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Do you ever want to get an important message through to someone,
but you just don't know how to do it? Here is what you do:
Determine precisely what it is you want them to hear, or perhaps feel.
Write down your wish on a piece of paper in simple sentence form.
Make a dream pillow using a small square of fabric and a little batting.
Throw in a pinch of lavender and rosemary. Put in the piece of paper last, then sew up the end.
Put the dream pillow on your altar. Do an altar devotion to center yourself, then create sacred space.
Cast a circle and call the quarters if you like, but is isn't necessary.
Center yourself, then hold your hands over the dream pillow and say the following:
Holy Mother, Goddess Divine, I stand before your sacred shrine.
This person won't listen or hear My words tickle at deafened ear.
Holy Mother, Goddess Divine, Send a dream, awaken the mind.
Through his/her vision he/she might live The nightmare/passion/lesson he/she so freely give.
Holy Mother, Goddess Divine Send them your enchanted design
Clear out the cobwebs, tear down walls Carry my message through spirit calls.
Feel free to change the incantation to suit your purpose.



(so they don't continue to play the same detrimental roles in your further incarnations.)
On parchment or some other nice quality paper, write in red ink
(dragon's blood ink, bat's blood would be great too):
(Name) I declare our contract broken.
You no longer have power over me.
Never again will I be your servant, in this life or any other.
(you can use your own words, go into detail about how you feel you've been wronged
manipulated, whatever.) Sign your name, burn it with a black candle. Get rid of the ashes.



(an out of body or lucid dreaming experience.)
"Syn, good Goddess of Locks and Doors, Open the Gates I now Implore.
Allow me to pass through the Astral veil; with speed, Grant fair winds to me sail.
And when I've gained what I can learn, Roman Grant a hasty return"
Say this before Astral projection! I personally enjoy this one it really helps when I am
trying to have an out of body experience.
Most of the people would agree with me to use a meditation before some invocations to the
Gods and Goddesses. I would personally recommend it very much, because meditation allows
you to float in the magical world, where you can make spells, pray, as well as meeting new
friends from the other world. When preparing yourself for the magical working, let the feeling
of love and peace flood your mind and your heart. That way you will never, ever hurt anyone
within the magical workings. (This is my personal advice. You do not have to take it but karma
and the rule of three are real and you do tend to get back what you send out.)
When? waxing moon for spells of invitation or increase -Examples: spells to find love or get
a job waning moon for spells of banishing or decrease -Examples: spells to end loneliness or
financial problems full moon for: -maximum power -coven work What for? The spells are often
made according to zodiac circle. Every sign has its traditional needs, like:

Aries battle, beginnings

Taurus money spells, sex magic

Gemini communication

Cancer psychic work, lunar magic

Leo leadership, solar power

Virgo purification

Libra balance, work in law or for justice

Scorpio power

Sagittarius honesty, expansion

Capricorn overcoming obstacles

Aquarius healing

Pisces psychic work, endings

But, often spells are not made for traditional purposes, but for custom or adapted by you to
suit a purpose or intent you fashion or look them up for in your personal Book of Shadows.
Who? This is very large question. It depends of what You believe in (I believe in Goddess,
but for spells I use Gods also). You can use Gods, Goddess, Spirits, Heroes, etc.
Try a good Wicca or Witchcraft Web page for a list of Gods and Goddesses and Invocations
and Chants for Invoking them.
Isis: Protection, magic
Thoth: Protector of scribes and magic
Aphrodite: Love and passion
Invocation can be as simple as they can get, like this:
O, Isis
Just a little more complex:
Mighty ________, invoked by me
Mighty Thoth, invoked by Me
or very complex:
Seven stars of brightest skies invoke You, _______ to seek and find to love
in might, to give, to take and nothing to break.
Seven stars of brightest skies invoke You, Ra to seek and find to love in
might, to give, to take and nothing to break.
Make Your own and make it right, with the power of the Light.
Or if you can take the Karma try the darker or Black magic spells.
Find your own way to the Goddess's or God's word.
You can listen and hear everything that happens within your world and make your own choice.
We are all born with the Divine gift of Freewill.



1 part Dittany of Crete 1 part Cinquefoil 1 part Mugwort 1 part Parsley
Prepare an ointment and anoint the body prior to an Astral Projection session.



2 drops Sandalwood Oil 1 drop Jasmine Oil 1 drop Benzoin Oil 1 drop Mace Oil
Add these essential oils to the ointment base and anoint the body prior to an
Astral Projection session. The Gazing Technique -
This is to be done when going to bed. You need something to focus on; if it is in
view the moon, the stars, a crystal, a favorite doll will work well. Use whatever you like.
This method involves the body falling asleep, and you should never leave anything that
burns unattended. Place the object within your view and lie down in your bed.
Just stare at the object as you doze off. The first few times may be frustrating.
You may just fall asleep and that's it. Keep staring at the object. As your eyelids become
heavy, keep staring. Eventually your eyes will close, but you will still be able to see the object.
You will still be staring at the object. Sit up or stand up, and don't be surprised to see your
physical body sleeping peacefully in your bed! When you are out of your body, do whatever you wish.



