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You can use cotton cloth, or whatever you feel you want to use. Not everybody has an old silk-shirt laying around that they don't wear anymore. Substitute as necessary: Green piece of cloth about 3 in. X 3 in. in perimeter (square-shaped, you can even take white cotton and dye it for extra interaction with it, all-along thinking about why you are dyeing it, know what you will be using it for! Infuse it with your need.) Substitute as necessary: one blossom off a dog-wood tree a three-leaf green clover (Yes, not only the four-leafed ones have power, they are merely a hybrid of the three-leaf, so it is possible to find a four-leaf, but for this I used a three-leaf. Three is also a number of the Triple Goddess.) A shoot off a pine tree, the bristly parts.

Leave an offering of some sort, a pretty stone, a drink of water if it's dry outside,organic biodegradable garbage (like a banana peel, remember: they find the food in that, like a garden and a compost heap), or a lock of your hair if you have nothing else. Dig a small hole, leave the offering, and bury it. Also, verbally thank the tree, even if it's a whisper. Next, enchant each herb/plant.

Tell it what you want it to help you with. Infuse your energies into the herbs (use your power-hand). This should take a few good minutes, at least 20-30, or whenever you feel the herbs know what you want them to do. Sew up the green cloth enough that you have a small pouch and put each herb inside. Sew it up the rest of the way. If you want, go over it again sewing in the other direction, or double the thread.

Imagine what you want coming to you as you do this, don't think it will come KNOW it will come to you. It's also a form of binding, since it involves string. Bind the perfect job to you and it will come to you. You'll probably have to fold the dog-wood blossom, just take each petal and fold it inwards to the center. As long as you have those three important things (knowledge, need, and emotion) you can get whatever you want out of your magick.




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