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This technique is superior to others because it does not require intense visualization,
which many people cannot do. One of the chief barriers people learning to project
face is fear. Many are afraid that they may die, or be harmed in some way as a result
of their projection. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
Step one:
Relax the body. the ability to relax is the first prerequisite, perhaps even the first
step itself to having an OBE. This includes both physical and mental relaxation.
Do not suggest a method of attaining this relaxation, although Progressive Muscle
relaxation, coupled with deep breathing exercises (inhale 1, exhale 2, inhale 3....
until 50 or 100) are known to work well.
Step two:
Enter the state bordering sleep. This is known as the hypnagogic state.
Once again, do rcommend any method of doing this. One way is to hold your forearm up,
while keeping your upper arm on the bed, or ground. As you start to fall asleep, your arm will
fall, and you will awaken again. With practice, you can learn to control the Hypnagogic state
without using your arm. Another method is to concentrate on an object. When other images
start to enter your thoughts, you have entered the Hypnagogic state.
Passively watch these images. This will also help you maintain this state of near-sleep.
Step three:
Deepen this state. Begin to clear your mind. observe your field of vision through your
closed eyes. Do nothing more for a while. Simply look through your closed eyelids at the blackness
in front of you. After a while, you may notice light patterns. These are simply neural discharges.
They have no specific effect. Ignore them. When they cease, one Condition B. From here, one
must enter an even deeper state of relaxation which calls Condition C-- a state of such relaxation
that you lose all awareness of the body and sensory stimulation. You are almost in a void in which
your only source of stimulation will be your own thoughts. The ideal state for leaving your body is
Condition D. This is Condition C when it is voluntarily induced from a rested and refreshed condition
and is not the effect of normal fatigue. To achieve Condition D, suggest that you practice entering
it in the morning or after a short nap.
Step Four:
Enter a state of Vibration. This is the most important part of the technique, and also the
most vague. Many projectors have noted these vibrations at the onset of projection.
They can be experienced as a mild tingling, or as is electricity is being shot through the body.
The cause is a mystery. It may actually be the astral body trying to leave the physical one.
For entering into the vibrational state, offer the following directions:
Remove all jewelry or other items that might be touching your skin.
Darken the room so that no light can be seen through your eyelids, but do not shut out all light.
Lie down with your body along a north-south axis, with your head pointed toward magnetic north.
Loosen all clothing, but keep covered so that you are slightly warmer than might normally be comfortable.
Be sure you are in a location where, and at a time when, there will be absolutely no noise to disturb you.
Enter a state of relaxation.
Give yourself the mental suggestion that you will remember all that occurs during the
uncoming session that will be beneficial to your well-being. Repeat this five times.
Proceed to breath through your half-open mouth.
As you breath, concentrate on the void in front of you.
Select a point a foot away from your forehead, then change your point of mental reference to six feet.
Turn the point 90 degrees upward by drawing an imaginary line parallel to your body axis up and
above your head. Focus there and reach out for the vibrations at that point and bring them back
into your body. Even if you don't know what these vibrations are, you will know when you have
achieved contact with them.
Step five:
Learn to control the vibrational state. Practice controlling them by mentally pushing them
into your head, down to your toes, making them surge throughout your entire body, and
producing vibrational waves from head to foot. To produce this wave effect, concentrate
of the vibrations and mentally push a wave out of your head and guide it down your body.
Practice this until you can induce these waves on command.
Once you have control of the vibrational state, you are ready to leave the body.
Step six:
Begin with a partial separation. The key here is thought control. Keep your mind firmly focused
on the idea of leaving the body. Do not let it wander. Stray thought might cause you to lose
control of the state. Now, having entered the vibrational state, begin exploring the OBE by
releasing a hand or a foot of the "second body". suggest that you extend a limb until it comes
in contact with a familiar object, such as a wall near your bed. Then push it through the object.
Return the limb by placing it back into coincidence with the physical one, decrease the vibrational
rate, and then terminate the experiment. Lie quietly until you have fully returned to normal.
This exercise will prepare you for full separation.
Step seven:
Dissociate yourself from the body. Monroe suggests two methods for this.
One method is to lift out of the body. To do this, think about getting lighter and lighter after
entering this vibrational state. Think about how nice it would be to float upward.
Keep this thought in mind at all costs and let no extraneous thoughts interrupt it.
An OBE will occur naturally at this point.
Another method is the "Rotation method" or "roll-out" technique.
When you have achieved the vibrational state, try to roll over as if you were turning over in bed.
Do not attempt to roll over physically. Try to twist your body from the top and virtually roll over into
your second body right out of your physical self. At this point, you will be out of the body but next to it.
Think of floating upward, and you should find yourself floating above the body.



