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When we share intimate relationships with people, often we unconsciously take on some of our partner's traits and visa versa. In a close relationship this can deepen the connection and allow two people to function and relate more easily as one. However this condition is not desirable because it ultimately weakens both parties involved. Pieces of your soul become artificially incorporated into other people and visa versa. So if the relationship breaks by any circumstance, both parties may feel as though they're missing parts of themselves, and also are haunted with some of pieces of the other's behaviors, thinking and emotional patterns, etc. Now, your soul is linked to you no matter where it has been stretched to. There are always threads leading back to the source which can never (or only with deliberate effort) be wholly severed. So by breathing with those threads, it is possible to retract the lost parts of yourself, and release the parts which are not yours to keep. Do this as follows. MEDITATION Locate your center. Reach within and locate what is not you. Exhale and release this out back into the world. Reach out and feel the scattered bits of yourself. Inhale and feel those pieces retract back into your center. Repeat until ending of meditation. Center yourself again and sit for a minute to relax. Do this daily until you feel whole again and not psychically attached to any external persons. You will find that there are far more than just one single person who has bits of you out there, and far more than just one other person who you've detained within. It's a form of psychic parasitism that almost all people unconsciously partake in on a continual basis (some consciously as well). By doing the above exercise you will reconsolidate yourself. After this has happened you will become better rooted with a much stronger sense of personal boundaries, and you can thus better protect yourself from future occurrences.




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