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The Mystical Jukebox

Increase your winning chances by 70% with my pre - forecasted draws, set of six (6) lottery, bingo and any game of chance numbers.

To realize 75% guaranteed results from the winning draws (numbers) sent to you, you will have to recite the Gayatri Mantra 1001 times daily that will be sent along with the numbers to you free of charge, the recitation of the Mantra has to be done at night after 12 for as long as you are going to play the numbers.

In case you are not able to recite the MANTRA yourself I can supply you with an Electronic Mantra Player that will automatically recite the Mantra for you every night for 1001 times or as long as you wish to play it, the more you play the mantra the better it is. This Electronic Mantra Player if played in the house, office, shop or business premises, will bring in luck, prosperity, and wealth besides helping you WIN THE POOLS, LOTTERIES, BINGO AND GAMES OF LUCK AND CHANCE when switched into electricity.



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