To get successful results from magic, work must be done upon all four of the planes.
In ascending order, these are the physical plane, the emotional plane, the mental plane,
and the spiritual plane.
Suggest working with a structure which is similar to a four-story house when practicing magic.
She says to imagine that the ground floor represents the physical plane. This floor contains
a number of rooms, each representing a particular magical technique appropriate to this plane.
This is a room where oils are blended and poured, a room where candles are molded and
consecrated, a room where waters are created, a room where powders and incense are
compounded, and a room where crystals are cleansed and charged with energy. Each of
these rooms is dedicated to a particular element, so that as you work with these physical
tools you learn about the four elements and their correspondence to the various facets
within your character.
There is a kitchen with a large hearth; this is your lab. And there is an herb garden just
outside the kitchen. There is also a storage room which contains supplies of magical tools.
As a novice, you will, of necessity, spend more time obtaining supplies for magical practice
than in creating the supplies themselves. Later, when you are more experienced, you may
decide to specialize in the creation of one or more magical tools. Finally, there is a small room
which serves as a temple where, after all your preparations, you may practice your Magick.
There are 2 important reasons to practice magic on the physical level.
First: physical materials such as herbs and incense stimulate your senses, which in turn
activate certain areas of your psyche and create an emotional state in you conducive to
the practice of magic. Second: the use of physical materials grounds energies generated
on the higher planes so that you obtain tangible results from your magical operations.



According to Nancy Watson, this is the second floor of the house. It also contains several rooms.
There is a quiet room where you can daydream and visualize what it is you want to achieve.
There are studios where you can experiment with music, dance, or the visual arts to see what
effect these have upon your emotional state. And there are a variety of therapy rooms available
so that you may release the emotional stresses which are the primary cause of physical illness and pain.
The emotional plane plays a pivotal role in magic. Desire to achieve a goal urges you to move up
on level to the mental plane where you can plan your magical operations for optimal results.



The third floor is a symbol of the mental plane. This story is a vast library, with books of knowledge
on all subjects, not just metaphysics and magic. There are chairs and couches so that you can mull
over your goals and plans in comfort. There are writing desks, where you can create affirmations
and incantations. The only sound tolerated here is the muffled shuffle of cards and the click of
runes or coins as oracles are consulted. Feel the analysis and planning you do on this level are
critical to the safe achievement of your goals through your practice of magic.



The fourth and top floor represents the spiritual plane. This is a large and lovely room, filled with
works of art of all that has ever been held sacred on Earth. There is a beautiful brazier, containing
the fire of purification and creativity. The roof opens, like the dome of an observatory, on clear
starry nights. A spiral ladder climbs to the open sky so that you may without hindrance observe
the starts, offer prayers, and receive the influx of divine inspiration. It is a generally quiet plane,
except for those times when chants and music are heard.
the work you do on the spiritual level affects all lower levels, and gives depth and permanence
to your magickal operations.


These four planes comprise the formal architecture of magic.

CELLAR. The cellar is a dark and labyrinthine place. It contains all your instincts and personal
memories. It also contains those feelings, thoughts, and urges you choose to deny or ignore.
Your sanity and the quality and quantity of your energy depend on this, for what goes on in the
cellar will eventually affect, for good or ill, the emotional plane. The cellar is otherwise known as
your personal unconscious. if you wish to practice magic safely, you must have a deep knowledge
of what is going on in your personal unconscious.



To use modern scientific terminology, as astral journey requires that
you acieve an altered state of consciousness (ASC) so that you can
go "out-of-body" to the realm you wish to visit. Saying the same
thing in old-fashioned esoterie terms, it requires that you go into
trance and use astral projection to reach the desired realm. Stated
in plain English,you must first physically relax to the extent that
you become unaware of your body, and then imagine yourself in the
realm you wish to visit. It's really quite simple.
The technique's simplicity, however, should not lull you into a
false sense of security. There are more things between heaven and
Earth than are dreamt of in you philosophy,and if you wish to explore
the areas which lie between the spiritual and physical planes, you
must be prepared to meet these "things." The astral plane is
inhabitied by a great variety of creatures, some of which--on the
lower levels, anyway--aren't particularly pleasant. Some of these are
peculiar to the individual, while others are picked up from society at large.
The unconscious mind takes your darker feelings and thoughts and
molds them into those forms, personal or collective,which will most
frighten you so that you will heed its warnings. Individuals who face
their inner demons head-on, usually through the psychotherapeutic
process, don't have to fear confronting them while exploring ASCs,
because the mere act of acknoledging them effectively exorcises them.
But for those who have not squarely faced the ugly or dangerous
aspects of their characters, it is quite a different story.
Psychological considerations aside, classical esoteric theory
maintains that the universe contains some energies--beings, creatures
or whatever one wishes to call them--that are not altogether friendly
to humankind which, if suddenly or unexpectedly confronted, could
cause a good deal of trauma for any magician operating at levels
other than normal consciousness.
My purpose in discussing possible dangers relating to astral
travel is not to frighten you to the extent that you don't attempt
it, but rather to warn you that safety measures are required for this
kind of work--even for those who are experienced and knowledgeable
about the Shadow side of their characters. My own psychotherapy has
exposed to view most of my inner demons, but even so I would never
consider going out-of-body without adequate protective measures.
Never indulge in drugs or alcohol prior to astral travel. To do
so is to court disaster. As Dion Fortune said:

