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For this binding, you will need some heavy paper or cardboard, a dull-colored yarn (such as a dreary gray or muted red), and a black candle. It is best done during a waning moon, or during the Dark Moon. Draw and cut-out a basic human shape. When you have the shape cut out, draw features on it to resemble the person you wish to bind. You can use markers, crayons, pencils... whatever you feel comfortable using. Form a mental image of the person as you draw his/her features. Pay attention to details such as clothing and any particular identifiers such as glasses, scars, etc. Focus your intent as you draw, concentrating on why you need this person to leave you alone. When you have the figure completed, fold it in half length-wise, with the features turned in. Light the black candle and sit for a few minutes, holding the folded figure. Gaze at the candle flame and concentrate on the black candle absorbing all the negativity this person has caused in your life. If you have hatred or anger for this person, throw it into the candle and ask that it be taken away. Now, take the yarn and slowly, with much concentration and visualization, wrap it tightly around the figure, chanting quietly as suits your needs. Name the image as you chant. For example, if you wish an abusive ex-spouse to leave you alone, so you might chant: "You are (person's name). You have no power over me anymore. You will leave me alone." Call on any deities you might have, especially those who are protective, and ask their help. Build the power with your chanting as you wrap the figure over and over. When the figure is completely wrapped, thrust all your power into it. Know that this person cannot do harm to you or anyone else. Hold the bound figure over the candle (but not touching the flame!) and say, "(Person's name), I bind you in the name of the Lord and Lady. You can not harm me. You can not harm my family. You can not harm yourself. You are bound by my will; so mote it be!" Place the bound figure in a safe place -- perhaps your magical cabinet or at the bottom of a dresser drawer -- and leave it alone. Know that you are safe from the negative intentions of the person you have bound. It is done. If necessary, renew the spell at each full cycling of the Moon by taking the bound figure out and charging it again over a fresh black candle.




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