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Moon Phase: Full or Waxing Day of Week: Sunday You will need: Properly Cast (but can be simple) Circle 1 Pink Candle (gentle love) 1 Orange Candle (sunlight) Carnations pr any flowers (Blossoms or Petals / Fresh or Dried) Gold Leaf in small pieces (or Gold Glitter) Water, Salt, Ice Cube, Pentacle - draw one if you wish onto cardboard Cauldron (or Bowl) Bell Soft-Scented Incense stick or loose with a charcoal disk or oil burner and softly scented essential oil to burn in place of incense and some Gentle Music, and some Runes, Tarot Cards or other divinatory tool like scrying tool or crystal or pendulum Let the ice symbolize the heart or hearts you wish to soften. (ex wifes!) Remember that you are softening hearts, including your own, not controlling them. Relax and breathe.

At your altar, light Pink Candle at right of Pentacle. Say aloud: "YOUR HEART IS LIKE ICE. (Place ice cube on Pentacle.) THROUGH FLAME PASS IT THRICE." (Pick up ice cube.) ENTER THE MAIDEN INNOCENT AND PURE... (Pass ice through flame.) ENTER THE MOTHER TO LOVE AND NURTURE... (Pass ice through flame.) ENTER THE CRONE WITH LOVE TO ENDURE... (Pass ice through flame.) INTO THE CAULDRON TO SPEED HEART'S REBIRTH, (Place into Cauldron.) THREE PINCHES OF SALT, GROUNDED IN EARTH, (Sprinkle salt on the ice.) AS ONE WE BID THEE, FILL YE WITH MIRTH! (Fill Cauldron with Carnations.) THIS SPELL IS NEAR DONE, YET AT RISING OF SUN (Light Orange Candle behind Pentacle.) YOUR HEART SHALL RENEW, ITS LIGHT WILL FILL YOU. (Sprinkle Gold Leaf into Cauldron and see sunshine!)

Let candles burn down while ice cube melts. Do not leave unattended. Sit and reflect on your goal, see yourself in harmony with the person. For additional insight, use this time to consult the Runes or Cards. Place remaining candle wax into cauldron and stir with your hand while visualizing sunlight entering a darkened heart. Say WITH NAUGHT BUT MY HEART, (Place both hands around Cauldron and lift, removing from Pentacle.) IT IS DONE. MERRY PART." Ring bell to signify closing. Close circle. Either bury the contents at the base of a fruit-bearing tree or throw into moving water (not the toilet), which is best done at sunrise. Maintain a positive attitude, for now all hearts involved have been opened to the light. Remain open yourself




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