To open the psychic centres and contact other planes
does not constitute the whole of psychism. 'It is
necessary to know how to approach and handle that which
is contacted. Drugs do not confer this knowledge, which
only comes with experience'....Moreover, a dangerous
astral contact may be formed at the very first
experiment. (Note from Molli- Ms. Fortune states that some
on the Left-Hand Path may use drugs for raising con-
sciousness, i.e. black magician, so if you are not on
that path, they are stating to avoid this)

It is imperative that you perform the personal and god symbols
exercises recommended by Murry Hope. (will be given at end)before you
attempt this journey, or any other form of astral travel. These
symbols will act as your passport and personal security guard while
you explore altered states of consciousness.
Shamanic journesy with earthly destinations require that you
move downward, at least for a time, before you reach the disired
realm. Astral journeys with cosmic destinations--those which require
you to leave the planet and move into space--demand that you move
upward before reaching you destination. Keeping these principles in
mind, you can easily design you own astral travels.
Journeying requires a good deal of physical and mental
discipline. When leading groups of people on shamanic journeys, it's
been my observation that some individuals have difficulty remaining
physically still. This usually reflects a parallel mental unrest. The
inability to acieve physical or mental stillness represents a serious
obstacle in the path of the aspiring magician. One of the best ways
to overcome the problem is through the practice of Hatha and Raja
Yoga. Hatha Yoga teaches bodily discipline, and Raja teaches
meditation (mental stillness). My own Hatha Yoga teacher included
meditation along with physical instruction; it's my understanding
that this is normal procedure.
Astral travel plays a large part in the advanced magician's
repertoire, and with good reason. It enables them to acquaint
themselves with beings who can help them with their projects. There
are reasons for journeying beyond the purely practical, however.
Knowledge may be gained from beings who belong to other dimensions--
and in magic (as in life), knowledge is power.



We all hate those evil beings who steal our good work, our dreams, and lovers,
this spell is also good to erase old memories that tend to haunt us through out our life.
What you will need:
Two white candles representing the God (right side of altar) and a Goddess (left side of altar)
Your favorite smelling incense.
SEA SALT!! This is very extremely important and you can buy it almost anywhere sea
salt protects a person from any and all harm.
Your favorite type of oil, for example people like the smell of rose or some people like
to use their zodiac oil if you want you can use olive oil.
What you need to do:
Your altar should have on the upper right hand a white candle representing the god
and at the upper left side a white candle to represent the Goddess.
In the middle there should be sea salt in a cup or cauldron with boiling warm water
the incense should be at the very bottom facing towards you.
Take your oil and anoint each item on you altar.
With the candles you want to start in the middle and rub up, and to go down start
in the middle and rub down while anointing say these words:
"I ward off any and all negativity, in my home, work, school, and in my everyday life,
No evil or negativity shall enter here."
After you've anointed every item picture a white light around you when you feel like
the white light is over powering picture the white light hovering over your home,
work, school, when you feel ready say these words
"Psychic vampires who lurk in the night
psychic vampire who try to destroy my life,
destroy no more of what I have achieved,
destroy no more of what I have received,
negativity is not welcome
evil as well is not welcome
in me, around me, or around people I love."
Say this out loud or to yourself but say it enough times so you feel it has worked.
When you are done picture the white light around you and your home work school etc.
and let the white candles and incense burn until it goes out by itself.



