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Note: This spell cannot be turned and there is no spell that will rebind the person once unbound. Their power will come back; their body will be free. I would not try to make a spell to undo this; there is no spell which will achieve this and people that tried have been bound themselves as a result. It should also be noted that this spell does not help those who become bound as a result of trying to break it. Needs: Two White candles Two Black candles Movements: Take the person that is bound and place him or her on his or her back looking up. Place the two black candles at his feet and the two whites at his head. Light them and then start the spell.

Spell: I call on the gods and goddesses of the old days as well of those of the new. Break this spell that they call a binding with your power. Gods of light move about this man or woman's body. Allow your power to break the holds on him or her. Goddesses come down and wake his or her body. Allow the power that you have given this person to be woken. I call on the East gate. Break the binding spell that was placed on this person. Let it be removed for good. Do not allow a spell of binding be placed on he or she that is before me. Movements: Place your hands to his or her chest and speak once more Spell Continues: Gods and Goddesses and the East gate, help me within my workings. Allow your power to move within my hands and allow the binding that was put upon my friend to be removed and never to come within him again may he live or die. I call on the element of the East, the element of water, to fill these hands and move within this body to allow the walls that hold him or her fall. I call on the gate of the West, the gate of fire, come forth and burn these walls that hold him or her from awaking and burn the walls that hold back his or her power. I call on the gate of the South, break the walls down with your power so my friend may awaken as well his power. I call on the gate to the North to come and let the winds move air within my friend's body. Unlock the binding that was placed on my friend and awaken his or her power and body to never be locked again.

Movements: Move your hands down the sides of his or her body and say this. Spell Continues: O great gods and goddesses and the gates that hold the elements within, Send your power within my hands and break free my friend from this binding. I call on my friend; within your walls, break that which holds you. Open your body to my power and break the walls that hold you. come to me, my friend. O great gods and goddesses, do not allow the binding to work on this person any longer. The power of both sides, of the Light and Dark, Your onus is broken and you are free once more. As the day and night, so shall you be of both this day, and not just one. Movements: Back away once getting to his feet and dot move close tell you see the light of light come over him or her and then the light of Dark come over him then see his eyes move little. Then you may go to him or her to hold and help him.




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