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Increase your energy levels by cleansing blocked areas with this focused exercise
Try this simple physical exercise to unblock your stagnant energies and feel functional again.
Focus: This exercise is for releasing the sexual, navel, and solar plexus areas.

Lie on the floor and pull your knees to your chest so that the small of your back touches the floor.
Tighten your belly muscles as much as possible from the pubic area to the rib cage and from
side to side; then slowly lower your legs to a straight position without arching your back. Be sure
your back and body are as relaxed as possible.
Hold this muscle contraction while taking ten deep breaths.
Move the energy from this area up and out the top of the head.

Gradually do this exercise until you can hold the contraction for twenty breaths.
This will release excess Kundalini from these areas, helping it on its way up the spine.
It also helps conquer emotional states.
To break out of a sluggish cycle, perform the belly contraction exercise once each day,
until the area feels cleansed. In the future, perform the exercise as the need arises.
Begin by stating your intention for this body process. Visualize yourself surrounded in a
soft healing light. Close your eyes and breathe fully into the bottom of your belly.
Follow the movement of your breath in and out of your body for a moment.
Let each exhalation take you deeper into your body.

Settle into your body as you feel the rising and falling of your abdomen with your breath.
Know that any thoughts or cares from your day can drift out of your mind with each exhalation.
Imagine that, just like a tree, you are sending roots down deep into the ground.
When you're ready, scan through your body. Notice any area that seems to draw your attention
in some way, perhaps a place in your body that feels tense and constricted or where breath and
energy aren't moving as freely as possible. Fully focus your awareness on this place in your body.
Notice what you feel and experience as you do this. Focus on the quality of the sensations.
This body experience may have a color, shape, temperature, or texture. If it had a form,
what would it look like? Notice what emotional feelings are evoked as these things emerge.

Perhaps, it is a familiar feeling in some way or reminds you of something.
Let any form have a voice. If, rather than expressing yourself through sensation and pain, this
body experience could speak, what would it tell you? You may also have something to reply,
a response or question. As you give full expression to the feelings that emerge, it will help
you to release any blocked emotional energy which has been held in your body.
Have a sense that this energy can just drain out of your body down into the earth through the
roots you visualized earlier. Also, there may be a sound or movement that you/your body
would like to make in response to these feelings. If so, let yourself express the sound and let
your body move in any way which would feel good. Use pillows as props if you need to.

When this feels complete, visualize a healing, loving light that enfolds you and fills your
whole body. Perhaps it has a color. Allow you body to absorb this loving light and drink it in.
Take some time to immerse yourself in it. Breathe in the love and let it fill every structure, organ,
and tissue of your body, particularly any specific areas upon which you've focused. Feel every
cell bathed, soothed, and nourished with this healing light. After completing this exploration,
allow yourself to return to external awareness as you would after a traditional meditation.




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