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There is nothing more satisfying than gathering a basket of fresh jasmine, honeysuckle or rose blossoms on a warm summers day and then preparing your own infused oil. There are three methods for preparing an infused herbal oil. You can use fresh or dried herbs. Flowers are best fresh, although the perfume of some flowers intensifies with drying such as gardenia, daphne and boronia. If using fresh, double the quantity as all recipes given are for dried herbs. If using fresh herbs for any of these methods leave the herbs to wilt for six hours to reduce their water content which will spoil the final product.



15 gm (1/2 oz) dried or if fresh use 30 gm (1 oz) herb (this is the total amount so if you are using a blend make sure you do not have more than this) 1 cup of oil Measure the herbs and oil and mix the oil to the herbs in a stainless steel bowl. Heat over water bath (a saucepan 1/4 filled with water) also known as a double boiler, which should be simmering. Make sure the bowl is not sitting on the bottom of the pot but is floating in the water. Keep the lid on the oil. Stir occasionally and simmer for 30 minutes. Watch the oil does not get too hot. It should not smoke or bubble. It can burn easily and will develop an acrid smell if it overheats, which is very difficult to disguise. Strain through four layers of butter muslin or some other very fine non-metal strainer. Strain twice if necessary as it is important to get all herbs out of the oil to prevent the herbal oil from going rancid or moldy. Essential oils can be added at this stage for perfume and added therapeutic benefits.


Use the same quantities of herbs and oil as for the waterbath method or approximately 3 tablespoons of finely cut herbs to 300ml (10 oz) of oil. The quantity of herb can be increased to produce a stronger oil. Put the herbs in a jar with a tight fitting lid and pour over the oil. Make surethe herbs are completely covered with oil. Add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or white wine to help break down the plant material. Leave the jar to sit in the sun all day and in a warm cupboard at night for two weeks. Strain through four layers of muslin. This process can be repeated two to three times to give a stronger oil. The final product should be strong enough to leave an aroma when massaged on the skin. Always test infused oils on the skin. Don't rely on just your nose.


Use the same quantities of herbs and oil as for Waterbath method. Place the herbs and oil in a crockpot and leave on a low heat for two hours. Follow the recipe above for straining.



This is only necessary if you are preparing large quantities that you intend to store. 1. Add 1/4 tsp. simple tincture of Benzoin to 1 cup vegetable oil. Tincture of Benzoin is prepared from the gum of an India and Egyptn tree, Styrax Benzoin. Make sure it is simple tincture of Benzoin. compound tincture of Benzoin, also known as Friars Balsam, is not suitable. 2. Add 500 I.U. of natural mixed Tocopherols or Vitamin E to 1 cup of vegetable oil.



First infuse the plant in oil. Do this by baking at low heat (120-170 degrees) in a glass pan with herb and oil together, stir occasionally. Then strain with cheesecloth and a funnel to separate plant material from the oil. Squeeze out the cheesecloth. Then grate beeswax and add to hot oil, maybe heating again over a double boiler on the stove. Pour the viscous green stuff into jars and allow to cool. Can keep in the fridge for a longer shelf life. Also, adding vitamin E oil to the mixture helps preserve it.



8 parts beeswax to 1 part vegetable oil 2 parts beeswax to 1 part lanolin and 1 part almond oil 5 parts beeswax to 1 part base oil 3 parts beeswax to 1 part jojoba oil 1 part beeswax to 1 part almond oil 3 parts almond oil to 1 part beeswax 4 parts oil to 1 part beeswax 8 parts olive oil to one part beeswax Of the several existing possible translations of the original Latin recipe, all contain herbs which are poisonous but which may bring on a common experience which is what has been described as the Witch's Sabat. A combination of the deadly thornapple, henbane, deadly nightshade, wild celery and parsley (presumably to combat that horrible 'morning after the Sabat before' breath) were used in a base of hog's fat and this was applied to two participants who had no notion of what it would do, what witches apparently did or any knowledge of flying ointments. They both described similar visions of orgiastic rites performed by demons which begs the question of whether this particular poisonous combination taps our collective unconscious or a race memory. We may never know as those are so deadly, it is unlikely research could possibly proceed. This has legal alternatives to henbane, datura, monkshood, cowbane, mandrake, and other reputed ingredients of the ancient flying ointments.



