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1 blue candle (light blue) Grains of paradise Cinnamon oil
Clear Quartz Crystal w/ black tourmaline through it
Anoint the blue candle with cinnamon oil (be careful not to touch your eyes or face , or any
other part of your body with oil before washing your hands.) This oil is very powerful and carries
high spiritual vibes and Healing vibes. From the center of the candle outward, to each end,
rub the oil on the candle while visualizing you friend and saying "this candle is ....". Light it. Sit
and feel the earth beneath you facing north. Feel the moving and yet stable and powerful life
force in the ground. Feel your spine connected to the deep earth and turn your consciousness
to the center of yourself. You are in a place of stillness and there is nothing else but you and
this time and space.
Know that to your right is the archangel Raphael. He is the physician / and musician.
Call to him and ask him to protect and bless your eastern gate. Behind you is Michael.
He is the ArchAngel of the south. He is the warrior. Strong and fearless and brave.
He does not fight without a cause. Call and ask him to guard and bless your southern gate.
To your left is Gabriel. He is the Archangel of initiation.
Ask for his blessings and protection of the western gate. He will lead you and help you.
In front of you is Uriel. He is the Archangel of death and natural law.
He will never take anyone before their time. He will allow people to experience what they
need to grow spiritually. He is very lawful and trustworthy. Ask him to guard and protect
your northern gate. Tell him you do not want him take your beloved friend. Take the grains
of paradise and split into four sections ( hand fulls, about a teaspoon ). Take up one section
at a time. Go to each quarter separately. Hold up the fist full of grains and state your wish.
Empower it and state it as a fact not a question. Make it a statement. (Like...,"..... is well
and healed. She feels good and strong and will continue to go into remission.) then throw
the grains as far as you can. Do this for each direction. Take the crystal to the four
directions and ask the Archangels to bless and charge the stone. Be specific about
what you think each with their gift they should bring to your friend. Then pass the
stone through the flame of the candle (do not burn yourself!). Chant over it while
visualizing your friend happy and healthy and glowing with white and golden light.
This is the spell that I intone
flesh to flesh and bone to bone
Sinew to sinew and vein to vein
each one shall be whole again.
Then set the stone down in front of the candle. Let the candle burn out.
When it is done, put the stone in a crystal pouch and give it to your friend to keep near him/her.



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