Whenever we concentrate our thoughts, we draw psychic energy together.
This is called a thoughtform. Usually the energy dissipates as soon as we break the
concentration, but it is possible to purposely concentrate energy in this way, producing
very strong thoughtforms. Such thoughtforms are vortexes or centers of psychic energy.
They can exist as entities by themselves, at least for a while. They are basically inanimate,
non-thinking forces. Talking to one is about as logical as talking to a chair.
In this way, thoughtforms are similar to elementals, ghosts, and spirits.
All of these psychic entities consist of a psychic energy vortex which could be described
as a localized field or as a discontinuity of the physical world.
Psychic entities respond to certain electrostatic and magnetic fields, and to other energy vortexes.
That is why they respond to Magick ritual.
Psychic entities are sometimes able to affect our thought processes.
Thoughtforms and elementals, are usually not very smart.
If they display any intelligence at all, it is limited. They are the morons of the spirit world.
Their behavior is usually automatic, repetitive, robot-like (just like some people).
We see that artificial elementals are little more than astral robots.
Spirits and deities are more intelligent and volitional.
Directed Attention
Your mind follows your attention.
Wherever you direct your attention, there will your thoughts go too.
By directing attention to a specific place or purpose you focus mental energy upon it.
For example: you're having lunch in a cafeteria crowded with people.
It is a large place, and everyone there is talking at once, so that the room is a constant jumble of noise.
You happen to notice a man across the room; he reminds you of someone.
All at once he drops his fork and you hear it hit the table.
But would you have noticed the sound of his fork if you had not been looking?
No. Only by focusing your attention there were you able to pick out that individual event
and associated sound. It is a dark night. You are walking and the only light you have is
from the flashlight you hold in your hand. As you move the flashlight around, the beam
of light from it directs your attention first one way then another. Now, the mind is
something like that flashlight in the dark.
And by directed attention, you point the mind to one place or another.
As with that flashlight beam, you see where the mind is pointed; nothing more.
The rest is 'noise'. And so we could define mental noise as anything not focused upon.
In another way, noise could be considered as negative emotions, attitudes, and thoughts
which make it more difficult to direct the attention.
Your emotions follow your thoughts quite easily. Your emotions are not you, but are rather
reactions prompted by your model and ego -- like a performance or an act, while the real
you watches. In a similar way, directing your attention toward a specific emotion will
cause you to experience that emotion.



Light a blue candle.
Write a personal, positive, and meaningful letter to someone you desire to contact.
Burn the letter in the candle flame. As it burns, visualize the person's face and the
goal or message you want to send. Toss some thyme, yarrow, or cinnamon on the
burned letter. Concentrate on what manner you hope to receive their response.
Pick up the remains and scatter the ashes and herbs to the wind.
(Also: Do not attempt to use this spell to communicate with the dead.)



1/2 Cup shortening, 3 drops dragon's blood, 3 Tbsp. mugwort- Melt shortening over low heat.
This is your base. Add mugwort and dragon's blood to base.
Visualize your intent while stirring. Steep for 9 minutes. Strain into glass jar.



Damiana, Hemlock, celery seed, juniper berries, kava kava root, and white oak bark.
You can burn these ingredients as an incense, or use bees wax and oils
and "cook" it up into an ointment. Apply it to pulse points (wrists, neck and ankles)



This rite is loosely based upon a belief found in Hawaiian legends. In these legends, it was
said that the gods and sorcerers (kupua) possessed not one, but many bodies, and could
transfer their essence between these bodies as circumstances warranted. Thus, there were
tree bodies, human bodies, rainbow bodies, animal bodies and cloud bodies. One body could
sometimes be shared by several kupua, and a single kupua might have several bodies of each type.
The aim of this working is to transfer perception to another body - in this case, the cloud body.
It can be thought of as an "out of one body and into another" experience.
Materials Needed: An open space, dry ice, passivity
The Rite
Open by whatever means feels appropriate.
Set the dry ice in the center of the working area.
Participants circle deosil around the ice, chanting
"Ka-ao-opua-loa" (the sharp-pointed living cloud). In the Hawaiian legends, this was
the name of the kupua of the cloud people.
Circling and chanting continue for 10-15 minutes, at the end of
which all sit down in a circle as close to the ice as possible.
All stare into the fog rising from the ice until tunnel vision
sets in (the field of vision goes black except for the object focused upon).
At the moment that tunnel vision occurs, say:
As below, so above
The cloud is in my eye
Ka-ao-opua-loa carry my sight
Participants begin spinning at increasing speed with eyes closed, all the while repeating
When spinning is no longer possible, participants lie on their
backs and open the eyes completely (no squinting) and focus on the first cloud they see.
All repeat:
as above, so below
my eye is in the cloud
phenomenize the cloud-eye
Visualize a fog exactly like that rising from the dry ice leaving the eyes and rushing up
to join with the clouds. Observe it entirely passively, and with the inner voice repeat
"This self is Tenfemet-Douck, the cloud that sees."
When tunnel vision again sets in, close the eyes and open them again quickly.
Look down over the terrain that passes below your cloud-eye. Note details if desired,
but do not attempt to influence direction or speed of motion.
All control of these should be left to the wind.
When you have achieved your desired results, switch out of the passive mode
and attempt to influence direction or speed.
Find yourself back in your human body looking up at the clouds.
Banish by laughter, and with other means if desired.

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