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To throw back evil or ill that is being done to your home or self. INGREDIENTS- camphor. blue dye. white votive candles. brown paper. cup. plate. turpentine. reverse oil, run devil run oil, arassa con todo oil, against my enemies oil. 3 small nails. cigar & rum. Florida water. rubbing alcohol (you can get these materials in your local store or your local botanica) Cast a circle or smoke the area you are going to work in with the cigar-blow the smoke in the four corners of the room. Fill the cup with luke warm water and add the blue dye-make sure the water is heavily dark w/the dye. Put the Florida water and the oils, as well as the turpentine and alcohol- put a little bit of everything and while doing this ask the owner of the roads - Eleggua - to send back whatever evil or ill that is being done to you. Blow cigar smoke and rum to the cup-suppose to amplify or electrify what you are doing-and place the 3 small nails. Write the name of your enemies or who is doing wrong to you on the brown piece of paper (or a piece of brown paper bag) with a pencil. Blow cigar smoke and rum on the paper and think of that person or people that are trying to bring you down and place it on the plate. Place the camphor cube in the cup and continue to pray to eleggua that he may reverse all ill that is being done to you. Grab the plate and place it over the cup --with quickness and grip grab the cup and hold the plate at the same time and turn it over and while doing this picture all the bad going back to them--the way it looks the cup is upside down on the paper and plate. Put it near the main doorway of your house or room-preferably where a lot of people enter in. Put the white votive candle on the cup and spray cigar smoke and rum again and while staring at the light of the candle picture the bad going back and ask eleegua to send whatever evil back where it came from. Knock on the floor three times or on your altar and call it a day. Should be done on the waxing of the moon or when its full. Very strong and highly effective.




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