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This is a major spell, one that should be reserved for the most serious problems. It is a kind of psychic rape so be sure the circumstances justify using Magick this way, such as for a rapist, a child abuser, or active practitioner of black magic.

This spell is not meant to punish the person it binds, it is meant to help them. You cast it out of necessity and compassion, not in anger. It is designed to stop the person dead in their tracks, freeze them from doing harm to themselves or others and give them pause, a clear space in which positive transformation can occur. A poppet - any sort of poppet is fine, in the correct gender if possible. Personalize it in some way to the person you will bind, such as embroidering their name on it or affixing a picture of them to the poppet's face.

I like to use a human shaped candle with the person's name written on it or carved into the wax. Two candles, black ones if possible Black thread (cotton is good, linen is better) Incense (copal, fumitory, sandalwood and frankincense are good, but use whatever you can get) An image of the person, or something connected with them. If you don't have anything, write their name on a piece of paper. A healthy, living tree Gather everything (except the tree) where you will cast the spell.

Light one candle and the incense, cast a circle in your usual way. Bind the poppet with the thread, wrapping it around and around, making knots whenever you feel they are necessary. Speak to the person as you do this, telling them specifically why you are binding them and what you are binding them from. Leave a long piece of thread hanging from the poppet. Tie 9 knots in this. Drip molten wax on the bindings, to seal them. Use wax to seal any body parts you are binding, such as the hands of someone who beats his wife or kids, the crotch of a sexual predator, or the mouth of someone who is verbally abusive. Close the circle and ground power.

Leave the poppet on the altar, touching whatever you are using to connect them to it, until the candle and incense have burned out. Take the poppet and use the thread to tie it upside-down to a tree - an indoor tree will work as well as an outdoor one. Make the 5-fold bond, if it is possible to do this with the type of poppet and bindings you have used (as in the classic tarot card of the Hanged Man). Say: I ween that I hung on a windy tree, Hung there for nights full nine; With the spear I was wounded, and offered I was To Odin, myself to myself, On the tree that none may ever know What root beneath it runs.

This is the transformation part of the spell. Leave the poppet on the tree for nine days. Recite the poem to the poppet at least once each day, sending the person strong thoughts about the changes you want them to manifest. Send them compassion, send them enlightenment. Hold a mirror up to the poppet while you recite the poem if you want them to 'see' what they have done. Yell at the poppet if you have anger you need to release.




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