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1 obsidian stone or any black stone (should be at least 1") 1 rose quartz (size doesn't matter here)or a white stone. This is well done during the waning (dark) of the moon, but any time will work. You will want to do this when you are at home alone or somewhere where a great deal of noise will not attract undue attention. Hold the obsidian in your right hand (assuming that your right hand is your power hand....). Begin to think on your negativity and its roots. Trace it as far back as you can.

*NOTE* Do not try to analyze the whys and wherefores of this. do not feel guilty for feeling angry at anyone person or thing....let yourself be mad! Feel all your anger and sadness and depression and guilt and all other emotions begin to boil. Let yourself get really mad! Scream if you want to, just do what ever it takes to emotionally explode! As you are doing this...focus all of this outgoing force into the stone. Do not worry about harming the stone....obsidians absorb negative energies. When you feel you are 'empty' of the pain, throw the obsidian as far from you as you possibly can.

*NOTE* if you are inside, it is best not to throw stones. Place it in a brown paper sack and toss it in a river later. Now, turn your back on the stone. Don't worry about someone else finding it and getting all your stuff....the obsidian will leach it back into the Earth and it will be transformed. Of course, you don't want to retrieve the stone. Once you have turned your back....take a deep breath.

Place the rose quartz in your receiving hand (left, if you are right handed). Sit down, lie down...get comfy. Think about the color of the quartz in your hand. Remember that everything has a purpose. Remind yourself that this rose quartz is a physical representation of your heart and pour love into it. Tell it all your loves and dreams and hopes. When you are done, place the rose quartz in a safe spot. If you do not have an obsidian or rose quartz use a black and a white stone you find outside.




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