Free  Magic Object Spells


Light a blue and an indigo candle.
Invoke a Goddess of Wisdom, and ask for her help to enchant the book.
Inscribe the book letting the inscription express the desired wish.


To make a charm to protect you as you drive, place the following items in a small box:
three holly leaves, one clove of garlic, one sprig of cedar, one piece of clear quartz, and one
piece of dragon's blood resin. Hold the box shut, and imagine you are driving your car.
Envision yourself working in a clear, keen, and observant state.
You make decisions as necessary when you are behind the wheel;
you react with split-second timing, and you generally find joy in your role as a safe driver.
Put the box in the glove compartment of your car and follow through by always driving in
a safe and responsible manner.


Purchase a plastic toy of a dragon, dinosaur or other fierce beast.
Make sure its mouth is open showing lots of wicked teeth.
You may want to charge it first, by holding it in your hand, visualizing it fiercely protecting
your vehicle from accidents, theft and vandalizing. Say an appropriate invocation to your
god or goddess if applicable (for instance, if you are using a cat or lion toy, you may want
to invoke Bast). If you hang this in your windshield, it will fiercely protect your vehicle.


Buy or pick a ring you have, it may be metal but the color gold.
Make sure it fits your wedding finger well.
Drop it in a vessel. You can improvise if you don't' have one.
The vessel should be filled with red wine and half with water.
Add one oak leaf, on of willow One leaf of bay and two of grass
Add the name of the one you love, written on a silver piece of paper.
Keep the vessel/jar covered tight, near a window, in the sun,
from the crescent moon until the full moon.
Then rub the ring and wear it hidden, on a string around your neck.
Never tell the name of the person you seek to marry you, until you get what you want.


Preparation: At the time of the Full Moon, take your Book of Shadows (one that
hasn't been written in yet) and some incense (pennyroyal, anise or rue) outside.
Ritual: Under the light of the Full Moon, draw a pentagram on the first page and under this
write the following information: date, time, place, your magical name (and sigil if you have one),
the moon's phase and any other info you feel is important. Hold the book up to the Moon and say:
"Here as the Full Moon shines upon me,
Bless this Book I've made tonight.
I humbly ask this of thee,
Underneath your most sacred light."


With the first and middle fingers, trace a pentagram over the object to be protected.
Visualize electric blue or purple flame streaming from your fingers to form the pentagram.
Say this as you trace:
"With this pentagram I lay
Protection here both night and day.
And the one who should not touch
Let his fingers burn and twitch
I now invoke the law of three:
This is my will, so mote it be!"


Bound and Binding
Binding Bound
See the Sight
Hear the Sound
What was lost now is found
Bound and Binding
Binding Bound


Visualize a purple light flowing from your finger as you trace a pentagram into
an object that you don't want anyone messing with.
With this pentagram I lay
Protection here, night and day.
And the one who should not touch,
Let his fingers burn and twitch.
I now invoke the Law of Three,
This is my will, so mote it be.


With the pentacle I lay,
Protection here both night and day.
And the ones who may not touch,
Let their fingers burn and twitch.
I now invoke the rule of three.
This is my will, so mote it be.
(While chanting the above, trace a pentagram over the object you wish to protect.
I usually do this three times (one tracing for each couplet) and envision three separate
circles of light forming around the object.)


I will serve the Great Goddess,
And give reverence to the Great God,
I am a Pagan, A stone in the ancient circle,
Standing firmly, Balanced on the earth,
Yet open to the winds of heaven,
And enduring through time,
May the old gods witness my words


In the phase of a new moon, stand where it shine directly onto you, keep with you a bowl
of consecrated water, some crushed rose petals, a pinch of salt, and any protection incense,
also your pen of choice.
Sprinkle all the things you have gathered into the water, and say times three:
'Ink so black as the night blessed be times three
said times three with moon light blessed be.
serve me right serve only me
through good and bad so mote it be!
If using a red or blue pen, just change 'black' to whatever it may be, and change 'night' to
whatever may be fitting.


Before leaving on a lengthy journey, bless your car.
Walk around it clockwise and examine the body, the windows, the wheels, and so on.
Imagine yourself storing up more and more energy within yourself with each breath that you
take, then breathe out all of the energy, fixing it in each of the car's part. Say aloud,
"May the protection of the Lord and the Lady be in and about this vehicle,
that it may deliver us safe to our destination. So mote it be!"


The black opal is widely known as the "Witches Stone" and is prized for its magick
enhancing properties. To increase your magickal power, charge the stone with the
following chant and place it on your altar.
"Opal black, of burning fire
Add the power that's required
To make my magick hit its mark,
By light of day, or night so dark."


An Italian car charm: Take salt, a piece of palm leaf, a tiny gold horn and a small pair of
scissors or a small knife. Place these in white cloth, tie the ends shut with red ribbon and
place in the glove compartment for protection.
To enhance your own safety and that of your passengers in the car, dab some protective
oil on the seat belts, and then wear them.


To be done on a Wednesday during the Waxing moon while in vehicle you
wish to protect while parked in a quiet area.
Gather: Strength Tarot card small piece of copper wire clover star anise
catnip white cloth white candle black ribbon protection oil
Rub Oil into Candle and with front door open place candle on ground and light it.
Working inside car, imagine a triple white light of protection enveloping the vehicle.
Sprinkle the herbs around the car, concentrating on the driver side.
Take copper wire and form the shape of a star, then place star on the center of the vehicle's hood.
Visualize a safety net coming from the star and encasing your vehicle as you sit inside it.
As you do so, chant the following:
"Taliesin, Merlyn, and Cerridwen, Protect me now, your safeguard send.
Help me see clearly, on every street. No accidents, no harm, I will meet.
Copper star, by my fingers made, protect me on this very day.
Keep me in your white glow, behind the wheel, I'm in control.
East then South, then West and North. All directions guarded from this day forth.
As I will it, so mote it be."
Place all herbs, copper star, tarot card, and drips from the candle into a white cloth and
gather it into a bag. Tie the bag with black ribbon and hang inside car, or place under driver's seat.


This spell for blessing a new computer is intended only for when Mercury is direct.
To effect the spell, cut out pictures of the computer, software programs, and peripherals you
want from a computer catalog. Tape or glue them onto a piece of cardboard, and when finished
place the cardboard where you will have the computer after it arrives.
Light a silver candle and pray to the spirit of computers and the planets Mercury and Uranus
to allow this computer to take up permanent residence in your life.

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