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--1 black candle Bowl of salt --Your favorite 'protective' incense, chalice or bowl of water (whichever your preference)
--A picture of the person from whom the energy is coming from
--A mirror (this mirror shouldn't be like a scrying mirror. It should have a reflective surface, and should only be used for magical purposes and should be magically cleansed before and after each use to get rid of any magical 'residue' and it's best if it's small and can stand up).

Cast your circle as you normally would (invoking Elements, the Goddess, the God, etc.) At this point, I would normally cleanse the mirror of anything, physically AND magically. Next, light the black candle. The picture of the person should be face up in front of you. Pick up the picture and look at it. Say the person's name three times to get their image firmly in your mind.

Take the picture and run it through the incense smoke, saying: "What ye send forth comes back to thee, By Air and the Law of Three!" Next run it through the flame of the candle (not enough to catch it on fire) and say: "What ye send forth comes back to thee, By Fire and the Law of Three!" Sprinkle water on the picture (only needs to be a little... unless you caught it on fire, LOL): "What ye send forth comes back to thee, By Water and the Law of Three!" Sprinkle a little salt on it: "What ye send forth comes back to thee, By Earth and the Law of Three!" Next, place the picture facing the mirror; the black candle should be behind the mirror, but still able to cast light upon the picture of the person.

Visualize a mirror-like surface surrounding you, reflecting energies back towards the person. "What you send at me goes back! Three times light, three times black! What you reap, so shall you sew! From above and from below! No harm will come, unless you send. No loss will come, if ye be friend. No harm to me, by mirror's shine, For I reflect, by what is mine! Earth and Air, Water, Fire, Help reflect, by my desire! I invoke the Law of Three! This is my Will, and it shall be!"

Allow the candle to burn down, and close the circle as you normally would, allowing the candle to burn itself out. After the candle has burned itself out, be sure to cleanse or dispose of the other materials used. For example I would ritually cleanse the mirror, and burn or bury the picture, depending upon the circumstance.




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