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There are two kinds of union. One is temporary, for this lifetime or for part of this lifetime. The other kind is the Eternal Marriage, which brings reunion across time, through reincarnation. The Eternal Marriage is a soul mate thing that should not be undertaken lightly - making it with the wrong person can adversely affect your karma. So can making it without reciprocation. Making it with more than one person can make for a tumultuous love life in future incarnations.

Be careful. To work the spell, write both names on a piece of papyrus or good quality paper. Bind it with red thread and burn it with herbs of love or Venus as you recite the spell. Bury the ashes beneath a tree, or scatter them near the pyramids in Egypt. It is an Arab proverb that 'time laughs at history, but the pyramids laugh at time'. This is an eternal spell, unless you alter it. Aphrodite Goddess of Degraded Love and the sanctity of marriage make our cup to runneth over, and bless us with your Love Aphrodite rising from the wine-dark sea grant us health and fertility, fidelity and trust grant us wealth and virility, honesty and lust Aphrodite bless this union make our two hearts beat as one make the flames of passion burn without burning us, hot without hurting us blaze without blinding us, fire without end Aphrodite force of nature let us love each other so long as we shall live let us give each other all we have to give let us be together in this life and the next Aphrodite Queen of Beauty we do you honor each time we make love make our bond to last forever grant us eternal Love Aphrodite Goddess of the windblown foam give us healthy children and a happy home Aphrodite bless this union and smile upon our Love..




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