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To quiet a troubled mind, mend a broken heart, or heal a wounded spirit, you will need the following items: 1 DOVE FEATHER (preferably one that crosses your path by chance, but definitely one which has NOT been plucked, but has fallen naturally.) 2 BLUE CANDLES (for healing, tranquillity, peace and forgiveness) LAVENDER BATH SALTS OR OIL (for love, peace, happiness, purification and protection) 1 CINNAMON STICK (OR CHIPS) (for spirituality, success, healing, power, love and protection) ALTAR BELL.

On the night of a NEW moon, gather the items and place them on your altar (or, if you have the privacy, outside on a tree stump or other earth area). Take one blue candle and the lavender bath salts or oil and bathe in the lavender by the light of the blue candle, concentrating on that which requires healing.(If you cease bathing before the candle is completely burned out, do NOT extinguish the flame by blowing it out, but do extinguish it.)

Once at your altar (or earth place), light the blue candle and recite the following: It is time to awaken to the cry of the dove, Hearken to the chimes of the bells of love, Spirit rise and soul take flight, Into the halls of endless night Where shadows ceases to fall upon The brilliant light of endless dawn. The fire, cold, burns radiant Consuming all in sweet content. The joy a pain, the peace a wound, The pain a peace, the joy a boon. Next, light the cinnamon stick or chips (the stick works best) with the candle flame. Pass the dove feather through the flame (quickly, so as not to set it afire) then the cinnamon smoke, in that order, three times. While still holding the feather, ring your altar bell three times.

Leave the cinnamon burning in your censure 'til it goes out on its own, and leave the candle burning 'til it does the same. Take the feather outside and place it under a tree (elder, preferably, but any will do) -- place it under a different tree if you are performing this spell near a tree outside. This will set it free, freeing you as well. DO NOT touch the feather again, let it leave on its own!




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