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Ingredients: A wax doll (in Red for strength or Green for regeneration).

You can buy these at occult shops or make one yourself.
Try to make the image look as much like the person in need of healing as possible.
Of course, unless you are a budding Rodin, it's not going to look a hell of a lot like the
person but it must be anatomically correct and look enough like the person that your
visualization will be strong and intense. This is critical because the point of this exercise
is to identify this image with the person. If you can obtain some hair or nail parings or an
object or objects that the person has touched, that can help a great deal in identifying
the doll as the person. When you have prepared the doll, cast the circle. Take the doll
gently in your hands. Every step of the way remember that for the purposes of this spell
the doll is the person in need of healing so treat it gently and respectfully.

Cradle the doll in your hands and say
I name you (person's name) with the blessings of The Sun and The Moon.
Envision yourself filled with the white-golden light that pervades the Universe.
Visualize it flowing through you and into the doll (which is the sick person's stand-in).
Visualize this person absorbing light and healing energy from your hands.
Visualize them filled with well-being of body and mind, drawing power from The Sun, The Moon,
The Earth.

Use this intense to fill them with the stamina and strength to overcome this illness.
Sustain the visualization until the time feels right and then incant:
With this spell, I have bathed (person's name) in the light of The Sun and The Moon.
(Person's name) is bathed in healing.
Healing is working in (person's name's) body and every cell in his/her body is
strengthened and revitalized and all illness is carried away from him/her. So mote it be!

Now take the doll and lovingly bind it with string.
Say, (person's name) I wrap you up in health.
Then gently wrap the doll up in the cloth and put it away in a safe place where you are
sure it will not be disturbed. Once the spell has worked, it is essential that you dispose of
this wax image in the correct way. This can be done by taking it to a body of water, then
unwrapping it from the string and clothe and then saying:
This is no longer (person's name). It is now merely a thing of wax.

Then break it into pieces and throw each piece into the water.
Incantation: Return to the elements from whence you came.



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