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This spell is to be done during the waxing moon for three days. Do not do this spell when there is a moon void of course. For this spell you will need: 1 yellow candle, 1 green candle, 1 white candle, sea salt, cauldron or a fire safe bowl, amethyst stone, tiger's eye stone, bloodstone, cinnamon oil, cinnamon incense, pen and paper. You could perform this spell in a circle or just at your altar. First cleanse and consecrate your altar by lighting frankincense and myrrh (purifying inscence). Pass all the tools you will be using through the purifying smoke.

Sprinkle sea salt on your altar and around your sacred space. Start by holding the candles in your hands and meditating on your intent. When you are finished, carve your name on each candle. Under your name carve in the word 'job'. Dress the candle with the cinnamon oil and place them in their proper holders. Write on a piece of paper your intent. Be specific. Write the city and state where you want the job. You wouldn't want to get a job 5 states away unless you were planning to move, right? Fold the paper and place it under the middle candle. Next charge each stone by meditating on your intent. Place one stone in front of each candle according to what feels right to you. Place the cinnamon incense in front of the candles and stones.

Light each candle followed by the incense. Sit in the middle of your circle or in front of your altar. Talk silently or out loud to the Goddess, God and Spirit. Say whatever rolls off your tongue. Ask them for their assistance in this spell. Tell them how important it is that you receive this job. Close your eyes. See yourself working in your desired position. See the smile on your face as you receive your first paycheck.

Next raise energy but making up a chant. You could say something like: Gracious Goddess from above Shower me with your undying love. Bring me this job I so desire, By the Powers of Earth, Air, Water and Fire Repeat this chant 6, 9 or 13 times. Whatever feels right to you. Each time you say the chant, raise your voice louder and louder. If you can't scream, whisper loudly. When you are done, sit in your circle, close your eyes and relax. When you are finished, thank any deities you called upon and ground and center, putting the energy you raised back into the universe. Take down your circle and snuff out your candles. Light the candles again two more nights until they burn out completely. After the candles burn out bury the left over wax in the earth. Take your piece of paper with your intent written on it and burn it in your cauldron or fire safe container. Scatter the ashes to the wind. This spell works really well when done properly.




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