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Moon Phase: Waxing to Full
Time of day: The time you are usually most creative, for me it is the morning
Props: Sandalwood incense for mental fertility, Peach incense for physical fertility.
Tools: Incense burner.
Gods/Goddesses to Call (choose 1 or 2): Diana, Freyer, Ishtar, Liber, Liberia, Brigit, Cerridwen, Cernunnos.
Food and Drink: Salad of shredded carrots, cucumber, and rice with an olive oil and garlic
dressing (served cold, use brown rice) a banana for dessert.
Tea: Peach

Do what you need to do to prepare for ritual. cast a circle and invoke your deities.
State your purpose and goal. Make it VERY specific.
Light your incense. Imagine the incense filling that part of you that you wish fertility to touch.
It must fill you, grow around you and touch every part of you.

Starting in the east you face each of the four directions imploring them:
East: "Watchtowers of Air send your winds to wash the stagnant part of me away"
South: "Watchtowers of Fire send your heat to fire my (brain, womb, loins)"
West: "Watchtowers of Water fill me with fertility
North: "Great Goddess, Mother, I make me as fertile as your rainforests, your oceans
you are fill me with life and hope"

Lie on the floor head toward the north arms and legs outstretched. If you are not alone
have your significant other or coven mates place their hand above your loins (not touching)
or head and send you healing energy.
"Oh great _____ I implore you to fill me with ripened fruit that I may bear __________.
Fill my (womb/loins/mind) with power and light."
Feel your body fill with power. Feel the power emanate from the place you wish to be fertile.
Kneel before your alter: The HPs blesses the food and tea.
You eat the food with your fingers imagining the food feeding that which about you is infertile,
you then drink the tea in one draught. (This is not meant to be a meal, merely fill you with the
energy of the food).
Close your circle in a normal manner. Ground and center.

If you are doing the spell to be physically fertile be sure and have unprotected sex within 24 hours.
*for female physical fertility this spell should be done 14 days after a woman's cycle begins.
For a man it does not matter.



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