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Saffron green cotton square of cloth (8") Can be a print, but predominantly a healthy green color.
An herb that is healing for your friend's ailment. A Stone that is healing to the ailment.
A piece of copper (a copper penny will do if no other copper cluster is available)
This is to balance the energy of the person and speed healing vibes.
Green ribbon or cord to tie the sachet up with.
Make a cup of Infusion ( strong tea made in a non metallic pot ) of the saffron.
When good and orange/brown, mix with 3 cups of rainwater that has been set in the morning
sun for 3 days. Before doing your sachet making, but after casting your circle, wash your
hands in the saffron infusion (saffron has VERY powerful healing vibes).
Leave them wet and to dry naturally as you do your work.
If the saffron water gets on the ingredients, the better, but don't splash , or purposefully pour it on.
With a Mortar and Pestle, grind the herb and chant:
This is the spell that I intone flesh to flesh and bone to bone
Sinew to sinew and vein to vein each one shall be whole again.
As you visualize the person getting well. Picture them in your mind clearly and healthy.
Visualize you golden hands energy and the green of the earth energy creating an aura around them.
Visualize them letting it into her body as you say, "for the good of all and according to free will."
(This is because if they don't know about you doing this for them and they have not given you
their permission, their subconscious can view this energy as a threat, instead of the good you mean.
They will fight it off rather than let it in if you push it on them.
This will take even more energy away from their ability to fight off her disease.
So have the energy gentle yet powerful, non-intrusive.
If their body needs and wants it, they will let it in. In your mind show them how good it will feel
and what good it will do.)
After grinding the herb, put it in the center of the square. Then hold the stone doing the same
visualization and chant you did with the herb. Then put the stone in the cloth.
Then the Copper, the same.
After all three are in the cloth, take it in you hand , still open, to the four quarters for charging
and blessing. Finally take to the center and ask you God/s to bless your work and your friend.
Take a deep breath and as you do visualize again, your friend well and happy and filled with
green and glowing energy. ( Caution-- Substitute Green color with orange if the disease is cancer )
As you exhale, send this image and your breath into the center of the pouch and quickly tie it up
with the ribbon. Tie a knot three times and seal with some wax of a candle you used in the rite.
Leave on your alter for the Gods to bless overnight. Then have the person keep it with them or
secret it someplace near them.



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