2 drops ylang ylang oil 2 drops sandalwood oil 2 drops clary sage oil To attract love, rub Romance Magnet Oil onto a pink candle and then burn it for three hours a day, every day, until the person makes an advance. When used for an existing relationship, the ritual may be ended when harmony is established or resumed. If you have no one special in mind, burn the candle until a potential lover appears. The candle should be snuffed rather than blown out, the reason being that a spirit resides in the flame and to blow it out would blow your prayer or wish away.



On a Friday evening when the Moon is waxing gather a little orris root, an earthen bowl and a quantity of pure olive oil. If you are a woman also have a vial of jasmine oil or pachouli for men. Lay a pink cloth on the altar. Light pink candles. Pour the orris root into the earthen bowl, then add about half a cup of olive oil. Stir with the forefinger of your strong hand seven times clockwise. Now add the essential oil, no less than three drops, no more than seven. Place the bowl on the altar. Gaze into it, infusing the oil with your desire for love. Enchant it by saying: Love, love, love, love, love, love, love. Simple and to the point, right? You might want to substitute a favorite love poem or sonnet. Pour the oil into a jar and cork it tightly. Leave in a dark place, surrounded by the pink altar cloth, for 7 days. Upon the next Friday night uncork the bottle, strain and then store in the same bottle until needed. Love oil should only be worn by its creator.



When the subject of Witches' ointments is mentioned, the infamous "flying ointments" immediately come to mind, at least to those with some interest in the history of Witchcraft and magick. These salves, consisting of psychoactive plants steeped in a fatty base, were rubbed onto the skin to aid in what is known today as astral projection. These are not the only types of ointments known to Witches and magicians, however. Many others have more earthly uses that correlate to those of oils. In fact, any of the oils mentioned in the Oil section can be converted to ointments simply by adding them to melted beeswax, lard or (in today's world) vegetable shortening. However made, ointments should ideally be kept in crystal or porcelain containers. Realistically, any jars with tight-fitting lids will do fine. Keep ointments away from heat and light. Be warned - though most of the ointments discussed in this section are fairly innocuous, some of them are poisonous and may be lethal. By including them in this work, there is in no way advocating use of such hazardous mixtures. These ointments form a part of herb magic of long-gone days, and so are included here solely for their historical interest.



Ointments are easily made. They consist simply of herbs or oils and a base. In the past, hog's lard was the preferred base because it was readily available, but vegetable shortening or beeswax produces the best results. The base must be a greasy substance that melts over heat but is solid at room temperature. Some herbalists actually use dinosaur fat (I.e., Vaseline, which is prepared from petroleum)! There are two basic ways to create magical ointments.



Gently heat four parts shortening over low heat until liquefied. Watch that it doesn't burn. Add one part dried herbal mixture, blend with a wooden spoon until thoroughly mixed, and continue heating until the shortening has extracted the scent. You should be able to smell it in the air. Strain through cheesecloth into a heat-proof container, such as a canning jar. Add one-half teaspoon tincture of benzoin to each pint of ointment as a natural preservative. Store in a cool, dark place, such as the refrigerator. Ointments should last for weeks or months. Discard any that turn moldy, and lay in a fresh batch.



This process creates a more cosmetic ointment without a heavy, greasy feeling. It is best to prepare it with oils rather than herbs, as it is difficult to strain. If possible, use unbleached beeswax. If not, use what you can find. Chip it with a large, sharp knife so that you can pack it into a measuring cup. Place one-fourth cup or so of beeswax in the top of a double boiler (such as a coffee can set into a larger pot of water). Add about one-fourth cup olive, hazelnut, sesame or some other vegetable oil. Stir with a wooden spoon until the wax has melted into the oil. Remove from the heat and let cool very slightly, until it has just begun to thicken. (This step is taken so that the hot wax won't evaporate the oils.) Now add the mixed oils to the wax. Stir thoroughly with a wooden spoon and pour into a heat-proof container. Label and store in the usual way. In the recipes that follow, the recommended method of preparation will be mentioned.



Once the ointment is made and has cooled in its jar, empower it with its particular magical need. This vital step, remember, directs the energy within the ointment, readying it for your ritual use.



Ointments are usually rubbed onto the body to effect various magical changes. As with oils, this is done with visualization and with the knowledge that the ointment will do its work.



4 drops Cedarwood 2 drops Sandalwood 1 drop Eucalyptus 1 drop Cinnamon Add to the melted beeswax/oil base, cool, and anoint the body to speed healing as needed. Do not apply to wounds, burns or broken skin!



