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If there is something you are afraid of, write it on a small piece of paper in your own blood. Burn it to ashes, and powder the ashes in a mortar & pestle with some cinnamon, nutmeg, & ginger. Use this mixture to flavor a) cookies, b) mulled wine, c) any other food you like. When you mix in the herbs and ashes, consecrate what you are cooking to the service of the God in you. When you eat or drink, know that what you are physically absorbing is the flesh of the God himself, and that his courage is within you, If you like, you can do an invocation, self-blessing, or other charm which will remind you of this fact. One good one is: May the Sun shine within me, may Mars lend me his courage and Jupiter his strength. Let the blood of heroes run in my veins, and my feet walk in the paths of heroes. My name is ___________, and I am brave. (repeat) If you can do this while looking in a mirror, so much the better. Do this spell in full daylight, when the sun is shining. Choose a candlestick you especially like and reserve it for this use only. If it is to be used outdoors, make sure it has a glass so as not to blow out. Seated in the darkness, light a pure white candle, and stare into the blue of the flame. Calm your self until you are at ease from within. You are about to set in motion a renewal of courage, vitality, and good cheer by this very simple but extremely effective spell. Let your mind wander at will. Do not be afraid to let any unpleasant thoughts or memories come to the forefront, just let your mind wander where it may, clearing out all the negative debris as it travels. Concentrate on your own self worth and essential goodness. Never mind that other people may not be kind or thoughtful. You are. Continue to think of all the things in the past and present which give you joy. Like Peter Pan Think happy thoughts" if you want to fly. When you reach a level of perfect serenity, stand up and without taking your eyes from the candle and with your major hand (the one which you use to write), trace in the air a clockwise circle around the candle. Still without taking your eyes from the candle, say aloud: "By dark of moon, I recall may past, And so sorrow, pain and hurt I cast, Into the void, and dark abyss, That my heart and soul be restored to bliss, And there to stay forever more, By the power of the ancient lore. I cleanse my heart, renew my soul, By the power of the craft of olde" I have now courage to fly like Peter Pan I have the courage to do anything I want to do So mote it be! Sit back down, blow out the candle, and remain awhile cloaked in the night. The effects of this spell can be felt immediately Every time you begin to feel "down", or scared about flying on a plane remember this night and the feeling will pass. For those who are lonely, or feeling sad, this is one of the safest and best spells I know. I promise you, if you do this every new moon, you will feel stronger, happier, and less stressed. Also you will find that the effect grows stronger each and every time the spell is performed.




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