wonderful immune system tonic; burdock is a good liver tonic; red clover builds fertility; oat straw is good for the nervous system; and alfalfa is a fantastic all-around nutritive tonic. These herbs are simple and gentle. They are best taken in a cup of tea, three to five times a day. During the waxing phase I also like to increase water intake to avoid water retention. The more water we ingest, the less water our bodies attempt to retain. This is also a good time to apply medicinal salves and to take therapeutic baths. Most importantly, I work during the waxing Moon to ensure that the body has all the nutritional support it needs. This is the body's building time, and it needs a good supply of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, lipids, and amino acids to be healthy. I would also not attempt to fast or to lose weight during the waxing Moon. Use energy healing techniques to strengthen and reconnect with the earth. Be careful to ground and center when healing so that you never use up your own life force energy. The universe is full of energy to use, and by tapping into it you will be able to help many more people than you could by using just your energy alone.



The Full Moon lasts about three days. It is a very intense phase. Many women still ovulate with the Full Moon. This is the time to apply the most powerful herbs. Use cayenne capsules to treat infections of any kind. Goldenseal is a well-known herbal antibiotic. Echinacea and lomatium are anti-viral. Dong quai is an excellent herb for female hormonal fluctuations. Energy healing work during the Full Moon is very powerful. On the energetic level, it acts like a magnifying mirror. The strong lunar energy pulls everything out of hiding and reflects it back at us. This is often the time during an acute illness when people feel their worst. The Full Moon intensifies whatever else is going on. Often people aren't even aware that they're sick until the Full Moon hits. This is also an excellent time for psychological therapy. Emotions seem closer to the surface than usual and social inhibitions melt away. Agendas that have been simmering under the surface tend to come out under the light of the Full Moon. This is a time to strengthen relationships and reaffirm bonds. Never underestimate the healing power of simply holding someone's hand and listening. This is not the time for isolation or introspection . The Full Moon draws all of life toward it. Even the solid ground rises several inches when the Full Moon passes overhead!



The waning Moon is the best time to employ therapeutic fasts. Avoid drastic fasting. There is usually no need to starve the body to heal it. However, it may be helpful to limit your intake to juices and soups for a few days during the waning Moon, particularly when struggling with the flu. Use purifying herbs in moderation at this time. Sage, usnea, ginger, lemon, thyme, lavender, and peppermint are all cleansing and clearing herbs. The waning Moon is also a good time to do sweats and diaphoretic (sweat producing) baths. In addition, if you are trying to kick a habit, do it during the waning phase. Use energy healing techniques to sever unhealthy bonds and strengthen boundaries.



The New Moon is as powerful in its own way as the Full Moon. It is a time for taking stock. It is a phase of hibernation, retreat, and contemplation. Avoid crowds and gatherings and seek a little time for yourself. Rest is crucial during the New Moon. Simple foods and quiet times are powerful healers. Many women menstruate with the New Moon. It is natural to want to curl up in bed with a good book and nice cup of chamomile tea. Stronger nervines (relaxing herbs) are skullcap, hops, catnip, oatstraw, and valerian. After the New Moon ends and that first crescent appears, then the healing lunar cycle begins all over again. Most acute diseases do not last a full lunar cycle. The information in this article is only intended to be an educational tool, not a prescription. It is always wise to consult with your health care provider when experiencing any illness or discomfort. Awareness of the rhythms of nature can assist you and your health care provider in determining the best course of treatment at any given time. Naturally, some conditions will require that you apply therapies that don't necessarily "fit" with the phase of the Moon.


Moon Magick

WAXING MOON: the waxing Moon is the best time to do a spell for growth, beginning new projects, initiation and enhancement.

WANING MOON: during the waning Moon, do spells to banish evil influences, lessen or remove obstacles and illness, neutralize enemies, and to remove harm.

NEW MOON: three days after the New Moon are the most powerful times to work spells for growth and beginnings which should manifest at the Full Moon.

FULL MOON: the days just before the Full Moon are the most powerful times for fruition and completion. Remember that even though the Moon looks Full Moon in the sky for two or three nights, it is only EXACT at the time posted on your calendar. Anything after that time is a waning influence. Do your Full Moon spell before the exact time listed.

MOON QUARTERS: The First Quarter is the mid-point between the New Moon and the Full Moon. The Last Quarter is the mid-point between the Full Moon and New Moon.