Good to do before other in-depth spells.
This spell requires two blue candles and one candle to portray yourself, and sandalwood oil.
Anoint candles with the oil and visualize yourself being translike state.
Place blue candles on either side of the chosen candle, light the blue candles and say unto thyself:
-Spirit guides/ higher self hear my plea
come now and converse with me
-Walk me and guide me through this veil trance, I ask of you
Now sit in a_comfortable position and become aware of your breathing patterns.
Inhale deeply, exhale deeply, listen to rhythmic body and breathing motions.
Become relaxed and close your eyes.
Focus on your third eye and visualize red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, indigo,
purple, and white in order. Hold each color for a count of five. Watch as it fades into
each color, still focusing on third eye. Watch your breath and see your chest rise and
fall with air (eyes still closed) and watch your breath as it as it changes into waves.
Now visualize a door on water. Visualize yourself go in and visit with your spirit
guide and ask questions. Trust the answers you receive.
Walk out the door, watch the waves turn back into breathing patterns.
Now open your eyes and say upon yourself:
-I return to earth again
-Thank you spirit self and friends
Then blow out the candles in reverse order, first your chosen candle and then the blue candles.



It is best to find a work area that you can leave untouched for 3 days.
If you must put away your tools, try to leave the spell candle out in the open.
Prepare your work area by setting up any tools you may be using in addition to your spells candle.
(Black) Love or protection incense is recommended.
While setting up your area, concentrate on the purpose of the work.
Bathe or cleanse your self. Do not let negative thought enter your mind.
Go your work area. Cast the Circle, light incense.
Envision a large, white ball of light surrounding you, your work area, and your home.
Hold the candle between the palms of your hand and direct all positive energy into it.
Place the candle and prior to lighting say,
"This candle represents protection over me in all things."
Light the candle and say,
"As the light of this flame grows, I feel the light and positive energy around me.
As this candle burns, everything around me is blessed with light and love.
I am blessed with light and love. Negative energy is banished."
Sit back and watch the candle burn.
Keep visualizing the white ball of light and protection around you..
Evision your higher self blessing you and protecting you from harm.
When the candle has burned 1/3 of the way down say,
"As the flame of the candle is extinguished...
Evil, negativity, and harm towards me is banished!
Any entity, ghost or spirit her by mistake go into the light and pass on to the world of spirit,
be not afraid as many wait for you there who you have loved and who love you.
Extinguish the candle. But don't blow it out!
Repeat this for 2 more nights. Bury or throw away the left over wax.



Power moves are movements that we make with our bodies that assist us in concentrating
and directing the energy. Most martial art use power moves to one degree or another.
When people dance from their hearts, they are doing power moves, allowing the power to speak
through their bodies. Power moves are a dance of power. Tai Chi is an ancient example of power moves.
Whenever you handle energy, you receive it with your left hand and send it with your right hand.
Your left hand acts as an antenna and your right hand broadcasts the energy you have received.
If you are open to its direction, power will instruct you-it will "tell" you what to do.
Flowing with that energy can be a powerful and centering experience.
It can also be distressing when you fight it or cannot control it.
This dance of power begins as you relax and become mentally centered.
Stand quietly with your legs shoulder-width apart.
Mentally give the power permission to flow through you and ask it to guide you.
Raise your hands and hold them in front of you.
Let your hands and body move as you feel guided.
Your movements will be smooth and rhythmic, almost like a ballet.
Power moves are a form of moving meditation. They are relaxing and energizing.
As you do them, you collect a great deal of power in your body.
They are healing to both mind and body. If it feels appropriate, you can play gentle
music or light a candle. Relax and let the energy move your body.
Notice how it feels as it flows through you.
After you have relaxed into the energy, allow it to move you for about fifteen minutes and
then stop. Gently sit down and close your eyes. Ask the universe how to use the energy
you have collected. If you don't get a specific answer, send the energy to Mother Earth
so it can heal the planet, yourself, and the people you love. Allow yourself to bathe in the
joy of that energy. If you are having a difficult time feeling the guidance of the energy,
start with your hands. Hold them in front of your face and move your right hand clockwise
and your left hand counter- clockwise. Move them slowly and rhythmically in and out.
Gently notice how it feels. Then while you are sitting in a chair, begin moving your legs
in a circular motion, noticing how it feels. After you are comfortable with those movements,
stand up and again begin with your hands. First move one hand out and away from you and
then step rhythmically out with one of your legs. Next do the same with the other hand and leg.
Slowly begin moving around the room. Notice your body and let yourself enjoy its movements.
Allow the process to be sensual and rhythmic. Be gentle with yourself as you practice allowing
your awareness to expand. Enjoy the process.

1. Practice finding power spots wherever you go.
2. Find your special power spot. We all have places on this earth that are sacred to us.
Take time to find your sacred place. Once you find it, spend some time there.
Let that place heal you and fill you with its love. Let your heart guide you to that place.
It will call to you if you are willing to listen.
3. Buy a packet of seeds and divide it in half. Do some power moves and then sit quietly
with half of the seeds. Allow yourself to feel their life energy and then slowly begin
channeling energy to them. Mentally see them growing big and strong. Plant each
group of seeds in separate pots and give them equal care. Notice how much healthier the energized group is.




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