3 parts Galangal 2 parts Ginger root, dried 2 parts Vetivert 1 part Thistle Steep the herbs in shortening, strain, cool, and anoint the body at night.



4 drops Ylang-Ylang 2 drops Lavender 1 drop Cardamom 1 drop Vanilla extract Add the oils to the beeswax/oil base. Make in the usual way and anoint the body when looking for love.



3 parts Galangal 2 parts Dill 1 part Ginger 1 part Peppermint 1 whole Vanilla bean Prepare with shortening in the usual way. Anoint the body (but not to tender areas)



5 drops Sandalwood 3 drops Lemon 1 drop Rose Prepare with the beeswax/oil base. Anoint yourself to attune with the Goddess of the Moon and during Full Moon rituals.



2 parts Mallow 2 parts Rosemary 1 part Vervain Make in the usual way with shortening. Rub onto the body to drive out negative influences and to keep them far from you.



3 parts Bay 3 parts Star Anise 2 parts Mugwort 1 part Yerba Santa Make in the usual way with shortening. Anoint the temples, middle of the forehead and back of the neck to improve psychic powers.



3 drops Lemongrass 2 drops Bay 1 Yarrow Mix with the beeswax/oil base and anoint as with the above formula.



4 drops Patchouli 3 drops Oakmoss Bouquet 1 drop Clove oil 1 drop Basil oil Make according to the beeswax/oil method and anoint the body and hands daily to attract riches.



4 drops Frankincense 3 drops Orange 1 drop Cinnamon Make according to the beeswax/oil method. Anoint the body to attune with the Solar God, especially on Wiccan Sabbats.



3 parts Vervain 3 parts Sandalwood 2 parts Cinnamon 1 part Carnation petals Make in the usual way with shortening. Store in a container marked with a pentagram (five-pointed star, one point facing up). Anoint the body prior to Wiccan rituals to become one with the Goddess and God and that which lies beyond them.



3 drops Frankincense 2 drops Myrrh 1 drop Sandalwood 1 drop Orange 1 drop Lemon Make according to the beeswax/oil method. Use as with the above ointment.



4 parts Rosemary 2 parts Rose petals 1 part Anise 1 part Fern 1 part Myrtle Make with shortening. For preserving or re-attaining youth, stand nude before a full-length mirror at sunrise and lightly anoint your body, visualizing yourself as you would like to be.



There are four common methods used for making oils. Each of these methods is highly effective and is used professionally as well as for home use. Solar Infusion Method Using the simplers' measure, place the desired amount of herbs and oil in a glass jar. Cover tightly. Place the jar in a warm, sunny spot. In Europe and the Mediterranean the jars are placed in sandboxes to attract greater amounts of heat. Let the oil/herb mixture infuse for two weeks. People always ask why the oil doesn't go rancid sitting out in the hot sun. According to natural laws, it should. But for some magickal reason, it seldom does. I believe it's because of the alchemical fusion of the sun, the herbs, and the oil. But once strained, the oil will definitely go rancid very quickly if left in the hot sun. At the end of two weeks, strain the herbs, rebottle your beautiful herbal oil, and store it in a cool dark area. If you wish a stronger oil, add a fresh batch of herbs to the oil, and infuse for two more weeks. This will double the potency of your medicinal oil.


Place the oil/herb mixture in a pan with a tight-fitting lid or in glass canning jars. Put the pan and/or jars in a larger pan with sufficient water to cover up the bottom half of the container. Turn the oven on the lowest temperature possible and allow the herbs and oil to infuse for several hours. Check frequently to prevent the oil from overheating and burning.



Place the herbs and oil in a double boiler, cover with a tight-fitting lid, and bring to a low simmer. Slowly heat for one-half to one hour, checking frequently to be sure the oil is not overheating. Then lower the heat, and the longer the infusion, the better the oil. This is a quick and simple method that appeals to many modern-day herbalists. Oil heats up very quickly. Be mindful of the temperature. Your preparation can quickly go from a nice herbal oil infusion to deep-fried comfrey leaves.