Moon Phase Myths

When people lived with Nature, the changing seasons had a great impact on religious ceremonies. The Moon was seen as a symbol of the Goddess. Because of this, the light of the Moon was considered magical, and a source of energy. Wiccans often practice magic at a Full Moon to tap into this energy thought to exist at this time. Plutarch once said "Egyptian priests called the Moon the "Mother of the Universe," because the moon, "having the light which makes moist and pregnant, is promotive of the generation of living beings.." The Gnostic sect of Naassians believed in a primordial being known as "the heavenly horn of the moon." The Moon was the Great Mother. Menos meant "Moon" and "power" to the Greeks. To the Romans, the morality of the Moon Goddess was above that of the Sun God.

In many cultures the Moon Goddess and the Creatress were the same. Polynesians called the Creatress Hina, "Moon." She was the first woman, and every woman is a wahine, made in the image of Hina. Scandinavians sometimes called the Creatress Mardoll, "Moon Shining Over the Sea." Ashanti people had a generic term used for all their deities, Boshun, meaning Moon. Sioux Native Americans call the moon The Old Woman Who Never Dies. Iroquois call her "Eternal One." Rulers in the Eritrean zone of South Africa held the Goddesses name "Moon." The Gaelic name of the Moon, gealach, came form Gala or Galata, the original Moon-Mother of Gaelic and Gaulish tribes. Britain used to be called Albion, the milk-white Moon-Goddess. The Moon was called Metra, which means Mother , "whose love penetrated everywhere."

In the Basque language, the words for deity and moon are the same. The root word for both "moon" and "mind" was the Indo-European manas, mana, or men, representing the Great Mother's "wise blood" in women, governed by the Moon. The derivative mania used to mean ecstatic revelation, like lunacy used to mean possession by spirit of Luna, the Moon. To be Moon-Touched or Moon-Struck meant to be chosen by the Goddess.

When patriarchal thinkers belittled the Goddess, these words came to mean craziness. Orphic and Pythagorean sect viewed the Moon as the home of the dead, a female gate known as Yoni. Souls passed through on the way to the paradise fields of the stars. Greeks often located the Elysian Fields, home of the blessed dead, in the moon. The shoes of Toman senators were decorated with ivory crescents to show that after death they would inhabit the Moon. Roman religion taught that "the souls of the just are purified in the Moon." Wearing the crescent was "visual worship" of the Goddess. That was why the prophet Isaiah denounced the women of Zion for wearing lunar amulets.

Because the moon was the holder of souls between reincarnations, it sheltered both the dead and unborn, who were one in the same. If a man dreams of his own image in the Moon, he would become the father of a son. If a woman dreamed of her own image in the Moon, she would have a daughter.

The Moon Goddess created time, with all its cycles of creation, growth, decline, and destruction. This is why ancient calendars were based on phases of the moon and menstrual cycles. The Moon still determines agricultural work in some parts of India. India and Egyptn moon priestesses were responsible for finding the right phase of the moon for every undertaking. The Moon was to have been the receptacle of menstrual blood by which each mother formed the life of her child. This sacer, taboo moon-fluid kept even the Gods alive. The moon was "the cup of the fluid of life immortal, quickening the vegetable realm and whatsoever grows in the sub-lunar sphere, quickening also the immortals on high." The Moon was supposed to rule life and death as well as the tides. People living on the shores were convinced that a baby could only be born on an incoming tide and a person could not die until the tide went out. It was often said birth at a full tide or a full moon means a lucky life. Girls in Scotland refused to wed on anything but a Full Moon. Witches invoked their Goddess by "drawing down the Moon." It is said to be a rite dating back to moon worship in Thessaly, centuries before the Christian era.



Lunar holidays are also known as Esbats, but any Wiccan ritual held at any time other than a Sabbat is an Esbat. Due to the rotation of the earth, the Wiccan calendar contains 13 Full Moons and 8 Sabatts, also known as Days of Power. A full moon happens every 28 1/4 days. Full Moon energy is used for banishing unwanted influences, protection and divination. A Full Moon is also a good time for planning, releasing and working backwards in time. Full Moon Magic can be done for seven days, three days before the full moon and three days after the full moon.

There are thirteen Full Moons. Each has a traditional name.

Wolf Moon January Storm Moon February Chaste Moon March Seed Moon April Hare Moon May Dyad Moon June Mead Moon July Wyrt Moon August Barly Moon September Blood Moon October Snow Moon November Oak Moon December Blue Moon variable

The New Moon is used for personal growth, healing, the blessing of a new project etc. Between the New Moon and Full Moon is the phase called Waxing Moon. Magic for this phase includes attraction magic, increasing, growth, and gain. Between the Full Moon and New Moon is the phase called the Waning Moon. Magic for this phase includes banishing magic, such a loosing negative emotions, bad habits etc. Three days before the New Moon is known as the Dark Moon, as it is not visible in the sky. Traditionally, no magic is performed at this time. It is a time for rest.


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