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Grab a black candle, a white candle, a photo of the pair of you together during a happy time in your relationship (if you don't have one, find a ticket stub from a great date, or a flower he gave you, something like that...something that recalls a very happy time in the relationship) and something to carve into the candles with. Empower the candles with your intention to: (black) drive the nastiest from your life and the lives of those you LOVE, and (white) forgive, accept and form a bond with the one you LOVE. On the white candle, carve symbols and runes of love, affection, friendship, joy, trueness (if you were planning to marry, linked rings would not be out of the question). On the black candle, carve runes and symbols of the things you mentioned: drugs, self-doubt ,promiscuity...all the nastiest that you want out of your life. Use a piece of string to wrap the photo of you two around the white candle, near the base, or set the memento under the candle.

Place the black and the white candle next to each other on your altar and light the black candle with words to the effect of: 'All evils of the past take flight. What was one wrong shall be made right. I topple thee from your dark tower and drive thee out with all my power. My love shall be a sacred key. Thus I will it; so shall it be!' (this chant uses 8 lines of 8 syllables each [8=justice]) Let the candle burn all the way down. When it is gone, take any remaining debris, and throw it into a living body of water or bury it far from your home. The next day (or appropriate time, if you use moon timing), light the white candle with positive words like: 'Draw ye now beside me, Oh great forces of love. I summon thee hither from paradise above. Encircle my being with joy, mercy and trust, And let my life fill up with all things that are just.' (4 [stability] couplets of 2 [partnership] lines of 6 [balance] syllables each) Let this candle burn down. Wrap any remainder with the memento in a cotton handkerchief and keep it with you, in your purse or a jacket pocket or something. He will be inclined towards forgiveness if you are truly sorry for what you did and love him.




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