Both Crockpots and electric oven roasters allow for a long, slow cooking process. The roaster is most often used by small professional companies making quality herbal products. The herbs can macerate in the oil for a long period of time (two to four weeks) and the resulting oil is of a superior quality. Electric roasters can often be found quite inexpensively at bargain shops and second-hand stores. Place the herbs and oil in the Crockpot or roaster and turn to the lowest heat. Place the lid on and let the mixture steep for the desired length of time. The heat is generally higher in the Crockpot and usually two to four hours is sufficient to prepare good-quality herbal oils. Check frequently to protect against overheating and burning. In the roaster, the herb/oil mixture can steep for two to four weeks. It gives a superior, dark-green herbal oil. There are several approaches to creating a magickal herbal oil. One, the most difficult, is to use an extractor and extract the pure essential oils yourself It involves complex equipment, but is rewarding for the serious practitioner. The results are pure, essential oil. There are several approaches to creating a magickal herbal oil. One, the most difficult, is to use an extractor and extract the pure essential oils yourself. It involves complex equipment, but is rewarding for the serious practitioner. The results are pure, essential oils which can be used in a variety of ways. Pure oils of an essential, volatile nature may also be purchased commercially. It is important to know that many of these are too strong to use directly upon the skin, but make excellent incense by merely placing a couple drops upon a burning piece of charcoal. These oils may also be used with a fixative, or carrier, such as olive, sunflower, or other oils.



The simplest means of making your own oil is to begin with a fixative oil. This is placed in a sturdy pan, and to it are added herbaceous parts which have a high content of natural oil within the cellular structure. You may wish to use the flowering parts, or leaves, and in some cases the root. Gently bring this to warmth, stirring carefully. Never allow it to boil, and you may a complish excellent results by avoiding even a "hot" temperature. This process may be repeated several times over a day or more. Thus, the natural oils within the herb are released into solution with the fixative, as they are soluble in oil. There are many recipes for oils. The herbs are chosen according to their meaning and attributes. A personal mixture may be made by combining equal parts of three herbs: one for the Sun sign, one for the Moon sign, and one or the ascendant, or rising sign. One might also make a protective oil, by combining several herbs known for their ability to give protection, the individual choices made by preferences of scent. It is important to experiment. One means of trial and error for finding compatible scents is to take small amounts of the dried herbs and grind them together. Smell deeply of the aroma, and feel how it suits you. To make these, fill a jar to within ½ inch from the top with almond oil. Then add crushed herbs till it is full. Steep in a sunny window for 1 moon cycle, rotating each day. Strain out the herb and bottle. These can be added to bath salts, soaps or used for anointing candles.



Rose is used for love magic. Real essential oil of roses (rose otto or attar of roses) is so expensive that most people use either essential oil of rose geranium or artificial rose oil as a substitute. Rose has nothing at all to do with raw power or domination. Frankincense is a spiritual scent and is also used for power. It could be used in Essence of Bend-Over, but it is a little on the "nice" side for it to carry the entire weight of true domination work in this formula. Honeysuckle is primarily used as a fragrance, and, being floral, it is a frequent ingredient in love potions. The plant itself is a vine that has no strong magical connotations that I know, and what's stranger, real essential oil of honeysuckle is unstable, so most makers use the artificial, synthetic aroma. Looking at honeysuckle from the perspective of the "doctrine of signatures," one could say that it grows upon trees and somehow dominates them, but it certainly does not make them bend to its will -- and other vines of similar twining habit, such as periwinkle, are always used in love-and-marriage formulas, because of their clinging natures. In short, honeysuckle might be good for love-domination (as an ingredient in Follow me) Vetivert is one of the five "Asian Grasses" that is used (in a very small proportion) in Van Van Oil and, as such, it is a spiritual cleanser and luck-changer. It is not particularly associated with efforts of will or domination. So this recipe for Bend-Over, although very commonly encountered in the Anglo-Saxon world of aromatherapy and playful spell-cookery -- and despite its wonderful fragrance -- is not exactly what I'd call a powerful aid to domination or willful control of another's mind or activities through the doctrine of sympathetic magic as developed by root-workers. A look through any good magical herbal will reveal that there are three herbs often recommended for control and domination. They are calamus root licorice root bergamot leaf or essential oil of bergamot Calamus root produces an essential oil and it is also available as chips or powder, which can be steeped in a carrier oil. Licorice root is available as chips or powder, to steep in carrier oil Bergamot is a citrus-relative. Its essential oil must be diluted in a carrier oil because some folks are skin-sensitive or allergic to it in strong concentrations. Calamus root is white and licorice root is a deep yellow-brown. When the two are placed with essential oils of bergamot and calmus root and a few grains of frankincense in a carrier such as almond oil that has been tinted a rich yellow-orange, the result is impressive both visually and in terms of fragrance.




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