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Walk 11 times around the object you wish to protect and say each time: Protected from Harm Who breaks this charm Will fall away Then disappear To nothingness…



Light a green candle for luck and prosperity. Charge a small green stone with your desire to find your "property" that eludes you. Chant the following 3 times: I Pray to the Moon when she is round Luck to me shall then abound What I seek for shall then be found In sea or sky or solid ground Remember, like energies attract, think of positive times spent with this lost treasure and mentally/emotionally call the lost one home.



Anything you find is lucky. When you find your lucky item, say these words: "See a (item), pick it up! All the day, I'll have good luck. And when trouble mightcome my way This little (item) will bless my day."



Tools: Mirror Orange candle Black candle Small Magnet Usual ritual requirements, such as incense, quarter candles, and athame. Method: First create the Circle and invoke the Elemental Guardians. Raise a cone of power by chanting and drumming, or racing around the circle. Then light a Black candle (for solving mysteries, and drawing away the negativeness of the loss), an Orange candle (for luck and precious objects). Visualize the lost objects in the mirror as already being found. Place the magnet between the two candles and stroke it towards you as you recite this rhyme: "By the wavering flame of this black light, Grant to me of my jewelry a sight. By the power of this orange flame, Give me luck to find the same. In this mirror the jewelry I see Make the magnet draw them to me." Substitute the name of the object for the word "jewelry". Say this three times. Close the circle, but leave the candles burning with the magnet between them until the candles burn down.



Take an object from the area in which you lost the item and hold that item in your hands. Carefully visualize the item you have lost and open your mind to the impressions that you feel from the item that you are holding. After a while, you should be able to see the lost item and see where it went to and how it got there. Remember NOT to cloud your vision with preconceived thoughts of where and what happened to the item you are looking for. Remember: An open mind sees more clearly than one "fogged" with "clouded" thoughts!



Place handfuls of each of dried lavender flowers, rosemary, one tablespoon each crushed cloves and small pieces of dried lemon peel together. Sew small cotton squares about four by four inches; leaving a space open. Stuff with herb mixture. Tie several together and wrap in tissue paper tied with raffia. Attach a note explaining that these will protect clothes from insects and can be placed in drawers, closets or boxes.



Hearken as the Witch's word Calls the lady and the lord Moon above and earth below Sky's cool blue and sun's hot glow In this right and ready hour Fill these pages with thy power May no unprepared eye to see The secrets which trusted be To I who walk the hidden road To find the hearthstone's calm abode Guardians from the four directions Hear me and lend thy protection May these truths of Earth and skies Shaded be from prying eyes But to the witches whose map this be May the way be plain to see And through all the coming ages May we find home in these pages So mote it be!



Hearken as the witch's word calls to all, a gulf to ford. Bridge the vast realities. An it harm none, do as ye please. Elements, protect and guard this book, from wandering eyes and prying looks. Fill it with thine ancient powers, in this right and ready hour. Powers of the North, the East below, help me to live, to learn, to grow. Lend your strength and stability, to practice the Craft and with love be free. Powers of East, the wind, the Sky, watch over these pages with thine eye. Your wisdom and knowledge, for these I do ask, that this book be worthy of the Craft and its task. Powers of South, Fire, and hearth, help these Shadows to prove their worth. Infuse them with all your healing and passion, so only good comes from the work that is fashioned. Powers of West, the Water and sea, change and growth are granted by thee. Bless these pages with all that you know, that righteous readers may learn and grow. And to the unschooled eye that see, confusing words and sophistry, lead them from these sacred pages, and bless their passage through the ages. For free will of all, and harm none, as I have willed it, it is now done. So mote it be!



Draw a picture or a symbol of the item on a leaf with the end of a burnt stick, a matchstick seems to work. Tie the leaf around a tree with a vine, then walk around the base of tree nine times, repeating: Ancient One of the Ancient Earth Older than time can tell Grant me the power at your command To work my magick spell. The leaf may stay up or it may not, it doesn't matter, the item is on its way to you!



Trace each symbol in red ink (either Doves Blood or Dragons Blood depending upon the situation), marker while concentrating on the symbol's purpose. If you print in color, trace the symbols with your blood. Pray or do a personal ritual to consecrate each individual charm and charge it with its purpose. Call upon the power of God/dess, or other entities that may be useful. The consecration ritual may include burning a copy of the charm. However, keep another copy to carry with you in a mojo bag of the appropriate color. You may also want to add a lodestone to the bag for extra power. If you do, remember to "feed" your lodestone at every full moon Runes make excellent focus points for meditation. The meditation will then set you on your path toward your desired goal. Carry the piece of paper with you in a pocket or in your wallet. Lay it under your pillow or on your night table when you sleep. The charms will last as long as the piece of paper. If you want to make more sturdy charms, carve and paint the symbols onto pieces of wood. (Do not laminate the piece of paper. You could, however, make several copies and consecrate all at the same time.)



To consecrate, bless and dedicate Wedding Rings to the Lord and Lady, first find the place where you wish to set up the altar. This place must not be disturbed, for it will take on sacred and holy energies, and you will not want anything to happen to this area. Write two blessings to read to each other if you desire to and use some beautiful music if there is some available. Have a Chalice of wine on the altar to drink from after the blessing. Remember, the more energy and work that you put into your blessing ceremony , the more magical energy it will take on. You may even use an energy bell or Tibetan bell to signify that you are beginning to call those spiritual guides to assist you with your blessing of the rings. Once you have found that place, take a smudge wand of Sage, light it and begin to clear the air around the altar. Constantly, keep Love and Light in your consciousness. Now, move to the four elements and ask for their guiding presence and for their blessing for your rings. Use a compass if needed to find the proper directions on the Earth. North =Earth South = Fire East = Air West = Water Around = Spirit Ask for their blessings and honor their assistance. Next, begin to set up the altar, placing each of the two rings you wish to bless on the altar gently and reverence. You may wish to use two 7 day candles (buy cheaply) to represent the eternal presence of the God and Goddess in your life. Black for God, White for Goddess. Red Candle for fire, incense for Air, small bowl of water for west, and salt for the Earth and North. Once your altar is set up the way you want it, spend a few moments in quiet meditation thinking about what this Ring Blessing Ceremony means to you. Now, allow the altar to fill you with its magic and energy. Feel the magic around you. breathe in the Love and Light from the Lord and Lady. Visual yourself and your love for each other revitalized because of it's presence. See yourself becoming more healthy, whole, and wise. Now, say aloud the Blessings you have written for each other. Sprinkle the rings with Salt for North; (Earth) Pass rings over or through the red candle flame; South (Fire) Sprinkle rings with water, West (Water) Pass rings through Incense smoke, East; (Air) Say something like: "We pledge these rings consecrated to the Lord and Lady to each other as an outward symbol of our love for each other ." Drink some wine from the Chalice holding it each to the others lips. Replace Chalice. When you are ready to end your Ring Blessing Ritual; sound the bell once again, thanking all elements for their presence and assistance. Send them back to their humble abode harming none on their way. Now, thank the Lord and Lady for their presence in your life. Take a deep breath of the fresh magic around you and repeat: So mote it be!




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